Air humidifiers are great help in the dry, winter months of central heating and there are good reasons we say that. They add moisture to the air preventing dryness that can cause skin irritation, breathing and other issues. As here at TECHmeetups Shop we care about your health, we have prepared a list of humidifiers for you to choose from.

  1. You can forget about the dry air problems with this magic air humidifier. Use it at home, in the office or any closed space to create a comfortable and healthy atmosphere. Choose the colour that matches your interior design and enjoy the freshness.
  2. air humidifiers


  3. Here is an air humidifier for the creative ones. Not only will it fill the air with freshness and aroma, but it will also get your eyes and mind relaxed with a beautiful landscape design and mild light. Fill your life with colours and comfort.
  4. air humidifier 2


  5. Create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere with this candle-like air humidifier and lamp. Get rid of air dryness, deeply moisturize your skin and fill the interior with comfort. Take care of your loved ones all day long.
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  7. We have a modern humidifier and essential oil diffuser to create more comfort at home, in the office or car. Get rid of air dryness, relieve your nerves and have your favourite aroma surround you. Turn on the mild light and enjoy your bedtime.
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  9. Enjoy freshness at home or in the office with this stylish air humidifier. If you want to fill the air with your favourite aroma, just add some pure essential oil (don't add more than 1-2 drops). With the colourful LED light, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere indoors.
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  11. And finally here is a beautifully designed air humidifier to purify the air at home, in the car or anywhere else. Not only will this velvety device  reduce the dryness of the air, but it will also become the inseparable part of your interior. With the mild colourful LED light, it can be used as a desk lamp as well.

air humidifiers 6

Did you find the best one for you? Order one of these mini air humidifiers now on TECHmeetups Shop to care for yourself and your loved ones. Get the most out of life with our tech products!


Snap40, the “doctor on your arm”, has been awarded a £1 million contract by NHS England to further scale its technology via https://dailybusinessgroup.co.uk

This Thursday we are are going to celebrate our first autumn event! London Tech Job Fair is just around the corner and we are happy to say that many companies are joining us for it! One of them, Snap40, develops life-saving technologies and they are in need of new employees! See what we learned about them below.

Christopher McCann and Stewart Whiting

Christopher McCann and Stewart Whiting

“Snap40 was founded in 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland by Christopher McCann and Stewart Whiting. Whilst a medical student at Dundee University, Christopher witnessed how the decline in patients’ health was often a result of the signs of health deterioration not being picked up sooner. He conceptualised a product that would automatically identify patients that needed medical attention, long before they became sick. After partnering with Stewart, who has a PhD in computer science and wealth of experience gained from working at Microsoft, snap40 was born!”, says the company when we asked them about their business origins.

The need truly is the mother of invention and the best business is created to answer real problems. And Snap40 does just that!

But as always - the company’s success lies with the team. Here’s what the Snap40’s team is like in their own eyes.

“We are a vibrant and ambitious company.  Our team are hardworking & always striving to improve. We are flexible and remote friendly as we believe it is more about the work you produce than the hours worked. Transparency and honesty across the whole company is also very important and valued. Our team is friendly, dynamic and supportive of each other. Everyone works hard but has fun at the same time. We care deeply about what we are trying to achieve. “

It’s not easy to design the solution they came up with. To do so, Snap40 puts in a lot of effort and hard work. It’s something that they expect from their employees as well. Are you eager to hear out more who they need in their team?

“We look for people who want to help build this company not just work for us. We need people who are self-motivated and take ownership of their work. We look for people who are willing to get stuck in and never say <that’s not my job!>”, they say.

What about their goals for the future?

“We want to be a multi-billion-dollar company and offer share options as part of our package as we believe everyone who has built the company should be rewarded.

We support remote and flexible hours of working and provide the best and latest tools to help you achieve your individual goals”, shares the company.

So what do you think? If this sounds like your kind of a job that you’d like to get “stuck in”, quickly book your job seeker ticket for London Tech Job Fair while they are still available!

And if you want to learn more about Snap40, visit their websiteTwitter and LinkedIn!

Hello there!

Not so long after Samsung announced their latest product, Apple follows. This week has passed under launch of the iPhone XS, the latest and shiniest, brand new product coming from the industry titan.

Guaranteed there will be another discussion following in the upcoming weeks and the ongoing battle whether Samsung or Apple product is better.
Which team are you?

BTW, we are launching a curated set of tech gadgets and accessories for the busy tech entrepreneur...check them out in our new Online Shop.

Best regards,



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Zero to One are your must-know tips and notes on startups coming from the famous Peter Thiel. With this book you will learn the most down-to-earth and actionable strategies for growing your company and your entrepreneurial self.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course is your way to discover the best practises of online marketing. Put your product or service out there – do it better and more effectively, reach customers you never thought you’d reach before. Knowledge is power – use to sell your business better.



Start-up Day 2018 - 20th September

MeasureCamp London #13 - 22nd September

Developing your career in Technology - 20th September

London Tech Job Fair - 20th September


Blockchain: Mucho más que criptomoneda - 18th September

Growth Hacking: De la metodología a los resultados - 19th September

Round Table Discussion on Purposeful Leadership - 20th September

Barcelona Tech Job Fair -10th October


Impact Talk with Christoffer Dahlberg: Trends in Impact Investing - 20th September

Early Bird Gründer Meetup - 21st September


Zurich Tech Job Fair  -18th October


Do Work You Love Starter Event - 17th September

Leaders in Tech | Munich: Cloud-Computing in der Arztpraxis - 20th September

EXIT Strategy - How You Make Sure You Will Succeed - 20th September

Munich Tech Job Fair - 25th October


How Do You Elevate Recruiters To Be True Talent Advisors? - 18th of September

Steps to get employment in Ireland - 18th September

Management Development - Business Leadership Dublin Workshop - 19th September

Dublin Tech Job Fair - 8th November


Broadband World Forum 2018 - Get your tickets already from  €20! (23rd-25th Oct)

AI Monday Berlin - 17th September

Growing your Brand for Startups with 99designs, Porsche & Startup Guide - 17th September

Talent Acquisition Lab #13: Employer Brand Storytelling - 18th September

Berlin Tech Job Fair -15th November


Data Natives European Tour, Amsterdam - 18th September

International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research Trends - 15th September

How to win back your Time and other High-Impact Strategies for Confidence - 19th September

Amsterdam Tech Job Fair - 29th November

If you have a free event and would like to promote it to the community let us know!



New Jobs:

New Jobs in England:

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New Jobs Ireland:


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Other Jobs:


New York:


New Jobs:

Other Jobs:



IC Creative is one of the few stand-alone creative digital recruitment teams that specialises exclusively in creative digital jobs and creative talent.

IC Resources is the recognised technology recruitment partner to the global tech community. Our team of 50 consultants offers more than 500 years of specialist, industry recruitment experience.

Derivco: When it comes to creating exceptional software for the online gaming industry, Derivco is at the forefront of industry innovation.

Koru Kids has been set up to be all about three things: really great childcare, as affordable as possible, and as convenient as possible.

DextCloud is unified integration and management platform for apps and services deployed in the cloud.

Founders Factory is the world’s best partner for founders. We’re a new model in business creation. Together with our corporate partners, we build & scale early-stage technology companies across multiple sectors.

Teradata is at the heart of the analytic ecosystem, helping the world’s most influential companies achieve high-impact business outcomes.

The Bakery on a mission to make the world a more entrepreneurial place, and over the last four years our brilliant team has designed and built a unique model and process, which brings together the world’s biggest corporates with the best entrepreneurs and startups – to truly make innovation happen.

Flatiron School – We aim high. There’s no plan too ambitious. For us, it’s not enough to teach people how to code – we want to change their lives.

Digital Insight - At digital insight, we go beyond negative news and sanction searches to bring you a rounded and unbiased view of people.

Devoteam delivers Innovative Technology Consulting for Business. We are #digitaltransformakers.

TEC Partners – Covering the IT, Engineering, & Digital markets across the UK, our clients range from sought after start-ups, to established blue chip players.

TaskRabbit – The convenient & affordable way to get things done around the home

Meltwater - 26,000 clients. 1500+ employees. 55 global offices.

Tassomai is an intelligent learning program that helps students achieve outstanding results.

ComeOn! – We offer a wide range of cutting edge instant Casino games.

snap40 automated remote patient monitoring.  Our product will flip the healthcare model and we’re bringing it to every human being.  We offer you the ability to take on some seriously hard challenges in Data, Software and Hardware, that have never before been tackled or solved. Do you want to be part of it? Come and talk to us meet some of the team and see our product.

Vodafone UK is a provider of telecommunications services in the United Kingdom, and a part of the Vodafone Group, the world’s second-largest mobile phone company. Working at Vodafone is all about helping people feel ready to benefit from new technology.


BETWEEN Technology is a multinational consultancy with more than 20 years of experience in offering comprehensive services and technological solutions.

Page Personnel helps you to boost your professional career! We focus on several sectors with a huge impact  at IT, Marketing and Digital profiles.

Haufe’s wide-range of solutions empowers employees so they can make the valuable contributions your company relies on.

Pentasia has placed 4,000+ candidates from across the skill-spectrum in many of the world’s leading digital, iGaming, eCommerce and tech companies.

ID Finance is a fast-growing data science, credit scoring and digital finance company that is pioneering fintech innovation in emerging markets.

Lodgify is an innovative all-in-one solution that simplifies vacation rental marketing.

Netcentric, A Cognizant Digital Business: We are a digital service provider that transforms customer experiences for the world’s top brands by unleashing the full potential of the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Work in Flanders is an English facilitated portal to browse jobs for Flanders:

Flanders is the northern federated state of Belgium with Brussels as its capital.

Óscala is a dynamic and effective IT secondment agency that international Software Developers can trust as a full-service entry to exciting, challenging IT jobs in Holland.

Koedia develops IT solutions for many actors in the tourism industry : travel agencies, networks of travel agencies, receptives, tour operators, TMC.

LoveToKnow.com is dedicated to providing high quality, useful information on a variety of topics to internet users.

N1-Headache is indicated to support migraine management in adult and in paediatric disease and avoidance of medication overuse in adults.


TieTalent – Cut down your hiring time and get linked to top professionals recommended by our independent field experts.

Fotokite’s mission is to make aerial photography accessible to everyone. Specifically, we aspire to solve fundamental drone issues like safety, the need for piloting skills, and the lack of accountability.

PriceHubble – The power of the latest in Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics at your fingertips. Real estate valuation and prediction, made easy.

algrano is a B2B e-commerce where coffee producers can sell their goods to roasters in Europe. Establishing this direct connection empowers producers and allow roasters to access to exclusive high quality products.

vlot is a B2B2C platform – opening up an agile and integrated world of risk analysis, coverage and life planning.

RetinAI Medical is a Swiss company that supports eye care professionals and patients throughout the medical examination process using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

KING FLUENCERS – As the leading influencer marketing experts in Switzerland, we connect you with influencers to expand your brand recognition and reach new audiences.

Leica Geosystems develops complete solutions for professionals all over

the world.

ADVERTIMA – A software that learns with every interaction & reaches out to your targeted audience.

AVRIOS – Halve the Workload of Your Entire Fleet Operations

Beekeeper - The experiences and growth from the early days of Beekeeper have taught us that taking smart risks and trying new things pays off.

Avaloq is driving the digital transformation and automation of the financial services industry.

Elblox is a project and a registered trademark of the Axpo Group. An innovation process has created the business idea for a blockchain-based P2P marketplace.

Sunflower Labs combines Swiss craftsmanship and engineering with Silicon Valley startup culture.

Munich :

ProSiebenSat.1 Group is one of the most successful independent media companies in Europe with a strong lead in the TV and the digital market.

Wirecard is a driver of innovation in the digitalisation of payments. As a software and IT specialist, Wirecard is also constantly expanding its portfolio with innovative payment technologies.

FINEWAY is a Smart Travel Concierge blending real human experts with cutting-edge A.I. technology for perfectly tailored travel experiences.

Stryber: We are Stryber, a leading strategy consulting boutique for digital growth. We help our clients to launch new ventures.

Reply [MTA, STAR: REY] specializes in the development and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media.

Data Insights is a Munich based IT consulting company that focusses on providing a tangible value for its clients through data by implementing a holistic consulting approach.

PROGLOVE: We are an industrial wearable company by former automotive and IDEO employees.

Pixel Group: The three companies of the PIXEL Group have specialized in specialist fields and are among the best in their field. The bundling of these competencies makes all participants even stronger.

Userlane understood the importance of guidance and imagined how beneficial it would be to implement the same concept for software.

Honeypot.io is a developer-focused job platform, on a mission to get every developer a great job. Get job offers from Europe’s best tech companies. We help programmers find great jobs at great companies. No applications, just one profile and your code.

NDGIT GmbH stands for Next Digital Banking and we provide our clients with the first API platform for banking and insurance.

Burda is a Tech & Media Company. Journalistic content is our foundation and forms the beginning of our added value.

Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations.

Talentese - Our mission at Talentese is to help people find the ideal job place that would make them enjoy every day at work.

Dublin :

 New companies:

itContracting – “We’re an IT company that understands recruitment, not a recruitment company trying to understand IT.”

CROSSVALE – Whether you are in need of some help with integration and/or process improvement on your current platforms or you don’t know where to begin your journey to modernization , we can help make the road much smoother.

The Oath Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private foundation dedicated to improving the lives of women, girls and underserved youth.

Other companies:

KAL is a world-leading ATM software provider, specialising in solutions for bank ATMs, self-service kiosks, and bank branch networks.

Top Tier Recruitment: Founded in 2016, Top Tier Recruitment has quickly established itself as a key recruitment partner to several clients across Finance & Fintech.

The Noel Group is a Dublin based recruitment agency with offices throughout Ireland recruiting for Irish jobs in a wide range of industries.

Ergo has pioneered IT services in Ireland for 25 years, consistently delivering business value with the latest technology. Come Work With Us and discover why Ergo is the best place for you to grow

Vhi – We’re Ireland’s No.1 Health Insurer. If you are starting out or looking to switch your health insurance cover, we have a range of plans to meet your needs.

Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO) is a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company.


New companies:

Jobsens.ai provides you with hand-picked jobs for you to master your skills – it’s fast, efficient, and of course free. Jobsens.ai selects jobs exclusively for IT developer.

Zoi is the digital companion of the so-called hidden champions. And not quite so hidden. In doing so, we create innovative solutions. Our heart beats for code, cloud, data, electrical engineering and creation.

StepStone employs different people who share something very important in common: they always strive for the best results.

 Oberlo is a marketplace that makes it easy to find awesome products to sell online.

Byrd– Your complete e-commerce logistics online at a glance. Worldwide shipping in one click.

MTA is a talent agency, helping guide our candidates to the next level in their careers and our clients to become the absolute best they can be backed by the best people.

FEINGOLD Technologies – Better health, relationships and productivity.

Other companies:

N26 – The Mobile Bank. A bank account for your phone
Fyber is a global technology company, developing a next-generation monetization platform for mobile publishers. Fyber combines proprietary technologies and expertise in mediation, RTB, video and audience segmentation to create holistic solutions that shape the future of the mobile app economy.

Flightright– We have been helping air passengers enforce their rights for over 8 years. As the market leader in our segment, we are committed to making sure that being right always translates into being proven right.

LucaNet – Software and consulting for consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis. Simply intelligent – this is more than simply intelligent software. It is simply intuitive operation, simply professional service, simply forward-looking technologies.

Bonial.com – Is there a more efficient way to discover deals in your area? We think so.

Productsup has revolutionized the way that product data is managed. We give marketers the technology they need to be in control, save time, and improve results.

Movinga brings customers and service providers together to redesign the relocation experience and set new standards in the moving market.

Axel Springer SE is Europe’s leading digital publisher. The digital media channels contribute nearly three-quarters of total revenues today.

Urban Sports Club is the largest, most flexible and diverse sports offer in your city.

Expertlead – We believe freelance work will play a fundamental role in digitalization.

We enjoy identifying the greatest tech talents and connecting them to our clients.

Honeypot.io is a developer-focused job platform, on a mission to get every developer a great job. Get job offers from Europe’s best tech companies. We help programmers find great jobs at great companies. No applications, just one profile and your code.

COMTRAVO – Designed from the ground up to fit the needs of medium-sized companies who would rather spend less time and money sorting out their business travel and more time getting actual business done.


MeteoGroup, the global weather authority, combines accurate science with advanced technology and local expertise with global reach.

Wittenborg University operation in Amsterdam started 3 years ago and Vienna Campus started last year.At our exciting Amsterdam, campus we offer a double degree bachelor’s pathway in Entrepreneurship & Business and an exclusive International MBA, alongside the MBA in Finance.

Xccelerated locates, connects, trains, and accelerates highly-skilled data professionals to become authorities in their fields. Our advanced training program develops each person’s pragmatic and business competencies by providing the opportunity to work directly on real-world big data and data science challenges.

Honeypot.io is a developer-focused job platform, on a mission to get every developer a great job. Get job offers from Europe’s best tech companies. We help programmers find great jobs at great companies. No applications, just one profile and your code.

Companies2meet.nl, the online platform for all career events in the Netherlands, specializes in promoting career events for employers, career fair organizations and intermediaries. Through our website and social media channels, we generate a response for specific events and we strengthen the employer image of companies. Companies2Meet.nl does not charge fees for candidates who register with you or who you want to hire.

BinckBank - Invest in your independence. Build your assets in the way that suits you. BinckBank helps you with that.

Cloud Integrate is a boutique consultancy firm with a distinct focus on helping companies to unlock the full potential of their Salesforce.com investment.

Login VSI’s mission is to develop solutions that optimize the performance of the digital workplace of today. Our software ensures Enterprises can provide their employees with the best end-user experience. An international IT-company focused on combining innovation with a dynamic and flexible work culture.

Oogst is part of Merkle. In addition to Oogst the specialised agencies Oxyma, Your Social, aFrogleap en OFS is part of Merkle Netherlands. In 2018, Oogst has been declared best ‘Analytics & Optimisation’ and best ‘Digital Marketing’ agency by Emerce; the leading online marketing community in the Netherlands.

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Web development is still lucrative career in 2018. More companies are realizing the need for an online presence and are investing in websites hence creating more web developer jobs.

You have taken your time to learn how to code but you are struggling to get your first gig as a web developer. Job searching as a junior web developer can easily turn into a frustration if you do not know what to look for, what to accept and what to reject.

As a junior developer, your easiest point of entry is in web development.

You will start by building websites for

  • individuals,
  • businesses and
  • startups

before you can work your way to a full time developer role at company X.

But more surprising would be to find that even landing that first web developer job with no experience is a real pain in the ass.

In this article I highlight 7 reasons why your job search up to now has not been successful.

These are mistakes that you are probably already making in your developer career that keep you locked out of the opportunities you are actually looking for and in need of.

1. You are not confident

Self confidence is key when you are starting out.

When you are new to web development,  and have probably taken a few months learning some JavaScript, HTML and CSS, you will still feel inadequate. That’s completely normal.

Probably you even feel like you are an impostor when you call yourself a junior web developer.

The truth is that there is no time you will feel completely ready for a job.

In your career as a developer, everyday is a learning opportunity. You will always have to work with new technologies, APIs and you will learn them on the go.

Be confident in your skills.

Your lack of confidence will come out in the way you communicate with your clients, peers or seniors while talking about your competence.

How do you be confident when you know that there is so much you don’t know yet about what you do?

Every one single senior software developer started out as a junior, just as you are now.

No one single web developer knows all the technologies and frameworks in the world. And when I say ‘know’ I mean that you have built something in it, not that you have heard of it or have some surface level knowledge of it.

2. Nobody knows you

Most junior web developers spend their time honing their skills in the particular stack or language they are studying, thinking that after you are done, your excellent skills should speak for you.

This is where you are wrong.

There is no experience that is of greater value than real world experience

Build software that people are actually using.

So as much as you are studying, your focus should be on how you can then apply this in the real world.

The connections you build with people before you need a developer job will be very helpful in assisting you land your first job.

Don’t wait to make the connections when you are in need, you will end up being pushy and this is a big turn off.

As much it is the truth, people want to feel that the relationship you are building is beneficial both ways before they commit to help you.

Connect with your peer developers who could be in relevant positions to help you when you are in need, long before you need that connection.

Find a coding buddy with whom you can share ideas.

Join local meetup groups in your locality. These meetups are particularly a great place to network and hook up with code monkeys… as well as learn a few ethical hacking skills.

It is at these meetups that you could as well find a software developer who knows a startup that is looking to hire or that might be in need of your services.

3. You don’t have a portfolio

More than a couple of times have I met developers looking for web development gigs without a proper portfolio to show off.

Having a portfolio helps to demonstrate what you are capable of doing.

You’ve probably been told that having a personal domain puts you a mile ahead in your search for clients.

But if your domain is not filled with useful content placed in the right manner, it will be a automatic turn off for the client you are seeking to woo.

If you are venturing into web design, you need a domain.

Your client will ask himself why you want to build a website for others when you don’t even have one for yourself. If you are seeking a real client, outside your inner circle, who is ready to spend money on you, then you need to have a portfolio domain to show off.

When starting out you probably don’t have much money to spare in buying hosting space and a domain.

But remember you are competing against a multitude. There are probably a dozen other developers approaching the same client for the same service you are seeking to offer.

You need to stand out.

4. You apply for jobs through Indeed.com

This is particularly a common career mistake among 90% of junior web developers.

It’s so easy and passive.

The thought of just sitting at your desk, launching your web browser and firing CVs at every job posting in the internet and finally landing a developer job is very exciting!

When you are a junior web developer, you’ll hardly get noticed by applying to jobs purely through the internet from job listing sites like Indeed.com.

Use the job boards to get to know

  • what job descriptions look like and
  • what technologies are hot in the market.

Most likely, the technologies that are frequently mentioned in the jobs are the trending skills you should focus on acquiring. And that should be it.

Before you begin looking for a developer job with no experience on the internet, start from your connections and friends.

Then expand from inside outwards.

Check with your friends if they could be in need of your services or if they know someone who is hiring. Or better still if they know someone, who knows someone who is hiring.

The job market has become dynamic and companies would prefer to hire someone they can trust.

Having someone who can speak for you and give you a reference helps you pass the ‘vote of no confidence’ test.

Recruiters always have two piles of resumes. The huge bulk received unsolicited from the internet and the smaller pile brought by people they already know and have worked with before.

Breath a sigh of relief if your resume is in the smaller pile.

5. You are too much in love with your stack

Being flexible with the skills you are willing to acquire when starting out will play out to be a key asset in your job search as a junior web developer with no experience.

I wouldn’t recommend being  a jack of all trades, because being mediocre would work well against you.

Don’t specialize when you are starting out.

Broaden your net for higher chances of success.

Some people might tell you to narrow your search. To be specific in what you want to work with so that you save yourself a pain. But the truth is you need to be flexible and daring at the start.

Say you only know WordPress then you get a client that already had their website designed in Joomla.

Your client to be is seeking to integrate social media feeds on their website. You should be able to take on that client. Both CMS’es are based on PHP. Finding your way around won’t be so hard.

Take it as an opportunity to learn.

But you will need to set a clear time frame that will allow you ample time to learn and build it.

The more you learn the more employable you become and your subsequent job searches won’t be a frustration.

6. You don’t want to give first

How do you feel when you meet a new friend who starts asking for favors from day 1 before you get to benefit by anything form them?

Or before you get to establish that they have actually helped other people before? You need to give away a couple of your efforts for free before you can receive.

As a junior web developer with no experience take some time and build something for free e.g. a WordPress plugin or contribute to an open source project. It much depends on where your expertise is.

In whichever software skills, language or development framework you are good in, find a way to serve the community somehow with it.

I recommend building a simple plugin, widget, library, package or a simple application that solves some problem people face everyday. That way you can be sure to get people to use it who will later give you feedback.

These little acts will get you in front of potential clients who didn’t care or know anything about you before.

Let your generosity and passion speak for you.

Building these open source projects will also bring you into the radar of people who might want to collaborate with you in their projects.

You have to attack your job search as a software developer from all corners and angles.

7. You don’t have a plan

Your job search might have reached a dead end because you probably should not be looking for a job in the first place.

Job hunting might seem exciting and inviting.

If NOT done at the right time and in the right manner, it could turn into a frustrating ordeal with not end in sight.


This might even hurt your future chances with your searches.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Developing career goals and returning to them over time will pay you back in the long term.

There is a

  • a time to study,
  • a time to network and
  • a time to go out and look.

You probably could be networking while studying.

However, spare your job search for a time when your skills are well baked and your network well wired.

You do it too soon and you hurt chances of benefiting from your connections in the future when the time is right.

Focus on forming relationships as opposed to simply piling 3000 business cards on you desk and never getting in touch.

Get a career planner and let your actions be guided by a clear road-map.

Found this article useful? Please share with your friends.

What has your job search been like? Please share the challenges you faced in the comment below.

Inside GetYourGuide

Over the coming weeks, we will be taking a look inside the different teams at GetYourGuide to give us some insight into what it’s like working with each team. First up, we have our Sales team. The Sales team is on an endless path to discover all the amazing activities around the world and bring them to our customers. We spoke to some of our Account Managers from around the world to see exactly what it’s like being part of our Sales Team:

Can you give us a brief summary of what your team works on?

Tilly Hemperger, Account Manager - Australia.

Stephanie Hubner & Tilly Hemperger, Area Manager Australia and New Zealand + Account Manager, Australia: First off, making GetYourGuide customers happy (that was a given)! So, how we do this? By luring top suppliers to ‘come to the red side’ and work with GetYourGuide. Our top priority is tackling our Australia and New Zealand acquisition list and investigating data to know exactly what our customers really want. This means heaps of talking, calling, rapport-building, meeting, putting out fires, and of course, closing (#alwaysbeclosing). Essentially, making sure we are 100% prepared to go out and get those top-notch products.

Eulalie Cocquerelle – Account Manager, Paris: I am in the sales team working from our Parisian office. For now, our objective is to acquire top products in France, so as to have a perfect inventory for our customers. To acquire new products I can either contact potential new suppliers and negotiate with them to start a collaboration, or discuss with our existing suppliers to try find out if they have the products that I’m looking for and if they want to put it on GYG. France is a huge market so there are two Account Managers here: Thomas and myself. Thomas takes care of Paris, and I’m taking care of the Provence (the French Riviera is a main market).

Francesca De Falco, Account Manager Rome
Francesca De Falco, Account Manager Rome

Francesca De Falco – Account Manager, Rome: The Rome team is a team of 3 and will be growing this year (stay tuned, 2 new account managers on the way!). We manage the top destinations in Italy: Rome, Florence and Venice. We work with the local suppliers to really bring the most exciting experiences to our customers. Sometimes our suppliers concentrate their attention on the same old tours, and we are there to advise them on their opportunities of offering new tours based on data (for example: the search volume in a city). We also work directly with big attractions all over the world, and as account managers we have the chance to see these wonderful attractions from the inside, understand the “behind the scenes”, and work with the attractions to improve the customer experience. Why print a voucher when you can just enter at the turnstiles? Sometimes big attractions need to be reminded that customers want to travel hassle free! It’s all about the experience. GetYourGuide takes care of customers, which is why we have our Ground Operations team at the main attractions in Rome: the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum. We meet and greet our customers and lead them into the attraction and make sure they enjoy their journey from the very beginning: the meeting point

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What advice would you have for someone who would like to work with the GYG Sales team?

Zuzana Kaniokova- Account Manager, Berlin: Make sure you are passionate about travel and not afraid to challenge the status quo. Everyday suppliers will tell you why getting online is not possible, why the vouchers cannot be scanned, or why it’s difficult to get last minute bookings. You are the one making the change and it’s up to you to work with the suppliers to see this too. You better be fast and fearless. Because if you’re not, others will make that leap before you. If you are an explorer, not a follower, this job just might be for you.

Stephanie Hubner & Tilly Hemperger, Area Manager Australia and New Zealand + Account Manager, Australia: Get ready to:

  • Embrace the ‘no’: rejection doesn’t mean the conversation is over!
  • Prepare for hard work (and tons of fun!) along the way
  • Befriend an amazing team filled with people from all around the world
  • Immerse yourself in an environment that is fast changing, varied, and exciting
  • Constantly learn, grow, and challenge yourself

Be sure to channel an attitude that is proactive, optimistic, fun, open, curious, entrepreneurial, and problem solving. Situations to prepare for? Well, you might be so lucky to find yourself courting suppliers at trade shows, mingling with industry professionals at networking events (including maybe a cheeky champagne or two!) and mediating your negotiations in one minute. And in the next minute, you could be tactfully reframing rejections, earning oodles of frequent flier miles as you travel to your destinations, and enjoying the perks of product testing as you swim with dolphins or kick back with a glass of wine.

Eulalie Cocquerelle - Account Manager, Paris
Eulalie Cocquerelle – Account Manager, Paris

Eulalie Cocquerelle – Account Manager, Paris: Personality is an important criteria during recruitment, so I think that the most important thing for a candidate to remember is to be as natural as possible, not trying to be someone you are not. Then, positivity and passion are really appreciated at GetYourGuide. Don’t stress, just enjoy and see interviews as a great way to learn and meet new people.

Sandra Goncalves – Account Manager, Spain: I’d advise to be hard-working, positive and persistent, with good analytical and organizational skills. And, if possible, good e-commerce understanding. Also, simply – to be friendly ?



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What does an average day in your team/role look like?

Stephanie Hubner & Tilly Hemperger, Area Manager Australia and New Zealand + Account Manager, Australia: Our 2 woman team kicks off the day in spectacular fashion! Steph braves the wild seas from Manly to the CBD while Tilly single-handedly tackles the subway system (and a stinky armpit or three). Once at the office it’s go time! We spend most of our time speaking to our suppliers. Be they from the sunny beaches of the Gold Coast, the scorching rocks of the Northern Territory, or the glow-worm caves of Waitomo in New Zealand (it’s a tough gig). Every day we focus on our acquisition lists to ensure that all 23,859 kilometers of Australia’s coastline is covered (just FYI, close to 10 Germanys fit inside Australia’s borders). We also don our stylish, if imaginary, detective hats to investigate innovative ways to optimise our destinations. On occasion we sneak in a little mystery tour or four to be doubly sure our customers are having a grand ol’ time. A little taste of what we’ve been involved with lately? We’ve soared above Sydney in a bumblebee helicopter, rubbed shoulders with the leading women in our industry at an International Women’s Day event, and mingled with the best representatives from Tourism Australia.

Eulalie Cocquerelle – Account Manager, Paris: Usually, I start with looking at the daily reports of my main destinations: bookings, did we have bad reviews or not, has a new supplier had their 1st booking,etc. Then, I start to read my emails and fix any potential suppliers issues. It’s super important for me to be as reactive as possible with suppliers because that’s what they like about GYG: being in contact with someone who is dedicated to them and who can fix all the issues quickly. Then, I start to hunt new top products (80% of my time) via the internet and by calling suppliers. Once a month, I try to travel in order to meet my suppliers on the spot and try activities when I have the time. I also have to do optimization (20% of my time). This is all about optimizing existing accounts by increasing commissions, improving the content of my best products with the teams in Berlin, etc.

Sandra Goncalves, Account Manager Spain.
Sandra Goncalves, Account Manager Spain.

Sandra Goncalves – Account Manager, Spain: I start the day by analyzing the performance reports of my destinations in order to make sure everything is working smoothly for customers as well as for suppliers. Then, I usually schedule my priorities for the day, the most important objectives to achieve, and I start working on them. This includes a lot of phone calls, meetings, business travel requests, and emails with both suppliers and GetYourGuide team members from different departments. Most of the time I spend the last minutes/hours of my day going through the emails I wasn’t able to check during the day.




Zuzana Kaniokova, Account Manager, Berlin.
Zuzana Kaniokova, Account Manager, Berlin.

What is your team currently working on?

Zuzana Kaniokova- Account Manager Berlin: We know there are “must-do’s” in each city. You cannot go Iceland and skip the Blue Lagoon, the same way your visit to Prague is incomplete if you don’t see the Prague Castle. We are looking at how we can get the must-do activities online and guarantee the customer the very best experience they can have while traveling.

Stephanie Hubner & Tilly Hemperger, Area Manager Australia and New Zealand + Account Manager, Australia: We’re not ones to shy away from a challenge! We’re the underdogs here in Australia and New Zealand, since they are the more emerging destinations for GYG. We need to work smarter and harder in acquiring suppliers, show them the data, charm them with local knowledge, and be extra persuasive in convincing them that GYG is their future! Some other challenges we’ve faced are how to scan straight to email (a curse upon all printers) and sussing out the best place for a good chai latte. All suggestions are welcomed!

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What, if any, are the principles that your team lives by?

Eulalie Cocquerelle – Account Manager Paris: Positivity is the most important and then clarity.

Zuzana Kaniokova- Account Manager Berlin: Move fast, be consistent, take risks which are calculated and based on data rather than reckless leaps. Learn by doing, listen rather than talk, ask questions rather than give answers. If you see something wrong, start the change yourself.




Stephanie Hubner & Tilly Hemperger, Area Manager Australia and New Zealand + Account Manager, Australia:

  • Be authentic
  • Work smart
  • Embrace the uncomfortable
  • Have fun

What is your favorite thing about working with GYG sales team? What, in your opinion, makes your team special?

Sandra Goncalves – Account Manager, Spain: My favorite thing about working with GYG sales team is the people. I love the multiculturality of our team, the intercultural knowledge sharing, and the competitive spirit we have. Work hard, play hard!

Zuzana Kaniokova- Account Manager Berlin: People think that salespeople need to be loud, outgoing, and bubbly. It’s true that some are, but it’s not necessary. The best salespeople listen and solve problems. For this, you just need to be yourself and there is space for everyone.

Eulalie Cocquerelle – Account Manager, Paris: The diversity of our team is amazing, you can learn a lot with each member of the team and everyone is willing to share his or her knowledge with you.

Stephanie Hubner & Tilly Hemperger, Area Manager Australia and New Zealand + Account Manager, Australia: Most impressive is everyone’s optimism and resilience. The sales team is a great example of how embracing the no and positively reframing it, can turn a conversation around (and equal a happy supplier). Equally entertaining is the sales team’s level of dedication and #commitment to GYG parties. Take a look around the dance floor at the end of the night and you’ll see for yourself!

Tilly Hemperger & Stephanie Hubner
Tilly Hemperger & Stephanie Hubner

Thanks again to Eulalie Cocquerelle, Francesca De Falco, Sandra Goncalves, Stephanie Hubner, Tilly Hemperger and Zuzana Kaniokova for answering our questions and for giving us such great insight into life in the GetYourGuide Sales team. If you are interested in joining our Sales team, please see all current vacancies here.





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4 Best Tips for Successful Social Recruiting

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Original post by Allison Reilly via RPOA

Social media and recruiting is the next gap to bridge in hiring and recruiting, the next frontier in finding great candidates better and faster than your competitors (and turning those candidates into employees). However, as the next gap to bridge and the next frontier, there's still a lot to learn in social media and recruiting. Developing a successful social media recruiting strategy is still an experiment, a process of trial and error. To establish your social recruiting strategy and to facilitate that process, here are the 4 best tips we have for successful social recruiting:

1. Evaluate Your Employment Brand Before Getting Started

Social media not only makes candidates more transparent, but it also makes your company and the recruiting process more transparent. If potential candidates don't like how you've represented yourself on these social networks, then they won't be engaged or interested in what you have to offer. Your employment brand needs to be in place before starting your social media and recruiting and getting involved in a digital dialogue, as the brand will be the guide to what's being said and how the process unfolds.


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Social Media in Recruiting

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Original post by slideshare


We’re delighted to announce we’re holding our second bi-annual Job fair this September in London

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How Social Media Is Redefining the Resume

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Original post by CityTownInfo.com

Resumes have long been the standard way in which job applicants illustrate their qualifications to potential employers. However, the rise of social media in the corporate world is shifting the emphasis from the resume’s static representation of qualifications to a more interactive way of finding and recruiting new talent. CNNreports that many hiring managers are now turning to job candidates’ online presences—LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles, as well as their Google search results and any web content they have written—rather than relying solely on a list of experience, education, and achievements. Some companies even ask candidates to actively integrate social media into their job applications.

CNN cites the perspective of Gretchen Gunn, a principal at the recruiting company MGD Services, to help illustrate the evolving roles of the resume and the web in the job search. Gunn stated, “The concept [of the resume] is not changing. That document, your life history of your work, isn’t ever going to be obsolete. It is the vehicle that is changing.” CNN explains that this “vehicle" has progressed from a static paper document to incorporate a mish mash of various social media sites and web content, particularly for tech companies. For example, the New York venture capitalist firm Union Square Ventures asked job applicants to provide them with a “Web presence” in lieu of a resume. ”This could be anything from a Twitter account to a blog or Tumblr to a project you hacked together,” explained Union Square’s Christina Cacioppo to CNN.


Setting the Stage for Growth

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Original post by  via millennialceo

In January when our organization decided to hire a new national channels team to aid in meeting our key strategic initiatives for 2012 we knew we had a big task ahead of us. The new team would consist of 4 high caliber individuals with a background in collaboration technology and we wanted to have the team in place by March 1.

As a smaller organization we don’t have a large HR department to handle screening, first interviews, background checks etc. In our case we are part of the process and when we are busy working on hiring, it can often be a distraction from continued attention to what needs to be done day in and day out.

Knowing that we were making a substantial investment into the future we knew what we needed. First and foremost we needed to make great hires as turnover here wouldn’t work.

We needed a plan to find and sift through great talent quickly so we could get interviewing and more importantly on-board the new team members quickly.


Original post by CHRIS RICKBORN via TC

Tech companies in Silicon Valley and in tech hubs across the United States are at war against each other, to find and hire quality talent that is in short supply. The competition is particularly fierce among startups, which means that it’s ever so important to make the right decisions when hiring your next rock star.

Here are six tips to set you on the right course:

1. Make sure it’s time to hire

Deciding when to hire is as important as knowing that you need to hire at all. The problem is that too many entrepreneurs with funding start hiring because it was part of the business plan. The first sign of trouble is when there is too much emphasis on filling out the org chart and making sure all of the key titles are in place. Most entrepreneurs get put through the ringer trying to raise money and they’ve lived and died by their models and forecasts. But when it comes to hiring, sometimes you just need to throw the model in the trash and let the reality of what’s happening in your business determine your true need to hire. As they say in the military, “every plan is good until the first shot is fired.”

My advice is to not think about titles, org charts and empty seats. I’m not suggesting that anyone should throw discipline and planning out the window, but don’t repeat the mistakes of failed startups and waste your resources filling positions that you don’t need today. Make sure its time to hire.

2. Make a commitment to invest your time

Once you’ve made the decision that the time is right, make a commitment to invest your time.

Like it or not, hiring is a time-consuming process and cutting corners on time will lead to bad hires. In a startup, the pace is fast and everyone is stretched to the limit. Adding to your team will require a significant amount of time to screen candidates and conduct interviews. Even if you use recruiters, you won’t save that much time, as you still have to read resumes and make phone calls.

In a recent conversation with a CEO, he told me that he was trying to hire a new VP of Marketing for his software company. He advertised on LinkedIn and got 216 applicants. The good news is he had a lot of potential candidates, but the bad news is he hadn’t even started looking at his applicants. I wonder how many good candidates will go overlooked because he just wants to get it done.

I recommend setting aside an hour each morning and another hour late in the afternoon devoted completely to your search. Invest your time and you will find the candidates that will “move the needle” in your business. Shortcut on time and you will find a candidate to “fill the spot.”

READ 3 to 6 HERE 

Original post by  via mashable

Kate Brodock is executive director of digital and social media at Syracuse University, where she leads efforts in the space. Connect with her on Twitter at @just_kate and@othersidegroup.

If you’re a Generation X-er or older, you likely use social media to cut it in the real world. You may also use social networks for personal reasons, but it’s always with the understanding that you’re a professional.

But newer generations of college graduates began their social media experience as a very personal one. And the shift to using social media for career development may seem optional. But it’s a necessary evil at the very least, and can actually be quite beneficial to your future at the very best.

Here are a few things students should consider when starting to use social media professionally.

1. It’s Not the Same

Most teens and young adults have used social media to connect directly to friends and share personal experiences casual conversations with their networks. Yet interacting on social networks with an eye toward your career is different than doing so for purely personal reasons.

Using social media for professional purposes doesn’t mean you have to give that up. In fact, oftentimes it makes a person come across as more genuine and more approachable. But refining your language, highlighting content and information that’s more career-focused, and connecting and conversing with more people outside your immediate group of friends signifies that you’re interested in more than just the personal.

2. Power in Connections

Social networks offer endless ways to connect with a wide-range of people with little effort and to organize those connections — through lists, circles or groups — so you can use them more effectively.

Build each network to create relationships that can be nurtured through interaction and conversation. Bycultivating and organizing the network you create, you’ll be more effectively able to act upon professional opportunities.


The Basics of Twitter Visibility

Posted by | 20 February, 2012 | Uncategorized

Original post by Danielle Leitch via socialmediatoday

Twitter has exploded onto the social media circuit in recent years. More and more companies are creating accounts and establishing a Twitter presence – to the point where it’s become a standard marketing practice. But, just like any other social media account you initiate, a Twitter account is not something you just create and forget about. To reap any benefit, it should be cultivated properly, starting with these basics:

  • Optimize your page and tweets – Just as you would use optimized copy for your website, do so for your Twitter account by posting keyword rich tweets and profile information. Use target keywords on your profile page and make sure to use keywords in your Tweets.
  • Optimize your Twitter Bio – This is an extension of the above rule. In search results, the bio section of your Twitter profile acts as the description metadata. You will want to make sure it is optimized to increase click-through rates.


Original post by SHANE SNOW via FAST COMPANY 

Running a tech company and looking for Ruby developers? Got a “great idea” for a startup, and all you need is a programmer? Congratulations! You’ve just joined the 10,000 other geeks in the same coder-starved boat, especially if you live in a technology hub like Silicon Valley or New York City.

Many founders mistakenly believe money or perks are the answer to hiring programmers. Fortunately for the cash-strapped startup, that’s not the case.

Hunch founder Chris Dixon (one of the investors in my company, Contentlywrites that the most important thing about recruiting programmers is understanding what motivates them: interesting challenges, talented coworkers, and working on software that gets used by a lot of people. Money and free Cheetos are great, but they come last.

But even if you can motivate, the fact is, good programmers are in high demand. Competing with the Googles of the world doesn’t make it any easier.

With a fresh $50 million, Foursquare’s 80+ person team just moved to New York’s Soho neighborhood, into an office seven times the size of its old one--and no doubt, they intend to fill it up. There go the rest of the city’s programmers.

But maybe that doesn’t matter.

Despite the developer gold rush in New York, my own, cash-conscious company, Contently, has managed to hire the tech talent we’ve wanted, when we wanted it. Every time.

Here are the three secrets we hire by:

Target Out-Of-Staters Willing To Relocate

Of Contently’s core team, only one of us actually lived in New York to begin with. One came from Vegas, two from Philadelphia, and we’re continually pulling in developers from Chicago, the Carolinas, and Washington, D.C.

The bottom line is this: Not every talented programmer in the world is from a city with “Silicon” in its nickname. But many of those programmers would love to live in one.


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How To Develop An Effective Market Penetration Strategy

Posted by | 19 December, 2011 | Business planning, Project management, Startup marketing, Startups, Uncategorized

Original post by Maria Bike via Task 

It is very common that we talk about market penetration in a company. We even have targets in our annual business and marketing plans to achieve higher penetration. Consider the following advice before making your decision on how to implement an effective market penetration strategy.

Think and calculate before you make your decision. There are a few issues to consider before you decide if you really need to apply a market penetration strategy at your company’s current stage. Furthermore, you must think about where you are and if “penetration strategy” is the appropriate strategy amongst other possibilities.

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Why do I need higher market penetration?
  • Do I need it in order to increase total profitability?
  • Do I need it in order to increase profitability per product line?
  • Do I need it to secure profitability?
  • Do I need it to survive in the market situation?
  • Is it necessary for my immediate or future development?

If you decide a market penetration strategy is called for after answering these questions, start drawing up business scenarios and calculations. Before moving to action, you have to think about and calculate whether or not you can gain the additional market share with the same products and structures. Decide what sort of investment you need to make.

Since a new marketing strategy implies expensive investments that will not be translated into profits for a reasonable time span, you should reconsider the approach of your market penetration strategy. For example, if you have to design new processes or train a lot of people or advertise heavily, you need to estimate in advance what your return on investment is expected to be. Of course, you also need to designate a specific budget and time plan that will be monitored.


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TechMeetups New websites launched

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We have stopped this Blog and moved to our new websites … Please visit us there for your news, meetups & events…

TechMeetups - Technology Meetups, Events & Promotion
TechStartHub – Startup News, Mentoring, Events & Books
TechStartupJobs – Startup Jobs


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