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TROOP is on a mission to reinvent meeting planning, taking what is an inefficient, drawn out and laborious process today and making it simple and quick for anyone to organise a meeting. Workforces are now distributed, no longer office based everyday meaning that yesterday’s commuter has become tomorrow’s business traveller. Meeting in person is now much rarer as we managed without it for so long so it is much harder to justify although the activity is more valuable than ever because we have been separated. Having up to date data to make the right decision on whether to meet in person, virtually or in a hybrid format is a must have for companies of any size however this has not been available to access dynamically from a single source until now the TROOP. In the past people relied on their personal opinions and experience of travel however all this has changed with covid. Flight schedules are decimated, pricing changes rapidly, as do the travel restrictions and in some cases so does the risk of travelling to certain countries.

TROOP is the single source of truth and powers these decisions for global organisation across multiple industries by providing all the data required to make the best decision on how to meet, be it Covid related restrictions, costs of travel and accommodations, the environmental impact or the travel experience such as needing a visa or taking a stopover flight.

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