Munich is the capital and most populous city of Bavaria. The city's metropolitan region is a global centre of art, science, technology, finance, publishing, culture, innovation, education, business, and tourism.  It enjoys a very high standard and quality of living, reaching first in Germany and third worldwide according to the 2018 Mercer Survey.

Munich is also rated as the world's most livable city by Monocle Quality of Life Survey 2018. It is a major international center of engineering, innovation, and research and world class technology and science museums like the Deutsches Museum and BMW Museum.

The city houses many multinational companies, and its economy is based on high tech, automobiles, the creative industries, as well as I.T, biotechnology, and electronics among many others.

Munich is ever bustling with tech and startup energy, if you are looking to settle or work in the city, here is a list of the best coworking spaces to consider.

1. BASE Coworking,15 Blütenstraße


Your startup needs a home? You are looking for a safe harbor where it can land on and blossom? Look no further, BASE accepts; whole teams, solo entrepreneurs as well as freelancers.

The BASE members have established a highly potent ecosystem where entrepreneurs, investors, makers, pioneers and innovators meet like-minded people and learn from each other.

Workshops are offered regularly by BASE members with topics ranging from marketing and other business topics to more tech-oriented stuff like blockchain and machine learning.

Looking for a space to host your meetup? Social gatherings are always welcome at BASE. Membership plan; a day pass at 15 Euros, Nomad at 200 Euros a month, member at 300 Euros a month and a team at 1600 Euros a month, with respective packages and amenities.

Find them at: Website Facebook

2. SMARTVILLAGE, 66b Ganghoferstraße


Workshops are different with us Smartvillage space. Move the desks, form a sitting circle and get wild. Use every inch as you want.

Smartvillage is the second home for teams from different companies who are not just looking for rooms but who want to experience new work firsthand. There are rooms for workshops, coworking, and team events where innovations can prosper. Agile and creative working to make your workshop success.

They have ten unique workshop spaces in; Alpenpanorama, Berghain, Alpspitze, Zugspitze, Wetterstein, Stüberl, Almhütte, Loft Kitchen, Loftstudio and Loftatelier. Cool membership plans; a day pass at 29 Euros, a pass for 10 visits at 249 Euros, a coworking desk at 550 Euros three months minimum and a virtual office at 75 Euros per month three months minimum.

Find them at: Website   Facebook

3. MINDSPACE, 8 Viktualienmarkt


Mindspace is a global-boutique coworking provider and the most member-centric operator in the world. Member companies see better employee engagement and satisfaction, drive higher productivity and innovation, attract and retain the best talent, and have the peace of mind to focus on their business.

Mindspace prides itself on its prime locations, offering an upscale coworking environment with inspiring unique designs that feature local artists and correspond with the local culture, an exceptional level of service to its members, and a vibrant real-world community. With spaces in the heart of  Munich,

Salvatorplatz,Salvatorplatz 3; Stachus, Herzogspitalstraße 24 and Viktualienmarkt,Viktualienmarkt 8, Mindspace is at the forefront of the coworking revolution taking the Bavarian capital by storm and transforming it into a mecca of creativity. Membership plan; hot desk at 450 Euros  per month.

Find them at: Website

4. IMPACT HUB MUNICH, Gotzinger Str. 8


The Impact Hub Munich is the first in Germany. Since 2005, more than 40 Impact hubs have been established in major cities on five continents, many more are under construction.

The Impact Hub is a work and event space for social entrepreneurs and common good oriented work in the heart of Munich. These values ​​run like a red thread through the entire business model; from the conversion on the financing, the legal form, dealing with colleagues and members of the Board as well as other areas.

The former storage and production facility is improvised into a swanky industrial warehouse-like work space by a competent planning team, professional craftsmanship and a touch of personal contribution.

Clearly creativity, management and cross-thinking is contagious here!

You're served with a mailing address if you need one, lockers, a co-creation area for spontaneous brainstorming, a small kitchen just by the entrance to accommodate informal meetings, phone booth and a bistro for your heart’s content of coffee and tea. Phew, now that's a handful of a deal.

Find them at: Website Facebook

5. WERK1


Located in Atelierstr. 29, Munich, Werk1 is referred to as the home for all digital creatives in Munich, you'll find WERK1 in the central location of Munich, having by now two coworking spaces on site: "Silent Space" with capacity around 30 people and the "Communication Space" for about 35 people.

A plus is the large meeting room adjacent and shared areas like the café or Event space open for all members. In the latter, often workshops and networking events for founders and members are held.  A former potato workshop, today a creative quarter with a sense for community: coworkers have a home in the heart of Munich.

Under one roof with about 40 digital startups and the café you will work in the WERK1 in a unique atmosphere and right on the pulse of the digital startup scene. Membership plan: hot desk at 20 Euros a day and 190 Euros a month.

Find them at: Website Facebook



Located in 3 Werinherstraße, Munich, Idea Kitchen is a professional business centre, startup ecosystem or coworking space - whatever you want it to be. You can grab a shared desk, a shared office or take over a conference room if that is literally all you need. The doors are open from 9am to 7pm weekdays.

There is plenty of free parking for those with their own 2 or 4 wheels. A space for your ideas for startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, freelancers, designers, consultants and all home officers.

At IDEA KITCHEN Desk Sharing ideas are born, shaped, seasoned and brought to a boil. Membership plan; hot desk at 20 Euros a day and 175 Euros per month, a dedicated desk at 220 Euros per month and a private office for 4 people at 1000 Euros per month.

Find them at: Website Facebook



Located in Amalienstraße 71, RGB 2, velvet space has set itself the goal to create a space where creative minds come together to better achieve their professional goals and unfold their potential to the max.

Velvet space urban working oasis, in the heart of Munich, combines great centrality with a peaceful atmosphere. It gives you the opportunity to get things done and still enjoy the beautiful cultural, culinary and leisure hot-spots of the University district. Velvet space is happy to welcome like-minded souls, from freelancers over startups to more established companies, who are looking for a place to be productive, connect with others, and just feel comfortable in your working environment.

For people of the film and media industry, the space rents out the necessary production infrastructure like avid media composer, resolve grading stations, flames and nuke compositing as well as render services. Membership plan: hot desk at 25 Euros a day and 320 Euros per month, a dedicated desk at 400 Euros per month.

Find them at: Website Facebook



Located in 66 Georgenstraße, MATES is an amazing coworking community, space and network in the heart of the beautiful city of Munich. Creative self-employed, freelancers and start-ups meet here to create a new working culture together and you can network, share and benefit from the talents of others, no matter if you are a designer, copywriter, project manager or an architect.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to exchange experiences with experienced agencies and companies from their community. Membership plan: hot desk at 35 Euros a day and 299 Euros per month.

Find them at: Website Facebook

Whether you are looking for a job, your next co-founder or recruiting your tech talent, the Munich Tech Job Fair  is an event to attend on 24th October 7:30PM. Visit Techmeetups.com  for more information about the event and how you can get more out of the experience and also get yourself a ticket!

Website: Techmeetups.com  visit and treat yourself to a community of tech business events and support!

TechMeetups.com 8 years. 21 cities. 68 job fairs. 1100+ hiring companies. 60,000+ job seekers. 


Holidu is devoted to building the world’s best search engine for vacation rentals. The company is here to make finding and booking the perfect rental finally easy. This journey involves a rapidly growing team of travel and technology enthusiasts from all over the world. 

As a result, Holidu was recognized as one of the most popular startup employers in Germany by Gründerszene in collaboration with Kununu. The team consists of more than 170 people coming from more than 30 different nations. Their travel mates include investors and mentors who have helped companies to achieve global success. 

We are glad to have HOLIDU joining our Job Fair in Munich Tech Job Fair 2019 . Help yourself to a ticket  here  and take this exciting opportunity to meet the tech travel moguls.

Holidu’s team of travel and technology experts will be at your service to introduce you to their hottest job offers and their amazing travel directory.

Check out the Q&A below to get a sneak peek into Holidu’s company culture and structure.

Who are the creators of your brand? What do they do in life, what are they passionate about? 

The co-founder and CTO of Holidu Michael Siebers is an absolute technology and data enthusiast. Before Holidu, Michael worked at Zalando SE where he has been an early team member and helped to scale the development team to over 600 developers within less than 3 years. His entrepreneurial spirit took over at a young age, so that already during his studies in Computer Science, he had founded  PictureCloud.org.

Michael’s brother Johannes Siebers (CEO) contributes the commercial expertise. He earned his diploma in business studies after studying international business administration in Tübingen, Madrid and Sydney. After graduating, he worked with different startups at Siemens in the field of venture capital.


What's the story behind the creation of your company? What inspired you to start your business?

“We came up with the idea to create a vacation rental search engine while planning a surfing vacation with friends. We had the task of finding a place to stay. While doing so, we realized: An unbelievable number of websites were offering the same houses at very different prices and with different availability.” says Michael Seibers. The initial idea behind Holidu seemed too obvious: Why was booking a vacation rental so much harder than booking a flight or hotel? This question inspired the vision that drives Holidu to this day.

Holidu’s team of travel and technology enthusiasts fulfills this vision by creating the world’s best metasearch engine for vacation rentals by combining state of the art technologies with  creative ideas.

Founding brothers Johannes Siebers and Michael Siebers have the mission to make finding and booking vacation rentals easy.

What's your current view on the market you work in? What makes you feel like your brand stands out? 

“The vacation rental market is gigantic (>$150bn in annual bookings worldwide) and keeps growing. Therefore, it is necessary to always stay alert, follow the trends and keep improving our product every day. Since the founding of Holidu our aim is to create the best selection of vacation rentals, more bookability, better prices, better filters and search options. We already support this with our technology but we strive every day for building superior user experience with our product. Holidu stands out because we are good at analyzing high data volumes extremely well and ensure that our customers can find the best vacation rental for the lowest price.” says Antwort Von Johannes

Why Holidu stands out:

Artificial Intelligence is crucial in tech companies but still many companies struggle to include technologies based on it. For Holidu, artificial intelligence and machine learning are an indispensable part of  day-to-day business. AI is the foundation on which Holidu is built, (they received their Exist scholarship for their image recognition technology based on it). This technology helps us to recognize duplicates of the same holiday home on different websites and it enables us to show the user the best price. The tech craftsmanship is exceptional.

The team consists of more than 170 people coming from more than 30 different nations. Between the headquarter office in Munich and further remote offices in leisure destinations everyone works efficiently together every day. Fun never falls short. Many events are organized next to work and long-lasting friendships are developed. This working atmosphere is cherished  a lot at Holidu. Furthermore, there’s a women's quota of almost 50% at Holidu. In the tech teams, Holidu is above average with about a third of female team members, and they would like to increase that number even more. The company hosts Meetup formats that are particularly popular with female developers.


What's the thing that you appreciate/value/cherish more about what you do as a brand?

We are humbled by the opportunity to make people happy. Going on a holiday and spending quality time with friends or family is something people look probably forward to the whole year. Finding the best accommodation for one's needs, being able to book it easily and not having to worry about anything is truly a relief for travellers. We love what Holidu stands for and what our brand makes possible, because with every booking through our platform we make a family or a group’s vacation easier.

Do you have a special story of something unique you did for a client? Something unusual you did as a team, something memorable you'd like to share?

Holidu is a very diverse team and many of its members are not from Munich or Germany. “This is why we put much effort in our onboarding process where we not only help new joiners learn about Holidu and their role, but also support them to settle in the city and connect with their team members.” Pretty Unusual is also Holidu’s band, which started to play as a surprise at their summer party in 2017  and keeps entertaining the team every year. Other than that, the company organizes fun ski trips in winter, hiking trips in summer and much more!

What's your company culture like? What is that you want to represent? 

Winning as a team; Holidu is a diverse team of tech and business talent, in which strong teamwork culture is fostered and each member takes ownership of their individual contributions. At Holidu, it is a tested and confirmed belief that when proactivity and creativity with trust and freedom are paired, amazing things are accomplished by the team.

Hungry but humble; We set ourselves ambitious goals to provide real value to our customers. We work hard to achieve our aims, while continuously challenging our status quo and constantly seeking to improve our service and ourselves.

Love technology; at Holidu we believe in the power of technology to solve almost any problem. To provide our customers with the best possible user experience, we build our own technology and leverage machine learning.

The focus is on the customer; As passionate travelers ourselves, we want to make a real difference for our customers. We put our customers first in every decision and seek to be genuinely helpful. We listen to customers, partners and colleagues to serve them in a transparent and friendly manner.

What is your team like? How do you work?

It is an International team, everyone loves to travel and is eager to learn and move things forward. Different departments are working collaboratively together and have fun while doing so. Product managers, designers, techies are working together in squads.

Our team of technology enthusiasts, creative experts, and vacation rental specialists from over 30 countries proudly refine Holidu’s global platform, 24/7. The brand is set on perfecting the search process for the ideal vacation rental and making the market truly transparent.


What kind of people are you looking for? Who's the best match for your team?

Hungry and ready individuals who love having an impact from the first day on, motivated to achieve something big with the team. Team success is greater than individual success. We want passionate and collaborative individuals committed to advancing their tech careers alongside the team.

What benefits and perks do you offer your employees? What's the biggest plus of working for you?

We reach and have an impact on millions of people using our product every month, there is a wide platform for our talent to improve in their field. We reach people of all kinds of people and this definitely boosts the culture of our team.

Growth with responsibility from the start of your career and through regular feedback, each individual is responsible for their contributions and the benefits that come along. Our working culture is very dynamic and this helps each member improve their skills and develop a high profile competence.

The robust culture of course survives on healthy members. The offices are stocked for energized and healthy individuals. Stay healthy and energized with free fruit, breakfast and coffee in the office.

We offer wellness and fitness amenities. Get in shape at the premium gym in our office building for a discounted rate.

Language classes for our globally oriented business module. Learn languages with meetings in English and subsidized German classes.

We have a huge network where individuals connect and have fun with diverse yet like-minded people at work and regular events.

Travelling package for team members, 28 vacation days + 13 public holidays in Bavaria.

The work environment is a team of friends plus having the opportunity to  have an impact and bring in your own ideas. An open team, that has fun working together, also spends time together during free time, over 30 countries working here, more than 25 languages spoken

 What are your goals and plans for the future? What's your biggest ambition? 

“We will continue to invest in growing our inventory of attractive accommodations as well as in the further development of our technology platform in order to offer our travelers, partners and home-owners an even better service. Our mission is to finally make the search and booking of vacation homes easy. Our vision is to become the global go-to-platform for vacation rentals, by dramatically improving the user experience and combining all of the world’s instantly bookable vacation homes on our website. Making our travelers, homeowners and partners happy is a daily driver in our work. This way they can save real money and time and spend more time on what really matters: having a nice holiday and being great hosts.” Antwort von Johannes.

Find Holidu on their Website and Twitter and  Facebook for more information and updates. 

See you in Munich!

Contrary to popular belief, a break from work and technology doesn’t put your career on hold. There are no breaks from life everything you consider off the records is just adding up to make you who you are. Look at a break as a way to get a new perspective, and reconnect with yourself with life as it has gone a little stale lately.

Maybe you love your job but are feeling just a little overwhelmed. There are various reasons to take a  break but most importantly, it is easy to lose a sense of self within a social and busy world with adverts telling you what you are missing and work taking up your mind.

In this article, we address the reasons why it is crucial that you take a break from the comfort of the mechanical lifestyle of work and technology and fall back into yourself and enjoy your own company.


When you find yourself seeking deeper and meaningful relationships, it is time to take a break. It may feel as though you are fostering relationships by checking friends and family  social media feeds but you aren’t. If your head is constantly buried in your gadgets, you aren’t deepening relationships with the people that surround you and most importantly, yourself. Put your phone away and go away to a quiet personal space and reconnect with yourself.

If you start questioning your productivity and feel unaccomplished and all ideas questioning your self worth, it is time to step back. Everything is put on hold for a little peek at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. There is nothing wrong with checking your social media unless you are using it as a distraction. It is a vicious cycle where you compare your life to that of others by their posts, then feel bad about your life, then continue to follow this trend to distract yourself from how stale you feel about your life. It is time to get back to reality where you have real goals to achieve.

The stress that comes from the need to have a glamorous life on social media is destructive, you pass through life like a zombie lost in the graphics of a device putting your health and business potential at risk. Take a break to observe your habits and adjust or throw them away completely, you will lose absolutely nothing. Real life is more fulfilling and not addictive because it is all there is.

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to personal breaks is not taking one at all and missing out on the experience of a lifetime.


Change of scenery

Sure, you could decide to take a career break and stay at home, but where’s the fun in that? Breaks are the perfect opportunity to fit a bit of  travel into your life and change up the scene you are used to. You can choose to travel to one country and really immerse yourself or just take a brief trip to a cozy quiet place, it is really up to you. You do not have to step out big and luxurious to enjoy your break, but if you can, go for it! You need just the right place, with the right services and programs to give you a fulfilling break.

At Techmeetups, we understand the trials of the tech industry, from trying to manage a business, to recruiting talent and improving tech products and services. It is a lot of work and takes a toll on entrepreneurs and alienates them from the basic joys of life. That is why we organised two spaces in Sunny beach and Bansko for our community members to facilitate a break from the tech world. Self contained spaces, well furnished to ensure a personal experience and a calm atmosphere.


There is no better place to reunite you with life in Bulgaria, there is every place and activity to engage you in a break of a lifetime. The perfect place to cut your mind some slack and relax in your body. From the expansive beach to the expansive horizon, you are reminded of the vastness of the world and the endless possibilities available in life to enjoy it to the brim.

The endless sandy beaches and nightlife are matched with a water park and amusement park, and by day you’ll also find a range of activities available, like diving and day trips. Sunny Beach is one of Europe’s party capitals where revellers will encounter clubs and bars that are full of party-goers in July and August makes sure you have all they could want for an action-packed holiday, yet within its confines lies a space to tune out the outside world and get cozy with your own company.


Check out these Tech break spaces near Sunny Beach for those days you want to tune out the outside world and relax:

COZY STUDIO, in 8.8 rated complex at Sunny Beach, Bourgas


The studio is air conditioned and fully furnished and you will find a living room with kitchenette, sink, kettle, microwave, toaster and a fridge. There is a sofa bed, stretchable arm chair, a dining table with two chairs, a chest of drawers. A TV with 130 channels and High speed Wifi. Other items include iron, ironing board, hair dryer and a safe. The flat has a balcony with a table and 2 chairs.

The space

Nessebar Fort Club was built in 2007 and every year is proving to be one of the best maintained and well designed gated communities in the area. This is a studio on the first floor. The apartment has 36 square meters of living area, it is oriented to the west and has a view of the garden and the fields. There is a nice balcony with a table and two chairs and a view of the field. The studio can easily accommodate 2 adults +1 kid . The bathroom has a shower cabin and the room has one air conditioner.There are 6 swimming pools and the apartment has sun loungers that can be used at any of the pools. There are also playgrounds, crazy golf, tennis courts, gym & sauna, restaurants, shops and much more. Cleaning and Laundry service is available at a small charge.

Guest access

Entry to the complexYou can collect key and main gate fob at the office. Teodora and other office staff are very helpful and will be informed of your stay before hand. They can also be contacted if something isn’t working in the Apartment. Please enter the complex and take a left. Walking by two pools one to your right to reach building ‘A4’. The apartment is on the 1st Floor. Entrance to your right.Use the keys and turn left (anti clockwise) twice. Its double locked.

For more information visit: Tech a Break

STUDIO near Ski lift with SPA, Bansko


Maria-Antoinette Residence is an ideal place for family holidays, ski holidays or a romantic escape from the busy everyday life. Located next to a river, Bansko’s Maria-Antoaneta Residence is just a 3-minute walk from the local ski lifts and Bansko Mall. The property has a large terraced garden with a seasonal outdoor swimming pool. Views of the river and surrounding mountains can be enjoyed from Maria-Antoaneta’s dining area whilst enjoying breakfast.

The space

The apartment has a balcony with picturesque mountain view. A kitchenette and bathroom with shower cabinet. Guests have the option of free on-site outdoor parking or underground parking with surcharges. Airport transfers and car rental can be arranged upon request.

For more information visit: Tech a Break


Working and social life with all their responsibilities can be stressful, and burnout is a real for people throughout life. So, use this as a chance to grab a fresh perspective! A break in a nice quiet space will refresh you and give you a new perspective on your life and career. Immersing yourself in self reflection and retrospection will help you make appropriate changes.


If you’ve always dreamt of learning Italian in Rome, or Spanish in Argentina, now’s the time!Learning a new language is fun, challenging, and definitely takes you out of your comfort zone. And while you might not get completely fluent during  break, learning some new language skills will impress and can even open up whole new opportunities.


Interacting with other entrepreneurs is a great way to step out of your routine and get involved in someone else’s story. Also easy to do over a short break. This is also one way to make friends.


Pullout your paint, guitar, paper and create something. Engage your inner child or artistic side in creating something. Engage in some board games.


Have that book you have had your eye on? Have a genre that you like but have no time to read? Now is your chance, read for the pleasure of it. It is essential to your mind and intellectual growth.


It is the next healthy thing to hydration. Get in the moment and just breathe. Observe how your thoughts and emotions push you around. Take a good rest and get  energized.

The options are endless with your break and you can your break  to re-evaluate what is most important to you in your personal and professional life, then focus and get excited about new opportunities. You deserve  a break and make the best out of your life. So, take the time to explore your quiet company, de-stress from your regular work and social life, and get a new lease of life. Hopefully, your break has rejuvenated you and you’re ready to take a break from the same old daily routine of your job and technology with new ideas!

Are you looking for a job, your next co-founder or recruiting your tech talent? Tech Events is the place to be for all professional networking. Visit  for more information about the events and how you can get more out of the experience and also get yourself a ticket to an event!

Website: Techmeetups.com  visit and treat yourself to a community of tech business events and support!

TechMeetups.com 8 years. 21 cities. 68 job fairs. 1100+ hiring companies. 60,000+ job seekers. 

Original post by Mark Anthony Dyson via The Voice of Job Seekers

14 Easy Modern Job Search Tips to Use in 2019

As of September, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports unemployment is below four percent. Job market competition is fierce, as people are more confident about their chances of landing new positions under these conditions.

The modern job search is full of twists, turns, and turbulence.

There is no magic pill to guarantee success.

Here are 14 strategies that, I believe, can lead to real results:

1. Transition to New Technology

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are so new that there aren’t many people who can claim years of experience in the field. This opens up a tremendous opportunity for those in search of a career change. Recruiters are very willing to consider newbies who can be trained. As long as you’re open to learning and adept with technology, this could be the career path for you.

Similarly, renewable energy and other green technologies are booming. If cryptocurrency and blockchain don’t seem very attractive, consider this industry instead.

2. Prepare for New Interview Tools

Over the last few years, the interview process has become lengthier and more complicated. Many companies now incorporate behavioral assessments. Video interviews are commonplace. With the arrival of AI, some companies are even implementing facial recognition technology to read candidates’ body language. Don’t get caught off guard by any of those cutting-edge technologies. Prepare yourself ahead of time.

Of course, humans still make the final decisions.

3. Authenticity Doesn’t Mean Compromising Your Privacy

A mistake many people make is oversharing on the internet. It’s often done in the spirit of authenticity and transparency, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your privacy. Sure, it may feel good to help people who face the same medical and financial challenges by sharing your story, but you could also be endangering your future employment opportunities. Seventy percent of employers screen candidates’ social media profiles during the hiring process. Everything you post is open to scrutiny.

Could posting about your mental health struggles or financial woes really lead to a lost job opportunity? Regardless of the ethics or legality, the answer is yes. Just keep that in mind.

4. Keep Your Data Protected

Speaking of privacy: There are predators on job boards and social networks who prey on people who are anxious to find new opportunities. Keep your wits about you, and take some time to shore up you social media privacy settings.

One neat thing I recently learned, courtesy of IT professor Nichelle Manuel, is that you can use your Facebook account settings to make sure no one else is accessing your info:

– On your Facebook page, go to “Settings” and then to “Security and Login”
– Find the section marked “Where You’re Logged In”
– Don’t recognize one of the devices registered? You can revoke its rights with one click.

5. Negotiation Is a Necessity

Most people struggle with negotiating their salaries, asking for a raise, or winning an upgrade to their benefits packages. In this hyper competitive job market, this skill is more necessary than ever.

If you’re not a great negotiator, try taking a class on Skillshare, Udemy, or another online learning platform. You can also do what I did and read Chris Voss’s book, Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as If Your Life Depended on It, which I found immensely helpful.

6. Put the Work Into Maintaining a Quality Network

Quality connections don’t happen by accident. A quality network has depth and produces mutually satisfying benefits for all involved.

Build your network on an exchange of value. Meet and correspond regularly with your contacts. Try to provide just as much value to them as they do to you. When your bonds are strong, people will be more willing to help you find work and vouch for you.

7. Keep Your References Warm

Part of building strong relationships with your network is staying in touch with people who will act as your references. This could be as easy as following their activity on social media, updating them on your career progress, and reaching out to see how you can add value to their own endeavors. If they are not online regularly, you have to meet them where they are.

Whatever you do, don’t wait until it’s reference time to reach out. Keep the relationship warm.


Famous for its art and architecture, Barcelona is the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Catalonia.

Barcelona is one of the world's leading tourist, economic, trade fair and cultural centres, and its influence in commerce and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the world’s major global cities.

In the past couple of years, it has seen an immense coworking growth in its startup scene with amazing events going on every day.

Professionals from all kinds of industries come here to network and meet other like-minded individuals that will help them form strategic partnerships for their businesses and projects. Check out Techmeetups for any tech services and upcoming events in Barcelona.


This is the best place for networking. With a community of 400 people, collaborations and creating partnerships comes so easily. It affords enough space across six floors to ensure that all your professional needs are met. A hot desk goes for 90 Euros a week and 185 Euros a month, they also have a daily package of 20 Euros.

Address: Carrer de Sardenya 229, 4th Barcelona.

Website: https://wearecloudworks.com/es/ubicaciones/sagrada-familia



Espai Born is a multidisciplinary space designed carefully by interior designers creating an atmosphere that inspires creativity and fosters the development of new projects. Diligently crafted since day one, beginning with hours and days of tirelessly scraping out 20 tons of garbage to clear out the space, Espai Born has been nurtured with such love and care that can only be 100% pure passion and devotion. Membership runs for 10 Euros a day and 99 Euros a month for a hot desk. A dedicated desk is 149 Euros a month.

Address: Carrer Vigatans 11, Barcelona

Website: http://www.espaiborn.com



CoworkIdea is a chic and modern coworking space in Barcelona. With its modern and unconventional style, it will definitely appeal to independent professionals, working nomads and remote workers out there. With its pallet desks and chalk wall, this is not exactly your usual office space, it has personality and style. Membership goes for 20 Euros a day and 90 Euros a month for hot desk. A dedicated desk is at 220 Euros a month. A private office for 6 people is at 1200 Euros.

Address: Carrer de Torres i Amat 21,1 Barcelona

Website: https://coworkidea.com



Our mission in Apocapoc is to imagine, create and offer sustainable spaces that inspire its members to live a more eco-conscious and fulfilling life. Our philosophy relies on the vision of free interconnected human beings, in a life long learning process, that reach their maximum potential through the practice of sustainable daily habits. Our spaces aim to create paths that facilitates the hike towards this vision Membership plan; hot desk at 17 Euros a day and 147 Euros a month. A dedicated desk is at 247 Euros a month. A private office for 16 people is at 3477 Euros a month.

Address: 100 Carrer d’Alaba, Barcelona

Website: https://www.apocapocbcn.com/en



Thinking about a change in your day to day work pace? Or perhaps a change of environment in general? Brace yourself for coworking in Blitz! Discover the benefits and joy of coworking in a space amplified with positive energy. There’s much for you to do and see at Blitz Coworking where everyday is a fresh experience. You will have access to a large community of tech talent. Blitz coworking membership plan; hot desk at 200 Euros a month, half a day either morning or afternoon at 90 Euros a month.

Address: Carrer Ca l’Alegre de Dalt, Gracia, Barcelona

Website: https://blitzgracia.com



An original coworking space in a unique place like an old “Vaqueria” in the heart of Poble Sec. At La Vaca we’ve transformed a former dairy shop into the Coworking that it is today. A community of freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads from all over the world. A space that has cafe-chill vibes where you’ll find different spots to work in. A hot desk plan; 15 Euros a day favourable for digital nomads, 65 Euros a week and 150 Euros a month. A dedicated desk is at 190 Euros a month.

Address: 1 Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, Barcelona

Website: https://www.lavacacoworking.com



With more than 400 entrepreneurs, techies, innovators, MOB bailen is one of the three spaces of MOB, a creative hub in the heart of Barcelona, home of the city’s first community of entrepreneurs & creatives. Since the opening of its first space in 2011, MOB has been supporting entrepreneurs by offering them the infrastructures, connections, training, advice and business opportunities that they need to kickstart and grow their business. Membership starts at 15 Euros a day and 65 Euros a month for hot desk, a dedicated desk at 190 Euros a month. A table of 4 people at 695 Euros, an office at 240 Euros a month.

Address: 11 Carrer de Bailen, bajos, Barcelona

Website: https://mob-barcelona.com/coworking/



A flexible home for professionals to get their stuff done, Betahaus is a coworking space for freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and businesses who are over trying to work alone from a home environment or finding a table in the local cafe with iffy Wi-Fi. Coworking memberships are flexible and affordable giving you 24/7 access to keep a smile on the faces of workaholics. Memberships; a hot desk at 179 Euros a month, a fixed desk at 199 Euros a month and an office at 249 Euros a month. They have a daily pass for 9 hours at 15 Euros and a weekly pass for 45 hours at 50 Euros.

Address: 7 Carrer de Vilafranca, Barcelona

Website: https://www.betahaus.es



More than a workspace, Aticco has a community of more than 800 coworkers making this space a center of creation, innovation and productivity. Aticco offers unrivaled service facilities and solutions for freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and companies. You will be able to focus on your business and grow as a professional, whilst the mundane administration of running an office is totally taken care of. Located in a 1000 square meter penthouse overlooking the whole city, Aticco aims to make your life and the running of your business a whole lot easier, so that you can sit back, relax and create. Membership plan; flexible desk at 250 Euros a month, a fixed desk at 349 Euros and a private office at 399 Euros. A day pass at 45 Euros, a weekly pass at 125 Euros.

Address: Ronda sant Pere 52, Atico, Barcelona

Website: https://aticco.com



Sitting proudly on nine full floors of a gleaming glass building at the junction of two of Barcelona’s busiest thoroughfares, WeWork at Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes is a coworking space for winners. This neighborhood is a hub for companies focused on technology and innovation, but our convenient workspace welcomes businesses of all sizes,no matter their pursuit. With onsite parking and a mere three minute stroll to both the 6 and 7 buses and Metro Glòries, your commute is simple. Membership plan; hot desk at 250 Euros a month, fixed desk at 350 Euros per month and private offices at 1000 Euros per month. Wework has other workspaces in Carrer de Pallars , Ciutat de Granada, Diagonal 444 and Passeig de Gracia

Address: Luxa C / Tánger - Badajoz, Barcelona

Website: https://www.wework.com/buildings/glories--barcelona


Whether you are looking for a job, your next co-founder or recruiting your tech talent, the Barcelona Job Fair  is an event to attend on Thursday 17th October 6pm. Visit Techmeetups.com  for more information about the event and how you can get more out of the experience and also get yourself a ticket!

Website: Techmeetups.com  visit and treat yourself to a community of tech business events and support!

TechMeetups.com 8 years. 21 cities. 68 job fairs. 1100+ hiring companies. 60,000+ job seekers. 

In the early stages of a business or a startup, you may not have a tech recruiter on the HR team. Even without technical knowledge it is possible to interview tech candidates. So before you rush out to find a specialist tech recruiter, let’s save you some money and time in this simple and systematic interview workout plan that will ensure a consistent quality of hires. Check out this cool Tech Alphabet for all tech terms you may want to get to know, you don’t need these in the interview, we got you covered below.

Decide what skills you are looking for

Before conducting the interview, decide what the business needs. You come up with a criteria for the interview which eliminates repetition except for the few improvised interactions. Do you need an innovator or tech wizard? Do you someone motivated to solving technical problems or product building? Do you need a particular expert knowledge? All these narrow down your candidate quite easily and prevents unnecessary grilling.

Face up to your lack of knowledge

Nope, do not tell the candidate about this, rather, ask the candidate to talk about what they do as if they are talking to someone without technical knowledge, the ease with which someone handles this reflects so much on their communication skills, patience and other soft skills that make a well rounded candidate.

Find out about their network

Is the candidate on LinkedIn? What other professional networking media are they involved in? A little professional stalking never hurt anybody (or did it?) find out the characteristics of their network, tech people know other tech people and a good network portrays flexibility and experience in the candidate’s career. Connections, recommendations and industry projects.


Passion and interest

Find out about what the candidate does with their skills and knowledge outside of work. A candidate who invests time and energy in improving their skills is one you can trust to roll with the punches in an ever changing industry. This is a candidate who adapts easily to change and is able to learn on the job. What does the candidate see him or herself doing in five years? Is their interest in being top skilled in their field or more money? Find out what drives the candidate in this line of work.


Their worst projects

If someone has spent enough time in the industry there is a high chance they have encountered a troublesome project or dysfunctional team and even failure. Ask the candidate about their worst projects and how they survived them. Resilience and responsibility are indispensable traits.


Give them a challenge

Give constructive challenges, get the candidate to work with another on a short project. This helps you assess all their skills in action from communication to technical skills. Whiteboarding is overrated and actually brings the opposite of the intended goal. It is also used as a means of intimidating and a breeding ground for unhealthy competition and it might scare off good candidates.


Give them a chance to ask you questions

Free up communication lines and be on the receiving end of their questions. You test curiosity, their understanding of the position and what is required of them. Their compatibility with your company’s culture and their expectations.


Whether you are looking for a job, your next co-founder or recruiting your tech talent, Tech Events is the place to be for all professional networking. Visit for more information about the events and how you can get more out of the experience and also get yourself a ticket to an event!

Website: Techmeetups.com  visit and treat yourself to a community of tech business events and support!

TechMeetups.com 8 years. 21 cities. 68 job fairs. 1100+ hiring companies. 60,000+ job seekers. 


PAYBACK is the most successful German bonus program and largest multichannel marketing platform. PAYBACK has offices in Germany, Italy, India, Poland, and Mexico. You have a chance to meet some of the employees in person, as they will be visiting the Munich Tech Job Fair Autumn precisely on the 24th of October, 2019.

Do not waste any more time and get yourself a ticket from here. If you want to know more about PAYBACK, just read on 🙂 We are looking forward to meet you in person!

PayBack Munich Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019

Since 1998, we help companies to understand their customers better. Because only satisfied customers are customers who return. Our headquarter is in Munich, from where we take care and support the success of our partners worldwide. Since 2011 we are part of the American Express Group.

How do we work at PAYBACK?

PayBack Munich Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019

A career with PAYBACK is no ordinary career. It is always a development path.

To us, a career means having the chance to develop your individual skills and abilities. At PAYBACK, it doesn’t matter what level you are at in the company – you will take on challenging tasks from day one, allowing you to develop personally and continually improve your professional skills.

We have adapted certain remuneration and development principles that are:

1) Development: An individual personnel development, which is oriented to the future requirements, ensures the optimal and individual further education. So, you can fully develop your personal potential.

2) Remuneration: We pay performance-related salaries. As an employee, you will receive a fixed and a variable salary component. The variable component is based on your agreed objectives and the extent to which you have achieved them.

3) Assessment: Our assessment process takes into account team and process-oriented collaboration as well as individual employee development.

4) Target agreement: Your personal objectives are agreed in relation to the job-specific and individual requirements of the post.


We also provide support to our employees by providing them with a variety of benefits:

  • Our ESSZIMMER (Cantine for Lunch)
  • Our TURNHALLE (Gym)
  • OUR SPIELZIMMER (Meeting room, Kicker and TV with Xbox & Wii)
  • Employer-Funded Pension
  • Family Service (Kita)
  • Regular and changing Employee Offers

There will be a lot of opportunities for you and you can get in touch with some PAYBACK employees. So you should not miss the chance to meet a part of the PAYBACK Team! See you soon at the Munich Tech Job Fair on the 24th of October.

You can also check PAYBACK on their social media sites, they are available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, XING and LinkedIn.

Original post by Kristina Martic via TalentLyft

This list of 2019 recruiting trends should be your guide for improving your recruiting strategy. 2019 will bring a new set of recruiting trends that will significantly impact your recruiting process. Are you ready to implement these new recruiting trends or will you be left behind?

15 New Recruiting Trends You Should Implement in 2019


Importance of implementing new recruiting trends in 2019

In terms of recruitment trends, 2019 will bring a fresh set of recruiting trends that will significantly impact your recruiting process. Are you ready to implement them or will you be left behind?

We bring you the 15 top recruiting trends for 2019 that you need to start implementing ASAP, otherwise, you will end up being the loser in the war for talent before the year ends!

It’s a candidate driven market out there

The way we recruit has changed. Compared to just a few years ago, candidates now have far more power during the job search.

According to research and every recruiter and HR professional everyday work experience, the current job market is 90% candidate driven. That means you don’t pick talent anymore. Talent picks you.

Consequently, finding and hiring ideal job candidates, especially those with in-demand skills, has become an extremely hard, expensive and time-consuming.

That’s why there is a major shift going on in recruiting paradigm. The focus is now on candidates, who are being treated like customers.

The change of paradigm brings a whole new set of buzzwords and new recruiting trends. We highlighted 15 most important among recent trends in recruiting that will have the greatest overall impact on the recruitment industry in 2019.

Top recruiting trend no. 1: Recruitment Marketing

What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing strategy is based on the implementation of marketing tactics in recruiting. Recruitment marketing is the process of nurturing and attracting talented individuals to your organization using marketing methods and tactics.

The importance of recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing is a discipline that has been introduced as a consequence of the current situation in the labor market. Its main goal is to follow the latest trends in the market and offer solutions to the companies that best overcome these new challenges. Companies that first adopt these new recruiting best practices will be more likely to attract talent. This is why Recruitment Marketing will be at the sole top of the recruitment trends 2019.

The importance of recruitment marketing

Top recruiting trend no. 2: Inbound Recruiting

What is inbound recruiting?

Inbound Recruiting is a recruitment marketing strategy where you proactively and continually attract candidates with the goal to make them choose you as their next employer. Your goal in inbound recruiting is to attract, convert and engage candidates.

The importance of inbound recruiting

Lately, there has been a switch from outbound to inbound recruiting. Simply reaching out to the candidates and offering an open position is not the way to attract talent anymore. If you are looking for a long-term solution to advance your recruiting and hiring strategy, inbound recruiting is the recruitment trend you should adopt.

Top recruiting trend no. 3: Employer Branding

What is employer brand?

Employer brand is the term commonly used to describe an organization's reputation and popularity as an employer, and its employee value proposition, as opposed to its more general corporate brand reputation and value proposition to customers. Employer branding ideas are essential for building a strong and attractive employer brand.

The importance of employer branding

Research by LinkedIn has proven that more than 75% of job seekers research about a company’s reputation and employer brand before applying. Companies with a bad reputation not only struggle to attract candidates, but they also struggle to retain employees. This is why employer branding is one of the top recruitment trends of 2019!

The importance of employer branding

Top recruiting trend no. 4: Candidate experience

What is the candidate experience?

Candidate experience” is current, past and potential future candidates’ overall perception of your company’s recruiting process. It is based on candidates’ feelings, behaviors and attitudes they experience during the whole recruiting process, from sourcing and screening to interviewing, hiring and finally onboarding.

The importance of candidate experience

Why is paying attention to your candidate experience another extremely important recruitment trend you should adopt in 2019?

Because candidates who had a positive candidate experience in your recruiting process will more likely accept your job offer, reapply in future and refer others to your company.

On the flip side, a negative candidate experience can cost you more than a few candidates - it can even lose your company big bucks! The most famous example of this is the case of Virgin Media, a company who calculated that a bad candidate experience costs them a shocking $5.4 million annually!

The importance of candidate experience

Top recruiting trend no. 5: Talent pools

What is a talent pool?

Talent pool refers to a place or database where recruiters and HR Managers keep all of their top job candidates. Talent pools make not only candidates that have applied for jobs, but also sourced, referred candidates, silver medallists and candidates that have willingly joined your pool in an inbound way.

The importance of talent pool

Imagine if every time you had a job opening, you had a pool of talent from which you can just pick the best one! Sounds great, right? This is the reason why many recruiters have already adopted this recruitment trend and started building a high-quality candidate database for current and future needs.

Top recruiting trend no. 6: Candidate Relationship Management

What is candidate relationship management?

Candidate relationship management (CRM) is a method for managing and improving relationships with current and potential future job candidates.

The importance of candidate relationship management?

Having a strong candidate relationship management has quickly become one of the top 2019 recruitment trends. This relatively new method of recruiting was introduced to the world of talent acquisition as a solution to one of the biggest challenges in the HR industry - attracting talent.

Top recruiting trend no. 7: Social Recruiting

What is social recruiting?

Social recruiting is using social media channels for recruiting. The term refers to different ways of using social media networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) and websites (blogs, forums, job boards and websites like Glassdoor for example) to find, attract and hire talent.

The importance of social recruiting

Social recruiting goes beyond posting current vacant jobs ads on your company’s social network accounts. It offers so much more! You can use social media networks to proactively search for potential candidates, build a relationship with them and encourage them to apply for your vacant job positions. Because of all the possibilities it offers, Social recruiting has become one of the top 2019 recruitment trends.

The importance of social recruiting

Top recruiting trend no. 8: Recruitment automation tools

What are recruitment automation tools?

Simply put, recruitment automation tools are software that use new technology to automate recruiting process. Automation of recruiting process has been around for a while, but now it will go beyond HRIS, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Recruitment Marketing Software. The new trend is software that offer 2 in 1 tools - integrate both ATS and Recruitment Marketing solutions under one platform.

The importance of recruitment automation tools

These new all in one tools offer help in finding, attracting, engaging, nurturing and converting candidates into applicants. They also streamline, simplify and automate hiring process, making it faster and more efficient. Those organizations that have up till now been too slow to incorporate automation into their recruitment systems are in danger of losing the best candidates to their more forward-thinking competitors. This is why using recruitment tools is successful recruiters' favorite recruitment trend!


Now you are past introductions and the documents claiming the position for the candidate. What is the next step to determine the character compatibility with the company culture?

The essence of any answer lies in the question asked, to get the right answers, we need to ask the right questions. You need the questions that go beyond the practiced and routine dialogue into fundamental interaction and not interrogation.

Therefore, the standard interview questions aren’t going to get both employer and candidate the full closure for creating a lasting impression on both sides, an impression that results from exploring the decision-making, communication style, professional priorities and personality of a candidate and how this well-rounded information reflects in their career pursuit.

This is a list of the questions that will nail down the right candidate for you beyond a shiny suit and surface polished personality.


1. What interests you most about this position?

This gives you an in-depth understanding of the candidate’s values. This takes them away from what is required of them by the position and focuses on their genuine contribution to the position. Do they enjoy the authority or use the position to promote the culture and values of the company? This question displays the candidate’s skills in going about the duties of the position.

2. What were the best and worst aspects of each job on your resume? 

This gives the candidate an opportunity to recount the moments in their past work experience that stayed with them. A glimpse in how they handle the worst aspects, what they consider as worst aspects and what they learned from the experience. The best aspects also shine a light on the character of the candidate, how they handled or felt about them, is there recognition of team work?

3. What does your bestfriend do for a living?

The relationships with the people closest to us are a good indicator of the kind of relationships we have with the broader audience. The depth with which a candidate responds to this question shows their inquisitive and curious nature towards the people they engage with. If someone does not talk in precise detail about their closest relationship, there is a high chance they will not connect with or engage the clients. This is a red flag especially for team work.

4. Which friends do you like the least and why?

This a reflective question. Most likely, what the candidate doesn’t like in a friend, he or she will not engage in or do. This shows the values of the candidate and level of maturity in still being friends with those whose values contradict theirs. It is a trait of great value in dealing with people of all backgrounds.


5. What was the worst project you worked on and why?

The projects that did not go as planned show a great deal of resilience or lack thereof. Does the candidate have a sense of responsibility? What did they do to ensure that the problem did not return. Have they taken on a project that seemed like a lost cause? What did they get out of the experience? This shows a person who takes initiative and creates their own path through grit compared to following the already made job path. You want people obsessed with achieving results no matter the business atmosphere.


6. What business problems do you enjoy solving?

This is a question that defines the most productive people in any aspect of life. Life is full of problems and the best way the majority go about those problems is by diving into distractions, it is not any one’s fault we naturally have an aversion toward discomfort and pain. The kind of  pain someone is willing to bear says a lot about what they value and what motivates them. You can find out what they define as a problem. This is the candidate’s prime strength and you can deduce how it fits in with your company and industry at large.

7. What results have you produced that you are most proud of?

The catch here is their self-awareness, do they take credit where it is due and most importantly why is the candidate proud of the results. Was it for the expression of their skills? Are they proud because of the recognition? Team work? The lessons they learned or the means they took to achieve the results. The sense of pride is rooted in the values of the candidate. The number of results is also a sign of expertise and building of character over time and discipline in business.

8. What is your best book to read and what is your opinion on the state of the industry?

The candidate’s sense of self identity in the industry or company of interest is important because it shows the candidate knows where and why he or she belongs and knows what he or she has to offer. Is their opinion appreciative or depreciative? The kind of books the candidate refers to show a coherence in their character, either showing their values, interests or aspirations. This kind of an ambiguous question and a candidate may stumble to answer or ask for clarity, each reaction speaks volumes about the confidence and self awareness of a candidate and how they respond to ambiguity.


9. Does the candidate have questions for you?

This shows a candidate’s focus and state of mind in the interaction. It will show the person’s reaction to unforeseen events and preparedness to handle them. Can they think on their feet? Initiative in responding to this question signifies the interest of a candidate beyond the individual role into their connection with the whole enterprise. This also shows the creativity of the candidate and how they work under pressure.

10. Why are you looking for a new job?

This is a track of the candidate’s former employment and career trajectory. Why did they leave the former employer? This gives you an opportunity to discover the drive behind the candidate’s career choice, how he or she views themselves, their former employment relationships and why they are at this point in their career. The sense of responsibility for the candidate’s career path and choices is also challenged too.


Whether you are looking for a job, your next co-founder or recruiting your tech talent, Tech Events is the place to be for all professional networking. Visit for more information about the events and how you can get more out of the experience and also get yourself a ticket to an event!

Website: Techmeetups.com  visit and treat yourself to a community of tech business events and support!

The financial heart of Switzerland, one of the most innovative countries on the globe, Zurich is home to ETH, Google’s engineering campus and the European branch of IBM, along with the world’s largest financial firms. With a track record of security and stability, Switzerland has a lot to offer right from advanced infrastructure, quality of life to a diversified culture.

Zurich hosts a lively tech and startup scene with a variety of events and initiatives. If you are looking to settle or join the startup world in the heart of Europe, here are the 8 best coworking spaces in Zurich.



This startup incubator and entrepreneurial hub opened its doors in 2017, offering an acceleration program for startups as well as tailor-made programs for corporations. With three locations for its offices, the members have 24/7 access to high speed internet, a private cupboard, meeting rooms, printers, a fixed desk and the community. The three locations are; Sihlquai at 550 CHF per month, Hafnerei where the price depends on the dimension of space and Walchestrasse at 650 CHF per month.

Website: https://bluelion.ch



This Startup incubator is all about community. When you join Impact Hub, you get access to a global community of more than 11,000 members and more than 550 in Zurich alone. You meet these people at members events and Impact Hub’s virtual cooperation platform. Impact Hub has various locations in Kreis 5 and the newly opened colab in Sihlquai. Membership starts at 45 CHF per Month and you can book as many days as you want with the 25 CHF a day subscription.

Website: https://zurich.impacthub.ch



Located in Hardturmstrasse 161 Zurich, it is a diversified space with startups, freelancers and innovative teams coming together. The variety of community events are an opportunity for networking for the members. The flexible membership plans cover the individual requirements of the member. Hot desk ranges from 38 CHF a day, 190 CHF a week to 580 CHF a month. A dedicated desk is 580 CHF per month. A private office for 4 people is at 2700 CHF and for 6 people is at 3700 CHF.

Website: https://www.westhive.com/en/



Located in Baslerstrasse, the Office Lab’s creative and funky design exhibits an inspiring vibe for anyone who walks through its doors. Their membership and workspace subscription plans are flexible to meet individual requirements. Hot desk is at 48.50 CHF a day and 537 CHF a month and a dedicated desk goes for 753 CHF per month.

Website: https://www.officelab.ch



Located in Heinrichstrasse,this entrepreneurial incubator offers 2 floors of creative co-working space, with fully equipped 5 meeting room and event space, as well as full amenities. Hot desk subscription is 350 CHF per month, dedicated desk is at 450 CHF per month.

Website: https://citizen-space.ch/en/



Located in Bahnhofstrasse, Trust Square is Switzerland's biggest co-working space (3.500m2).In the heart of Switzerland’s commercial centre, Trust Square offers a space for your ideas to flourish. We bring together entrepreneurs, businesses, investors as well as academics and researchers in an open and diverse environment. A hot desk is at 400 CHF per month, a dedicated desk at 650 CHF per month and 500 CHF per month for an annual subscription. A private office for 2 people is at 1300 CHF per month, 5 people at 3250 CHF a month.

Website: https://www.trustsquare.ch/en



Located in Brandschenkestrasse, the women-only co-working space offers two levels of beautifully designed collaboration space, dominantly pink, with modern interior design and a lot of light. Membership plans and subscriptions range from Hot desk at 35 CHF per day and 375 CHF per month.

Website: https://birdhaus.ch



Located in Reinhardtstrasse, probably the most unique coworking space in Zürich. Custom design furniture out of oak wood and raw steel on parquet makes it the perfect working atmosphere while still feeling cozy. With coworkers from every sector there are always relationships or synergies to be made. A hot desk is at 35 CHF per day, 150 CHF per week and 525 CHF per month. A dedicated desk is at 525 CHF per month and a private office for 2 is at 1200 CHF per month.

Website: https://coworking-seefeld.ch


Whether you are looking for a job, your next co-founder or recruiting your tech talent, the Tech Job Fair is the place to be on Wednesday 9th October 2019 19:00 VOLKSHAUS ZÜRICH . Visit  Zurich Tech Job Fair  for more information about the event and how you can get more out of the experience and also get yourself a ticket to the event!

Website: Techmeetups.com  visit and treat yourself to a community of tech business events and support.

Original post by Dandan Zhu via BusinessInsider

As a headhunter since 2011 and now as owner of my own recruitment firm, DG Recruit, I have had the pleasure of placing hundreds of professionals in roles ranging from senior to executive positions nationally.

Here are a few things recruiters and hiring managers know that job seekers don't.

1. All basic qualifications having been met, likability trumps all

5 Things Hiring Managers Know that Job Seekers Don’t

What this means is that the B and C students have just as good a chance at making it in life than A+ students - and it's not the most talented and technically-savvy engineer who eventually becomes the CTO; in fact, it's usually the most politically admired and personally connected candidate that wins and progresses into the C-suite.

Of course, basic qualifications are important to even be considered a feasible candidate, but success is usually dictated more by one's ability to influence, actively listen, and respond appropriately, their level of social etiquette, and their general level of acceptedness by their peers and superiors.

In order to be more likable, read the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. In sales roles like mine, and certainly for any enterprising professional who wants to progress into senior leadership roles, learn how to ask open questions sincerely to drive conversations with anyone. Be genuinely vested in others' lives, sufferings, wins, and emotional state. By empathizing, remembering personal details, and creating conversation consistently, you'll win over the hearts of anyone you endeavor to build a relationship with.

2. HR people actually are not that important in the hiring hierarchy

5 Things Hiring Managers Know that Job Seekers Don’t

As a headhunter, surprisingly, the HR person is the last person on my list of any importance. As a job-seeker, you should understand that the person who really controls the chessboard is the hiring manager or department head - the actual person in charge of the future hire.

The hiring manager dictates everything! Who to interview, what price to pay them, who to hire, and which headhunters to utilize. As long as the real boss, the hiring manager, likes you, you're about 90 percent of the way to an offer letter.

No matter what role you're in, you can find hiring managers on LinkedIn by experimenting with the search fields. You can type the company name in the filter and then type in "manager" or "director" of a certain role, like "java development." If that doesn't turn up anything, then delete the keyword. You can narrow the list by geographic range; similarly, you can find more relevant contacts by looking at the right-hand column called "People also viewed" and opening a new tab in your browser.

Important tips:

  • Keep track of your activities on every contact through an Excel sheet where you design the columns to display Company name, First Name, Last Name, Role/Title, and Your Actions to take notes of what you've done.
  • Be careful. If you directly reach out to hiring managers, you risk being caught looking, since your manager may also know whom you're soliciting. They may have backdoor conversations about you - and if you directly reach out to firms, headhunters will be unable to represent you to those companies for a period of a year.
  • That's why you're best off contacting recruiters first by utilizing LinkedIn, job boards, and referral sources to find the best recruiters in your space. Once you fully map out which recruiters represent which firms and what the word on the street is, then you know which companies you should utilize recruiters for, and which firms you can get after yourself.

3. You can negotiate and leverage other offers to great effect

5 Things Hiring Managers Know that Job Seekers Don’t

Many candidates are so afraid of upsetting prospective employers that they feel bad for disclosing where else they're interviewing at or how much money they actually want. For many people in high-demand labor markets where the supply of jobs outstrip candidates available, the candidate actually holds a LOT more power than employers do.

Candidates should definitely negotiate and be transparent about exactly which other offers they're juggling and when deadlines approach. If handled appropriately, this will increase employers' desire for you, not penalize you for "looking greedy" or "not interested." It's simply reflective of the competitive labor landscape in which firms must fight for top talent.

In today's world, it's all about the etiquette and manner in which you communicate. If you present an articulate, fact-of-the-matter case as to why your demands are as such, people respect you rather than dislike you. After all, it's a given right for a worker to demand their just wages.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and social recruiting platform with more than 610 million users in more than 200 countries worldwide. If you are not signed up with LinkedIn, you probably should and while doing that, check out the list of top social recruiting platforms that are a sure way to add supplement value to your professional network.


Hiree has smart-matching algorithm that identifies and matches relevant skills  of the candidate as per the company requirements in the most efficient manner. The Hiree mobile application enables recruiters to connect with candidates via calls, WhatsApp, SMS, eMail and schedule meetings on the move.

Website: http://www.hireejobs.com


MrWork believes in the power of social media to connect talent to employers . This platform ensures you meet the right people, and the emphasis is on activating a social employer brand that directly connects to the talent needed through social media. Due to the diversity of the social media industry, MrWork enables you rise above the noise and find your career match.

Website: https://www.mrwork.co.uk/



This is a professional network similar to LinkedIn. After signing up, you join groups of like-minded professionals to network and share ideas. Top news in your industry, relevant seminars, conferences and trade shows are available for you. You can post jobs, search for jobs and research companies. Xing is prominent in Europe.

Website: https://www.xing.com/en



Bark is designed to connect local professionals with people who are seeking their services. Bark reaches out to professionals around you and circles back with estimates. You can set up your profile and be paired with prospects seeking the services you offer.

Website: https://bark.co/jobs



Jobcase has been powering over 100 popular job sites since 2009. This makes Jobcase a gold mine of data on open roles and the companies that are currently hiring for roles you might be interested in. Jobcase boasts over 80 million users and there are many discussions to join in on.

Website: https://www.jobcase.com



Sumry makes first impressions easier. It allows you to integrate your certifications, skills and work experience plus testimonials. It gives users a chance to introduce themselves before submitting an application. Sumry makes it easy to submit applications with one click with a link to your profile and PDF of your resume.

Website: https://sumry.me



This is a community focused solely on startups. Gust is a global SaaS funding platform, for the sourcing and management of early-stage investments for startups. It enables entrepreneurs collaborate with investors and investor networks.

Website: https://gust.com



This networking site prides itself on “Professional matchmaking”. Users can be notified each time someone in their target market indicates that they need what the user offers. Likewise, users are notified of relevant employment opportunities. It is awesomely easy to meet fellow professionals based on the preferences the user selects.

Website: https://www.myopportunity.com



Placed focuses on the hospitality sector and short-term hiring. Candidates can apply for roles and employers can access and filter candidates to initiate contact , ask questions and organize interviews within the platform itself. The site uses proprietary algorithm to make it easier for candidates and businesses to find the best match.

Website: http://placed-app.com/


10. SYFT

This is a technology platform focused on temporary staff. Instead of using a specialised agency, employers can search for qualified staff on the platform and pay Syft a 15% fee, on top of the worker’s wages which start at 8.50 Euros. Employees can browse and apply for shifts at a variety of companies.



Whether you are looking for a job, your next co-founder or recruiting your tech talent, Tech Events is the place to be for all professional networking. Visit for more information about the events and how you can get more out of the experience and also get yourself a ticket to an event!

Website: Techmeetups.com  visit and treat yourself to a community of tech business events and support!


Since the rise of the StartUp sector, coworking spaces have been a development next in sequence to accommodate the growing number of entrepreneurs and flexible employees.

As an owner of a StartUp, finding an affordable work space outside of your home can be a challenge. The need for a more professional environment to meet sponsors and prospect investors, separate your home and work life and cut the expenses of commuting to and from the city.

Coworking spaces are a centralising business force, and a breeding place for StartUps while they form their own business culture and save for a dedicated traditional office space.

Many entrepreneurs storm London in search of a place to uncover their ideas and this guide picks out the best coworking spaces from tech hubs to business clubs.


It is a growing business with locations in Moorgate, Shoreditch and Featherstone with upcoming venues in Bristol and London Bridge. There are a variety of membership plans including Hot desk {199 Euros + VAT per month} and dedicated seating {399 Euros + VAT per month}. Monthly fees for private offices range from 500 Euros+VAT per person and scaleup spaces begin at 400 Euros+VAT per person each month.  All memberships include free access to meeting rooms, high speed internet, breakout spaces and community events. Other amenities include printing services, onsite staffing, showers, lockers.

Website: https://runwayea.st/



Leading coworking space situated just minutes from Bethnal Green tube and Cambridge Heath station. Also a walking distance from Broadway Market, Spitalfields Market and Liverpool Street tube. Open 24/7, desks are priced from 125 Euros per month which includes high speed internet, bills, coffee and tea.

Website:    http://winkleystudios.com



With plenty of events all year round, Techhub hosts guest speakers from Google and evenings for finding interns.  Group and team membership starts from 1,800 Euros+VAT per month, individuals can opt for part-time subscription for 600 Euros+VAT annually and a resident room for 360 Euros+VAT monthly. Membership perks include marketing support, mentorship, entrepreneurial programs and events. Their online member network allows people to crowdsource knowledge from engineers, commercial specialists and founders. Located in Main London and Moorgate.

Website: https://www.techhub.com



Before committing to a payment plan, you can try out the one-day trial option. A 20 hours per week hot desk costs 150 Euros monthly. For a permanent or shared desk, you get access to meeting rooms, discounts for events spaces and well-being classes. Amenities include a media lab where members access software. Located in Newington Green and Hackney.

Website: https://www.thegreenhouselondon.com



Memberships range from 175 Euros+VAT per month to studios for growing teams at 550 Euros+VAT per month. There are resident members who receive dedicated desks. The space has a broad network of contacts from tech and media industries. Located in West London, Shoreditch and Clerkenwell.

Website: https://www.huckletree.com



The organization describes itself as part innovation lab, part business incubator and part community centre. There are three impact hubs in London, at Islington, King’s Cross and Brixton. Prices vary by location. At King’s Cross, monthly membership prices start at 15 Euros for Hub connect, 90 Euros for Hub 30, 140 Euros per month for Hub 50, 260 Euros per month for Hub 100 and 460 Euros for Hub unlimited. Amenities include a registered post box.

Website: https://impacthub.net



Day passes start at 20 Euros+ VAT. Monthly fees are 249 Euros+VAT  for hot desks, 350 Euros+VAT for dedicated spaces and 399 Euros+VAT for private offices. Amenities include access to all locations, sports classes and conference rooms.

Uncommon is located in Highbury and Islington, Borough, Fulham, Midtown and Liverpool street.

Website: https://uncommon.co.uk



Amsterdam born, Spaces opened its first London location on Oxford street and has since opened a 23,000sq.ft. on Park Royal Business Park in Northwest London. Has over 420 members and 75 available coworking seats. Prices start from 345 Euros a month, private office starts at 600 Euros per desk which include IT and telephone access. Meeting rooms can be booked at 60 Euros per hour.

Website: https://www.spacesworks.com



Wework has 24 offices in London, including Tower Bridge and Monument. Wework has large private spaces for companies like starbucks, and amenities include using the WEWORK App. A standard private office starts at 460 Euros a month, a dedicated desk costs 285 Euros a month and a hot desk costs 200 Euros per month. There is an on-demand plan that starts at 34 Euros a month for  one-day’s use.

Website: https://www.wework.com



The Ministry is a unique blend of private members club and a coworking space. It is equipped with an immersive technology studio and large meeting rooms. Membership starts at 60 Euros per month with a 90 Euro registration fee. You can choose from a club membership, private office, open office and fixed desks. Located in Borough, 79-81 Borough street.

Website: https://theministry.com


Whether you are looking for a job, your next co-founder or recruiting your tech talent, the Tech Job Fair is the place to be on 26th September 18:00 London. Visit  Tech Job Fair for more information about the event and how you can get more out of the experience and also get yourself a ticket to the event!

Website: Techmeetups.com  visit and treat yourself to a community of tech business events and support.

Agile Tour London: Your Day of Agile ‘Ah-Ha!’

In its seventh year, Agile Tour London is one day dedicated to all things agile — where new concepts and old themes just start to click. The next conference will be in Canary Wharf on Friday, 18 October, 2019.

Who attends Agile Tour London?

Agile Tour London is a generalist conference that welcomes a mix of newbies and old-hat agilists, folks coming from all verticals (a lot of software, of course) and horizontals including coaching, management and human resources. We even have whole teams and people from different departments across companies, who spread out for learning and then come together to share ideas. The people — attendees, volunteers, speakers and facilitators — are certainly what make #ATLDN awesome.

Agile Tour London: Your Day of Agile ‘Ah-Ha!’

After continually hearing feedback that one of the best things of this annual conference is the caliber of conversation between sessions, this year we added an extra track focussing only on networking. This ranges from “Ask me about...” stickers for conversation starters, speed networking, and activities that get everyone moving around and interacting. Plus, when you buy a ticket, you are invited to our exclusive online Slack community to network before and after.

What will I learn at Agile Tour London?

This year, #ATLDN has six tracks — four of talks, one for networking, and one for workshops. Each year we have a mix of guest speakers and those that replied to the call for speakers. From this select group of engaging speakers and facilitators, we have discovered the following emergent themes for 2019:

Evolving Agile Leadership — More than a whole track dedicated to this theme, it looks at how agile changes leadership and you. We’re looking to answer these and more:

  • How do you improve communication with (usually not-very-agile) executives?
  • How can you act as a servant leader and also enjoy your job?
  • How do you organise roadmaps and agile portfolios?
  • How do we move the business needle without risking overwork and worse output?
  • How do you embrace self-organisation and self-management? Trust?

Scaling Agile — There’s no doubt that scaling changes everything. You can maintain a lovely agile mindset within a happy Scrum team bubble. But what happens when suddenly a whole organisation goes agile? Agile By Name is going on its 20th year. That means that it’s going from a radical idea to an industry-accepted best practice. That brings with it a whole new set of questions:

  • How does management scale alongside agile?
  • How can culture scale?
  • How do you measure cross-organisational success?
  • How do you plan at all levels without risking a reversion to Waterfall?
  • SAFe: Is the Scaled Agile Framework a win or a big loss?

Agile People — We all know agile is supposed to be about teams before tech, but how often is it? As agile scales, we need to better look at not only how we interact within our teams but across organisations. After all we know happier employees are more productive. The following ATLDN themes will hopefully help us get there:

  • Organisational Psychology and how it drives changing people, organisations and cultures
  • Workshop: How to create happy, productive workplaces
  • Workshop: Liberating Structures interaction patterns
  • An Agile HR transformation
  • Agile Hiring
  • Developing an agile culture

Discovering Customer Value — And finally, organisations adopt agile because they want to move the needle and they believe it will help them respond to customer needs faster. That makes this emergent theme a perennial one, but how that value is delivered is certainly evolving. At this year’s #ATLDN those hot agile delivery trends include:

  • Wardley Maps — We’ve one workshop and one talk on this hot way to visualise value delivery
  • User Stories — No great agile conference would be complete without this simple storytelling technique to clarify customer value — we have two!
  • Roadmaps — Focussing on the “Why of Movement”, this talk gives strategies so teams have context and can align more easily to a shared understanding of strategic intent and tactical moves

How do you join Agile Tour London 2019?

Agile Tour London: Your Day of Agile Ah-Ha!

It wouldn’t be the same without you! We hope to see you there on Friday 18 October, 2019 in the Canary Wharf financial district. Get your tickets here before they sell out: http://bit.ly/AgileTourLND

Get an extra 10% off with discount code: TM_10

You can follow them on Twitter @AgileTourLondon, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, all with hashtag #ATLDN.

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Lennon Wright is the premier Tech Talent Recruiter in Germany, whose candidate-centred focus has been changing the lives of Technology professionals for the better since 2015. We are honoured to and are happy to announce that Lennon Wright is going to be part of our two main Job Fairs in Germany -  the Berlin Tech Job Fair 2019 and the Munich Tech Job Fair 2019. Help yourself to a ticket, you don’t want to miss out on this career-changing opportunity. You can grab your tickets here!

Lennon Wright’s team of Talent Experts will be at both events to share their hottest jobs across Germany. The future of Technology job-searching belongs to the candidate and Lennon Wright wants to help you find your dream job.

Find out more about Lennon Wright in the brief overview below.

Lennon Wright Munich Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019

What is the foundation of Lennon Wright and the passion behind it?

Lennon Wright’s EU operation was founded by Tech and Germany enthusiast John Lennon. John’s goal is to give control back to the candidate when searching for a job. Many candidates feel isolated or let down by the current state of recruitment - no feedback, slow feedback or just treated poorly by both clients and recruiters. John wants Lennon Wright to support Tech Talent from the dev room to the interview room! Chances are that you are passionate about technology and would rather do what you love for the rest of your life within a company and environment that you cherish and cherishes you!. John has lived in both Munich and Vienna and is a passionate fan of Chelsea FC. John loves helping Tech talent to find their perfect job and change their lives for the better.

Lennon Wright Berlin Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019

What inspired the creation of your company?

John previously worked for the “typical recruitment company” where he learnt how NOT to work with candidates. His vision was to create an honest, ethical, transparent and above all, candidate-focused company that gave power back to the candidate. By focusing on delivering an excellent service to candidates and working with them to develop their career, Lennon Wright has established an outstanding reputation across Europe and the USA.

What makes Lennon Wright stand out in the Tech industry?

The Technology sector in Germany is booming! With exciting developments in AI, Data and Development, there has never been a better time to work in Technology! We have a knack for staying ahead of the industry and are well-known to be leaders in the industry. In Germany, there are more jobs available than EVER and it has never been easier to find your dream job. Lennon Wright’s brand stands for honesty, excellent service and a candidate-centred approach – this helps us to stand out as a partner of choice to candidates looking to improve their career. What Lennon Wright stands for is reflected in the hundreds of happy candidates they have helped to find jobs in Germany.

What is the most valuable aspect of Lennon Wright?

We love that we push people to grow. We work in a people business and we love the challenges and rewards that come with that. There is no better feeling than helping somebody to find their dream job! We make a difference and we are proud to say that over 850 people have found their dream job via Lennon Wright since 2015!

What is the culture of your company?

We are proud of our company culture. Our Values of Fun, Success, Respect and Transparency guide EVERYTHING we do. Our team genuinely enjoys what they do and they are successful whilst doing it – win-win! We want to represent the best quality service and the best jobs for candidates looking for work in Technology. All great talent deserves a chance to impact the world with technological solutions and we have fun making this a reality.

When Lennon Wright first started in 2015 we were working with a candidate who had not worked in 9 months. He was a great developer but had had some bad luck. We found him a job outside London which was perfect for him but the transport links were not great. So we bought him a car! So he could get to work. He is still working for the client and has never looked back. Incentives are a great tool to lift candidates to their best abilities. Our international team is more like a family. Our team works collaboratively to achieve common professional and personal goals. We work hard to ensure that our team is happy, motivated and rewarded – this means that they provide excellent service to any candidates they work with. A professional harmony where everyone passionate about technology and Tech Talent and feels immediately at ease and assured.

Lennon Wright

What are the team strategy and the benefits of working for you?

We are looking for Tech Talent who are looking for work anywhere in Germany. The best match for us are people who are motivated and committed to improving their careers. There is no reason for pursuing what we are not committed to and passionate about. The work effort is reflected in going up the job rank, it is advisable you are honest to yourself about what you want.  It is not that we sell you any ideas but that you want to be the best Tech at what you do because of the opportunities we avail to you. Resources to get you to your workplace milestone. If this is your goal, we can help you! The biggest plus of working for us is that we offer our team freedom and the genuine chance to achieve whatever goals they have. We work with them to help them achieve professional and personal excellence. The sense of freedom is a big revealer of potential and self-confidence, we work with the candidate to reflect back to him his inner business goals and bring them to a place of business self-control and drive.

What are your plans for the future?

Our 2020 vision is to be the #1 TechTalent brand in Germany. We want to grow our offices in Munich, London and Richmond, VA as well as opening further offices – our next office in Berlin is opening in January. The possibilities in the Tech world are endless and so is the talent. We aim to be the leading Tech Talent champions for the Tech World.

Some of Lennon Wright’s exciting plans for candidates include:

  • Rolling out a Career Consultancy service to candidates across the World!
  • Regular networking events in Munich and Berlin to our Freelance and Permanent Talent Communities
  • Regular giveaways, incentives and bonuses to our Network
  • CV and Interview workshops in cities across Germany.

Find Lennon Wright on their website  and Twitter and Facebook, for more information and updates.

See you in Germany!

talent.io has a great service for tech professionals and companies to benefit from. The online platform provides the easiest way for companies to build a great tech team and for tech professionals to find their next job!

We are honoured to announce that they will visit the Berlin tech Job Fair taking place on 7th November 2019, Munich tech Job Fair taking place on 24th October 2019 and Amsterdam Tech Job Fair Autumn taking place on 20th November 2019 respectively.

It is an incredible time for you to advantage from their visit as they would love to help you with their experience. Please make sure to show your presence and see what they have to offer!

Until then, we are sharing the great success story from Riqwan about how talent.io has changed his life and how talent.io helps tech professionals like Riqwan to land their dream jobs.

Here is what Riqwan shared with us regarding how you can make talent.io work for you!

Could you tell us a bit about your background? How did you first find out about talent.io, what were you expecting?

I came across talent.io as a listing when I ran a Google search on companies to work for in Berlin. At first, I didn’t think much about it since I didn’t see many resources online about the company. I was initially skeptical about the platform’s ability to provide me with any additional value — until I received an email from my TA Katerina about making my application stronger. At that point, I started to think that this is a company committed to doing its work efficiently.

What was your experience like after initial sign up?

It was a pretty smooth process. I scheduled an interview with Kate the day after I signed up. Once we smoothed out the application together, we published my profile.

I received my first offer for an interview within a week. Within a month, I received a final job offer from Helpling!

How did this compare with your experience applying for jobs outside of talent.io?

The platform is really simple to use. I found the focus of the application on-point from a jobseeker perspective. I received regular emails whenever a communication or offer was posted, and the messaging feature was really helpful. It would however be interesting to be able to find out how many companies discounted me and why.

You had several interviews offers — did they all seem relevant, in terms of position and salary?

Yes, I received 3 invitations to interview for 3 separate companies in Berlin. Unfortunately, with the first company it didn’t work out due to some time constraints and with the second we dropped communication, but the third company I fell in love with and accepted their offer!

The products of the companies were all very relevant to my interests and the expectations in terms of salary entirely in line.

So, how’s your new job?

It’s great! The team is lovely and the office too — and the product is challenging enough to keep me excited.

Did you try many other solutions to find a job?

Only LinkedIn and AngelList. I’ve received a few offers from the Netherlands and for London, but Helpling was a company that attracted me hugely during the interview process.

What’s your single favorite point of talent.io?

Kate is great! Having an amazing Talent Advocate makes all the difference.

It is never too late for you to be the next successful individual and to share your story! Take the step: be a part of the Tech Job Fair and meet team talent.io in person.

You can sign up to talent.io online, or follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

talent.io provides a great free resource for all tech professionals who are looking for a new job in the tech industry. They will be coming to our Munich Tech Fair held on Thursday 24th of October, 2019! It is a great chance to meet experts from talent.io who can help you develop the next step in your tech career.

Grab your tickets here for the opportunity to connect face-to-face with this great venture!

To satisfy further queries about talent.io, we have shared some information with you:

One of the biggest challenges that tech companies face is hiring great candidates.

Between finding candidates who are actively looking for their next job to making sure they fit in with the company culture, it can take several months to recruit a tech candidate.

talent.io is changing that by flipping the recruitment process on its head.

What is talent.io?

talent.io is a selective, reverse recruitment platform designed to be the easiest way to find an excellent technical team.

Each Monday, talent.io hosts job-seeking tech professionals on their platform, making them visible to top tech startups which are hiring in their desired locations.

talent.io vs. Traditional Recruitment

Traditionally it is down to the job applicant to find and approach desirable companies, and this has to be done one-by-one.
More recently LinkedIn has become a popular platform for companies to approach tech professionals, however the lack of any oversight, guidance or controls on LinkedIn often results in high-demand professionals such as developers being swamped with approaches of job offers, often irrelevant and regardless of whether or not they are ready to move on.

talent.io ensures that job candidates hosted on the platform only become approachable by the verified companies at the point that they are ready to change jobs, and for the roles and technologies that they’re desire to work in.

On talent.io, transparency is key. There are no middle-men, every candidate and company have direct contact over the platform. Clients do not rely on a consultant, thus giving full transparency and control to the user base.

talent.io strives to create the simplest process from contact to hire through custom technology and streamlined processes.

The Selection Process: How talent.io Determines which Candidates and Companies to Accept?

After signing up, every candidate is assigned a specific Talent Advocate prior to their acceptance onto the platform, while every company is assigned a Client Executive who assesses the type of profiles the company needs to build out their technical team.

For candidates, this means accepting highly-qualified profiles who are actively looking for their next job.

For companies, this means meeting specific criteria such as paying market salaries, having an internal tech team, and receiving seed funding or currently generating revenue.

talent.io Munich Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019 2

Munich’s Stack and Salary Status

talent.io research shows Java, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Python as currently the most sought-after programming languages among hiring Munich startups.

With high living costs for Germany, Munich salaries are correspondingly high. According to PayScale, these are the typical salary ranges for software developers by seniority across all technologies:

  •  Entry Level: Average €48k, with the top and bottom 10% earning up to c.€61k and from €35k respectively
  •  Mid-Level: Average €54k, with the top and bottom 10% earning up to c.€64k and from €39k respectively
  •  Senior: Average €59k, with the top and bottom 10% earning up to c.€77k and from €42k respectively

The platform is host to tech professionals with expertise in all of these technologies among many others, alongside Data, Product, and Design specialists. Working with professionals at every stage of their career, talent.io connects tech teams with anyone from their next junior developer to their CTO.


Attend our Tech Job Fair on the 24th of October 2019 meet the talent.io team in person!

You can sign up to talent.io online, or follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

finleap Berlin Tech Job Fair 2019

finleap is known as the biggest financial technology (fintech) ecosystem in Europe, which is determined to reshape the future of finance. Over the span of five years, finleap has effectively created  16 fintech companies. We are happy to announce that finleap will be a part of our Berlin Tech Job Fair 2019. Make sure to hurry and grab yourself a ticket here, you don’t want to miss out on this big opportunity!

Want to find out more about the company? Here’s a brief overview.

What does finleap do?

finleap Berlin Tech Job Fair 2019 2

finleap builds fintech companies independently and partners with category leaders of different industries. They leverage existing solutions and jointly develop fintech champions at unmatched execution speed. With over 900 finance and tech enthusiasts from 60 nationalities working at finleap and Europe’s largest fintech hub, their mission is to reshape the future of finance. Together.

What kind of people does finleap look for?

finleap Berlin Tech Job Fair 2019 3

finleap, strives for the highest performing teams where collaboration, individual contributions and excellent results are rewarded. They continuously evaluate their compensation and benefit system to develop fair and attractive conditions for everyone. With permanent curiosity and valuable feedback from  colleagues, finleap employees have the chance to learn every day and explore innovative topics.

What benefits and perks does finleap  offer their employees?

finleap  provides overall guidance and creates impact through a shared vision and a common set of values inside their ecosystem.

In addition, the company offers a wide range of benefits to its employees that include:

  • German language classes
  • Beautiful rooftop with a panoramic view of Berlin
  • Onsite Yoga and fitness classes
  • Weekly massages
  • Discount on BVG membership
  • Discount on gym memberships and local restaurants
  • Pension scheme
  • Regular company events
  • Monthly breakfast and daily fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals

Make sure to take advantage of this great opportunity. If you are interested in working together with finleap, make sure to attend the Berlin Tech Job Fair on the 24th of October, 2019. You can grab your tickets  here. finleap’s team of experts will be there to demonstrate  that together, we can reshape the future of finance. For you it's a leap in your career, with finleap it's the future of finance.

Don’t forget to follow finleap on LinkedIn and Twitter for more updates.

See you in Berlin!

4 Steps to a Successful CV
Many of us are not lucky enough in getting our dream job. Is it really the luck we blame? Or, we just don’t get the right thing in preparing for our job search? You are still lucky because we can give you tips to smash your unemployment into pieces. This is a great opportunity for job seekers that can guide them all the way through their job search.Writing a good CV is not easy for many job seekers because they need it to be structured using the right format, must be written professionally, and relevant skills and reliable references must be properly highlighted.It saddens us that you take a lot of time in preparing your CV but the recruiter only read this for a minute or two and then reject your application. To solve this problem, we are giving you below the 4 steps that can help you improve your CV and increases your chances of getting hired.

Keep Your Structure Simple

A standard structure of creating a CV is putting your personal details on top. These details includes your email address, contact number, current address and link of your portfolio (if you have one). Your CV length should not be more than two pages. A one-page length is the most ideal..

Highlight Your Related Work Experience

Perhaps you have gained a lot of work experience, just put a work experience related to the job you are applying for. If you are applying for a managerial position and you worked for a coffee shop as a waiter decades ago, recruiters are not interested in this job experience. You can also include this in your cover letter as well.  Here are the steps in creating a cover letter.

Show Off Your Academic Achievement and Skills

Some recruiters look for this information in your CV. Academic achievements provide you a great edge againsts your co-applicants. If you are applying as a web developer, it is an advantage if you earned certificates. You can also enroll in many free e-courses to improve your academic background.

Make it Look Good

If you are tired or don’t have time to improve your CV, but still want to get a big catch in your job search, you can get a professional to write your CV. Just provide your content in an extractable form and then they will make your CV standout among other applicants.
These are just a few of the steps you can do to boost your CV. There are still so many ways to do it on your own, but if you are busy with your job, you can save your time and effort by letting a professional CV writer do it for you. Having a professionally written and designed CV can help you stand out from hundreds of applicants. When you catch your potential employer’s attention, it boosts your chances of landing your dream job.  Good luck!

ELCA Zurich Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019

This can be the opportunity that you are waiting for. If you want to be a part of an ambitious team that is looking forward to changing Switzerland into a truly digital society, or you want to leverage your educational background, apply your infinite curiosity, and your out-of-the-box thinking, then Elca can be the right choice for you. Check them out at our Zurich Tech Job Fair this autumn (9th of October, 2019), and join a pioneer! Join ELCA! Don't forget to grab your FREE ticket here.

The team awaits to provide you with the best job opportunities for working in Switzerland. They’re for you if you’re willing to meet their high personal and technical standards.

With more than 1000 specialists and 152 million turnovers, ELCA ranks at the top of Netzwoche Digital Ranking 2019 as Switzerland's largest agencies and digital service providers. Elca is known for supporting digital transformations in Switzerland by offering tailor-made and standardized solutions.

ELCA builds more than 50 years of success in IT business consulting, software engineering, systems integration, and application management. ELCA helps you to envision your future business, engage with your customers, optimize your operational efficiency, and secure and transform your IT infrastructure.

In the digital age, the big challenge is to combine innovation, agility, and time-to-market at a fixed-price, at high quality, high performance and ensuring security. With a team of highly competitive and technically sophisticated professionals, Elca is developing and implementing effective solutions at the interface of business and technology. They have provided IT and digital solutions delivering a sustainable positive impact to more than 1,000 customers over the last decade.

In addition, the company offers a wide range of benefits to its employees that include:

  • Monthly contribution for mobile phone or business handy
  • ½ tax abonnement for public transportation
  • Flexible working hours
  • Central locations and good public transportation possibilities
  • 3 pension models to choose from
  • Non-work and work accident insurance covered by Elca and private accident insurance
  • Illness coverage for 100% up to 730 days
  • Accident coverage for 90% up to 730 days
  • Very interesting projects and the possibility to see other areas
  • 80-100% workload possible
  • Travelling for the company always in the first-class train
  • Gender neutral working environment

ELCA is looking for talented individuals, and it can be your chance to land your dream job. So, get your CV and ticket ready to meet them at our Zurich Tech Job Fair.

Do not forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more updates.

PRODYNA London Tech Job Fair Autumn 2019

One of the best ways to make an impact on a potential employer is to know as much as possible about their company. As London Tech Job Fair Autumn is not so far this is your chance to get to know PRODYNA a great company that will be joining us to find the tech talent they need.

The name PRODYNA stands for professional and dynamic. Spread over nine countries, sixteen office locations and even more project locations, the company’s employees work in numerous customer projects. Despite different cultures and languages, they have a common vision: Bringing the customer’s projects to success and developing user-friendly software.

Thinking in new ways is the team’s passion. The goal of providing the optimum solution for every customer is their challenge, which they are always happy to face. The fact that every project is different characterizes and allows them to make new experiences again and again.

Since the technological environment is characterized by strong transformation processes and further development, the company puts a strong emphasis on intensive internal communication and short communication channels.

For PRODYNA, it is extremely important to build long term relationships with its customers through structured projects based on the application of procedure models, the compliance with quality standards and the high demands for documentation and concepts. High investments in staff training permit a professional and positive behaviour of their employees when dealing with customers and colleagues. The PRODYNA Academy likewise, ensures opportunities for the development of the team in the area of Java Enterprise technologies.

Working with PRODYNA is like working with good friends. The corporate culture is based on community spirit, passion and joy in what they do. They expect a lot from their employees – high-quality software, professional appearance, dedication and ideas. An environment in which everyone feels comfortable is the best way to reach it. For this reason, their social benefits are multifaceted, so that everyone can feel comfortable and can grow together to be successful.

Here are some of the benefits PRODYNA offers as an employer:

  • Onboarding at the headquarter with training, tech talks and networking events (full paid)
  • Full days paid for certifications & training through PRODYNA Academy as well as competitive salary & 25 days plus bank holidays paid
  • Attractive pension scheme
  • Great location in central London with easy access to buses, tubes, restaurants and pubs
  • Teamwork and fun at work with a pleasant working atmosphere and a real team spirit fostered by various events like marathons, tech hackathon and many more.

At PRODYNA, they are looking for passionate developers. Having several years of experience in software architecture and technical management of project teams would be a good match for PRODYNA. Additionally, a potential employee needs to have fluent knowledge in English as well as excellent communication skills.

If you can work well in cross-functional teams, and you are an excellent analytical problem solver, you are a perfect fit for PRODYNA. So don’t hesitate to join us at London Tech Job Fair. Tech Startup Jobs blog can be a great help while getting ready to meet your potential employees.

You can also learn more about the team if you visit their website, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter!