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At RBI-Solutions we are more than just a company that focuses on Business Intelligence solutions. We are a team of communicatively strong consultants with analytical skills and one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands (an FD Gazelle). We are experts in finding connections and looking for solutions to problems. Our proactive attitude ensures that we can make decisions and take responsibility, in order to help our customers better. Just like in baseball where an RBI (Runs Batted In) measures the value of a batter, we want to measure the value of our solutions by the results we achieve for our customers.

Our consultants are not only driven to improve themselves on a substantive and personal level, but also to grow and develop our company. What is important to us is personal well-being. That is why at RBI Solutions you only work during office hours, which we think is long enough; there must also be life. This is how we distinguish ourselves in the industry where it is often about working as many hours as possible. We are ready to win, and if you want to be part of our team, RBI-Solutions is the place for you.

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