Automation Engineer with a Special Interest in High-tech Equipment and Nutella Treats, Cabinplant, Denmark

Application ends: June 7, 2024
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Job Description

At Cabinplant you can take your career to the next level when we develop the newest equipment for the food industry.

If you have a knack for people, mechanics, and electricity, you have a chance to become part of our experienced team.

As an automation engineer, we can guarantee you professional challenges, with many and varying tasks, in close cooperation with our other departments.

At Cabinplant we install the newest processing equipment that optimizes and improves the food industry all over the world. You write the program from scratch, test, and commission your machine. It’s yours and you get to hand over the keys to the customer as the final cherry on top.

You are always accompanied with constant support and feedback from your experienced colleagues who will help you succeed in your job professionally and personally.

We have complex machinery, and we will make sure that the position and tasks are shaped for you and your skill-set. Prioritized weekly Nutella-breakfast-meetings is one of the important “glue”-components that ensures our informal social working environment.

You will thrive here, if you love to geek out, build Lego and bring machines to life.
Responsibility and tasks:

  • PLC- and HMI programming (Siemens).
  • Commissioning, test, adjustments, and supervision of operators of the processing equipment.
  • Close dialogue with your automation colleagues, project managers and last, but not least, the customer.
  • 60+ travelling days a year.

Your qualifications:

  • You can read and understand electrical drawings.
  • You have experience with Siemens TIA portal.
  • You have experience with HMI-controls.
  • PcSchematic knowledge.
  • You have a practical background such as electrician, smith, mechanic or similar.

Important personal skills:

  • You can talk to people across all departments.
  • Humor is important to you – dad-jokes are socially acceptable and often preferred.
  • You navigate easily in a job, where tasks and priorities often change.
  • You recognize that Nutella is an essential oil that can make any social machine run effortlessly.

We can’t wait to hear from you!
Send us your CV – use the link to find more information.

  • Your CV and additional documents can be in English or Danish – we accept both.
  • ChatGPT has irrevocably changed the course of text production. Rather than writing us a lengthy motivated (ChatGPT) application, we urge you to write a us short paragraph. Use this paragraph to tell us what you love working with. Tell us why you think Cabinplant could be an awesome place to work. Tell us who you are and what makes you happy.
    There is always an experienced HR employee who will personally read your documents word for word, and we aim to be as attentive as possible in these digital times.
    That’s also why you can always call us and talk to us.

If you have any questions, please contact
Louise Sandkvist
Phone: +45 24 29 05 82

Cabinplant A/S

Roesbjergvej 9

5683 Haarby, Denmark