Customer Success Manager (Stockholm, Sweden)

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Job Description

Not everyday does someone receive their first social robot, in a box, by mail!

In fact, very few lucky people around the world have ever experienced that, and many of those few people, are customers of Furhat. For us, these are not just normal people. We believe that our customers are incredibly brave explorers. Investing when others prefer to wait and watch. Our customers are early adopters. They are taking a leap of faith and investing in the future of an era at its very early stages.

We want to be with them every step of this way, empower them, learn from them, and support them, to make their and our dream a reality.

Getting your first robot, unboxing it, listening to it talk to you for the first time, having it join your team, and then developing new applications for it, is not a small feat! It might even be life and career-changing. It’s a very exciting event, packed with anticipation and expectation.

Now, our responsibility is to over-deliver to these expectations. Our responsibility is create delight, and value, and make sure that every one of our customers is equipped with the technical tools, and the community support, and a strong sense of belonging, to succeed and become a loyal member of our Furhat family.

To deliver to that, we are looking for a Customer Success Manager. For us, you are driven by both heart and data. You always see things from a customer perspective and ensure that we keep on being an extremely customer-centric company that our customer loves, before, during and after becoming our customers. You will be a strong voice of our customer while the rest of the team builds the technology and maintains the growth of our company.

You are also creative, always coming up with lots of great ideas on how to exceed our customers’ expectations, and turn each of our new leads, and clients, into champions inside their organisations, and heroes inside ours.

You will need to be a great multitasker. You enjoy having many internal and external collaborations ongoing. You are social, you understand the psychology of individuals and teams, and have a light-hearted, community-focused approach to relationships.

You have a positive mindset and see solutions where other people see problems.

And you will have a deep insight into each of our clients and users, that you will anticipate their needs and questions before they themselves do.

Skills & Requirements

You have a few years experience within a similar role, and you want to develop in the area.

You are passionate about working in a fast-paced start-up environment and have a strong desire to achieve goals in a changing and challenging environment.

You preferably have worked in a tech company with a technical product at its early stages.

You are very fluent in English and are sensitive to cultural differences and curious to learn when in new environments. You are also articulate and are able to present in front of a small group of people.

Technical background is not a must but is a plus, and also a willingness to learn and understand our products as required, both software and hardware, and be able to deeply appreciate the obstacles and needs of each of our users every step of the way during onboarding and afterwards.

In your role, you shall own the customer journey process in great detail, and always have a very clear understanding about where we serve our customers very well, and where we don’t and need to improve. All the way from pre-sales to when the customer is using the robot and might need support. You will also “audit” that and all other activities that might affect the customer, and make sure that, even if you do not own those processes, that they are perfected.

And of course, you love robots, believe in the incredible social benefits they will bring, and are positive and enthusiastic about new technologies and are not afraid of being an early adopter.

This job is only open to candidates who have a work permit in Sweden.

We expect to read from you on why you want to have this role, what you bring with you from your professional life, and why you believe you will excel at it. Applications without a clear statement will not be prioritized. We love our customers and want to make sure the person that will drive this role and represent us with truly feels that this is their dream job.


– A minimum of a Bachelors degree in a technical field.

– Near-native command in English.

– Previous experience in interacting with technical customers, both in writing, and in verbal communication.

– We expect you to have a bubly, energetic, and helpful personality.

– Previous experience working in an academic setting is a plus.

Thank you for considering joining our team and mission and wanting to help us make our dream a reality.