Senior Software Engineer, Scaletronic, Denmark

Application ends: June 7, 2024
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Job Description

(Only apply for this job if you are based in Denmark, or alternatively based in the EU, and can relocate at your own expense to DK if we ask you to.)

Are you passionate about programming, data structure and algorithms?

Do you want to make a significant impact on a fast-growing company? Then you might be our new Senior Software Engineer!

We are looking for a bright and experienced candidate that will play a key role in developing our software technology stack, allowing us to keep our competitive edge for the years to come.


With over 20 years of in-house experience, we have established ourselves as a software company in the parcel logistics industry, and now we are ready to scale our delivery. Our software and mechanical specialisms make Scaletronic uniquely placed in an industry, experiencing huge growth.

Scaletronic supplies systems within parcel handling and sorting to logistics companies across 12+ different countries. The systems can automatically scan, weigh, and sort the parcels by location, zip code, etc.

Your skillset and background knowledge are valuable to us.

If you are ready to make an impact and enjoy the rewards of making a big difference in a vibrant and innovative yet demanding environment, we look forward to welcoming you to the team.

You will be working out of our well-situated office in Skovlunde, Denmark.

There will be some hands-on experience with the systems in our test environment so that the code changes can be tested and fine-tuned.

The impact you can create

As our next Senior Software Engineer, you will be working with your new colleagues in the Software development team. Your responsibilities will revolve around our DWS server and software components, which are all geared up toward growing our system’s health and performance.

You can help us achieve our long-term vision.

Candidate Qualification & requirements:

• 8+ years of experience in the software engineering field

• Strong understanding of events, messages, and TCP network connections

• Excellent Node.js skills – we use both JS and TS

• Excellent writing and debugging code skills

• Knowledge of both UI/Frontend, Applications and Databases

• Structured approach to tasks and desire to finalize

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Familiar with Automatic Tests of various types and levels and CI/CD

• Self-disciplined, goal-oriented, excellent team player

Would be a plus if you have:

• Experience as an architect would be excellent but not required

• Experience with Event-driven applications and systems

• Experience with event/network/mesh systems in Node-RED

• Experience with either IoT or Industrial Control Systems

Primary Responsibilities:

• Take an active part in refining our SW Roadmap that solves the needs of our customers

• Develop the structural part of the code / SW system

• Provide technical SW designs for new modules and apps based on product – and technology visions.

• Analyze and improve existing solutions based on the documentation

• Work in close collaboration with other team members, help and support junior engineers

• Follow-up with the industry’s best practices to develop and deliver a high-quality system



We want the position filled as soon as possible and are happy to receive your application soon.