Presentation Technicians & Room Technicians(m/f/d)

October 27, 2023
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Job Description

M-Events is a cross media company which provides its own software, customized hardware, and staff tooperate those, for events onsite, hybrid, and online. We predominantly deliver medical congresses allover Europe. We provide excellent troubleshooting and instant solutions in a strong team environment.

Presentation Technicians:

Check all (mostly PowerPoint) files the speakers bring to us onsite or upload to our software. We ensure the files run perfectly and upload them to our server, so they can be presented by the speaker on stage in front of the audience. We are there to repair, report, and help with last-minute changes. We are also the face of the company to our clients and the congress participants.

Room Technicians:

Room Technicians set up the presentation rooms, manage the technical session flow during event days, and dismantle our equipment at the end. We ensure the presentations run perfectly while the speaker is on stage in front of an audience. We are there to troubleshoot and offer last-minute solutions using our technical knowledge and resources. We are also the face of our company to our clients and congress participants.


  • You enjoy traveling.
  • You enjoy technical work as much as talking to people.
  • You are team-oriented and a fast learner.
  • You speak well enough English, German, or both.

What we offer:

  • Training to prepare you for the job.
  • PowerPoint knowledge.
  • An international team.
  • Fair payment by the hour (10h-work days).
  • Individual contracts offered per event.