Experienced software architect / developer for product department, Intelligent Systems A/S – Denmark

Job Description

We are on a mission to transform how robots and automation are used.

We want to transform factories, warehouses and production – to not only make them smart, digitized, and automated – we want to make it easy to control and integrate any kind of robotics, automation and IT-system. Thus to make Smart Production and Industry 4.0 a reality and accessible for everybody – small and large companies alike. In short, we want to democratize automation and robotics.

For this we seek experienced, talented and ambitious software architects and developers.

The job involves design, development and implementation of a large-scale cloud platform for high-level control and integration of robotics, automation and digitalization.

Are you a software architect or developer – or both at the same time?

Do you master all or some of the following fields?:

  • Java
  • HTML5/Angular
  • Robotics and automation
  • Microservices and service-oriented architectures
  • Cloud, cloud-edge and client-server system design
  • Containerization (Docker, etc.)

Do you want to make a difference – and participate in building the future?

Do you want to change the world for users and customers – make the difficult easy and make the impossible possible?

Do you live and breathe code?

… then, please contact us immediately.

Intelligent Systems A/S
CEO / Head of Product Development Niki Nicolas Grigoriou
Tel.: +45 2045 6039 or +45 7020 2275
Email: job@intelligentsystems.dk