Senior Scala Developer

December 6, 2023

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Job Description

Exalate is an innovative integration platform allowing to build a synchronization bridge between different work management systems. Its unique single-tenant distributed nature using a customized synchronization engine makes it a solution that allows the implementation of a large array of integration scenarios.

Join Exalate: Pioneers in Integration Platforms!

At Exalate, we’re not just another tech company. We’re at the forefront of creating innovative integration platforms, bridging the gap between diverse work management systems. Our unique single-tenant distributed approach, powered by a bespoke synchronization engine, sets us apart, enabling a plethora of integration scenarios.


  • Team Builder: Play a pivotal role in assembling a world-class team.
  • Mentor & Guide: Foster technical excellence within the team.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Work hand-in-hand with your team to deliver.
  • Solution Architect: Design and tackle technically challenging problems.
  • Engineering Enthusiast: Dive deep into design, architecture, and large-scale engineering infrastructure.
  • Quality Champion: Pair with teammates to ensure top-notch results.
  • Feature Developer: Contribute to new features, bug fixes, and optimizations.


Are You the Scala Maestro We’re Searching For?

  • Seasoned Professional: 6+ years in software development, with 3+ of those dedicated to Scala.
  • XP Aficionado: 5+ years embracing XP methodologies like Pairing, TDD, CD, and TBD.
  • Tech Toolkit: Proficiency in Play Framework, Akka, Slick, sbt, and more.
  • Integration Expert: Hands-on with CICD, Bitbucket pipelines, Docker/Kubernetes, ELK, and Git.
  • Microservice Maven: Deep understanding of microservice architecture and patterns like CQRS and ES.
  • Database Dynamo: Skilled in SQL databases, especially PostgreSQL.
  • Analytical Ace: Exceptional problem-solving skills with a dash of creativity.
  • Functional Programming Fanatic: A solid grasp of its principles.
  • Team Player: Eagerness to seek help, share knowledge, and uplift others.
  • Communication Pro: Stellar interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Business Travel: Willing and able to travel once per month for a minimum of 2 days to Barcelona, Spain during the first 6 months.

Bonus points:

  • Expertise in transitioning from monolith to microservices.
  • Familiarity with cloud services, especially GCP.
  • Knowledge of NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Cassandra.
  • Experience with Cats or scalaz.
  • Proven track record in developing integrations/plugins for third-party tools.

Why Exalate?

  • Inclusive Culture: Experience the warmth of a close-knit company (~100 employees).
  • European Flair: Benefit from European management style.
  • Remote Work Champion: We’ve been remote-friendly even before it became the norm.
  • Meet & Greet: Opportunities to connect in-person with your core team.
  • Learning & Growth: We’ve got your back when it comes to conferences, seminars, and other learning avenues.
  • Flexibility: Enjoy a work schedule that aligns with your lifestyle.

Join us and be a part of a team that’s redefining integration platforms. Apply now!