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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies often struggle to make data-driven decisions and improve sales visibility in their Route to Market. Research indicates that 70% of companies lack a clear data strategy, which makes it challenging to manage sales across different channels. CPG sales leaders typically rely on manual processes and ad-hoc solutions to address these challenges, resulting in poor decision-making, hidden costs, low collaboration with distributors, poor data quality, and difficulty developing an omnichannel strategy.

To overcome these challenges, UVE offers a comprehensive Data Intelligence Automation Solution (SaaS) based on Artificial Intelligence. The solution integrates all sales channels, connecting manufacturers, distributors, and customers in a single environment to provide sales leaders with full visibility of their sales at the outlet and enable data-driven decisions.

UVE helps CPG companies improve in-store execution, resulting in up to a 10% increase in sales. Moreover, UVE offers insights and visibility into third-party performance, helping companies save up to 6-8% by avoiding hidden costs, such as manual integration of transfer orders, agreements and settlements, or overstocking/understocking inventory.

The integration of all sales channels into a single environment enables UVE to provide a complete view of the company’s operations, allowing sales leaders to make informed decisions based on real execution data and deploy an omnichannel strategy. UVE’s vertical model for CPG companies ensures quick implementation, with complex integrations with any ERP and other tools taking just a few weeks.

By leveraging the power of Data Intelligence, UVE provides sales leaders with a comprehensive view of their operations, allowing them to make data-driven decisions in every step of their Route to Market.

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