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Choosing a cover for your tablet may seem a secondary thing to do but actually it’s very important to choose the one that fits perfect both to your style and of course your tablet. You may think what your style has to do with the tablet cover, believe me, it has a lot. Basically, you carry your tablet with you everywhere and you should be sure that it won’t ruin your overall look.

Thinking about the style, you shouldn’t forget about its actual meaning, that is keeping your tablet safe. So here is a list of 5 covers that are great both in quality and style. Choose one that suits you perfectly!

  1. Here is a lightweight ultra-thin magnetic case for your 9.7 2017 2018 A1822 A1823 A1893 iPad. Made from high-quality PU Leather and PC that can serve for a long time. The different angles will allow you to type or watch videos comfortably. The case will not only protect your device but will also makes it looks nice and classy.

  1. The second one is stylish bag-case for iPad pro 10.5 which, I’m confident to say will become one of your favorite accessories. The drop resistance, shockproof and anti-dust features, will protect your device beautifully and safely. The high-quality leather will serve for a long time.

  1. What about this fashion, smart iPad cover that is Drop resistance, Shockproof and Anti-Dust. The crocodile leather case will not only protect your device, but will also look nice and stylish. It is applicable with iPad mini 1/2/3.

  1. Your iPad 9.7 inch 2017 will be safe with this business-style tablet case. The auto wake/sleep, adjustable angles and screen protection functions will make your experience more comfortable. It is lightweight and ultra slim, which allows you to conveniently carry it in your bag or with your hands.

  1. Another business style tablet case for iPad pro 12.9. Made from high-quality leather it will protect your device and make your outfit perfect. The special holder in this case won’t let your capacity pen get lost anymore.

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Technology is changing the business world. Human resources is typically a department that is constantly jam-packed with activities. Advancements in technology have done a lot to reduce administrative tasks so HR reps are able to focus on bigger hands-on issues.

A number of HR processes have been made simple by technology with improved accuracy. Here are some of the ways in which technology has changed the landscape of human resources.


Before the digital age, the classified ads were the main place to browse job listing and the process involved a heap of paper applications. Then, human resources reps had to screen and test potential candidates to determine who to bring in for an interview. When the process was this complex, multiple interviews were almost always necessary. The biggest problem was that a lot of good candidates would get lost in the long process and look for work elsewhere.

Now, recruiting has been made a lot easier. The process of filling out applications have been made simple and screening is mostly done with automation. This makes the process much quicker and more efficient. Even though there is no way to eliminate humans from hiring methods, leaving the initial steps to technology is a great way to keep everything moving quickly.

Electronic application programs have the ability to conduct background checks and track the online activities of candidates. By the time HR reps have made the decision to interview, the candidate has already gone through the screening process so valuable time is not wasted.

Employee Benefits


As most companies will tell you, employee packages are not one size fits all. Now, there are many options available to educate and enroll employees in benefit programs. Using online portals to create a resource library is a great way to help answer employee questions about company programs while keeping them informed with updates and newsletters.

This provides a one-stop experience for education on policies, forms, and important information in which employees can access at any time.

Since the Affordable Care Act, employers have put a lot more focus on encouraging workers to get more involved in company health care programs to help control costs. Using virtual care software is a great way to gain insight from employees to find a benefit package that fits their needs to plan for the future.

As the professional world is becoming increasingly transparent, workers like having access to all their information such as how their paychecks are allocated in accordance to taxes and the benefits. In the past, this meant going through a mountain of paperwork for HR reps.

Now, with payroll technology, employees have easy access to all this information. Automatic record keeping makes sure all the information is organized and up to date for the employee’s convenience.



Cloud and mobile technology plays a huge role in providing information and feedback from workers so companies can make proper changes. Especially as millennials begin to flood the workplace, employee engagement is becoming more and more important.

A company’s ability to actively assess this information is crucial in retaining a young workforce.

Young professionals want to be engaged in their company. Using interactive technology is a great way to give voices to the employees so HR can assess results to show what motivates people and what doesn’t. Based on this information, companies are able to adjust their model to keep everyone producing their best work.


Advancements in information technology have made it simple to train new employees more efficiently. New hires are able to access digital training programsremotely which eliminates the need for professionals to take time away from their work to train the newcomers. There is no denying that human interaction in the training process is necessary as there are a lot company practices that simply cannot be taught by a computer.

However, virtual training programs make it easy for human resources reps to train a larger number of new hires and track progress through computerized testing. Employees will be able to ask more questions when they are in the field which will consume a lot less of the experienced workers’ time.

Performance Management


Performance management has seen a great deal of enhancement in the digital age. Employee performance can now be easily tracked and analyzed for the benefit of the company. HR can use data and metrics to examine a worker’s performance by pinpointing issues and providing accurate feedback. Employee performance programs can help identify those who do not match up to company standards and find out if they require additional training or need to be let go.

As the digital and professional world evolves, human resources are becoming more and more efficient. With millennials making up over half of the workforce. HR must keep up and build on technological advances to manage both employee expectations and business requirements.

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