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Over the coming weeks, we will be taking a look inside the different teams at GetYourGuide to give us some insight into what it’s like working with each team. First up, we have our Sales team. The Sales team is on an endless path to discover all the amazing activities around the world and bring them to our customers. We spoke to some of our Account Managers from around the world to see exactly what it’s like being part of our Sales Team:

Can you give us a brief summary of what your team works on?

Tilly Hemperger, Account Manager - Australia.

Stephanie Hubner & Tilly Hemperger, Area Manager Australia and New Zealand + Account Manager, Australia: First off, making GetYourGuide customers happy (that was a given)! So, how we do this? By luring top suppliers to ‘come to the red side’ and work with GetYourGuide. Our top priority is tackling our Australia and New Zealand acquisition list and investigating data to know exactly what our customers really want. This means heaps of talking, calling, rapport-building, meeting, putting out fires, and of course, closing (#alwaysbeclosing). Essentially, making sure we are 100% prepared to go out and get those top-notch products.

Eulalie Cocquerelle – Account Manager, Paris: I am in the sales team working from our Parisian office. For now, our objective is to acquire top products in France, so as to have a perfect inventory for our customers. To acquire new products I can either contact potential new suppliers and negotiate with them to start a collaboration, or discuss with our existing suppliers to try find out if they have the products that I’m looking for and if they want to put it on GYG. France is a huge market so there are two Account Managers here: Thomas and myself. Thomas takes care of Paris, and I’m taking care of the Provence (the French Riviera is a main market).

Francesca De Falco, Account Manager Rome

Francesca De Falco, Account Manager Rome

Francesca De Falco – Account Manager, Rome: The Rome team is a team of 3 and will be growing this year (stay tuned, 2 new account managers on the way!). We manage the top destinations in Italy: Rome, Florence and Venice. We work with the local suppliers to really bring the most exciting experiences to our customers. Sometimes our suppliers concentrate their attention on the same old tours, and we are there to advise them on their opportunities of offering new tours based on data (for example: the search volume in a city). We also work directly with big attractions all over the world, and as account managers we have the chance to see these wonderful attractions from the inside, understand the “behind the scenes”, and work with the attractions to improve the customer experience. Why print a voucher when you can just enter at the turnstiles? Sometimes big attractions need to be reminded that customers want to travel hassle free! It’s all about the experience. GetYourGuide takes care of customers, which is why we have our Ground Operations team at the main attractions in Rome: the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum. We meet and greet our customers and lead them into the attraction and make sure they enjoy their journey from the very beginning: the meeting point

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What advice would you have for someone who would like to work with the GYG Sales team?

Zuzana Kaniokova- Account Manager, Berlin: Make sure you are passionate about travel and not afraid to challenge the status quo. Everyday suppliers will tell you why getting online is not possible, why the vouchers cannot be scanned, or why it’s difficult to get last minute bookings. You are the one making the change and it’s up to you to work with the suppliers to see this too. You better be fast and fearless. Because if you’re not, others will make that leap before you. If you are an explorer, not a follower, this job just might be for you.

Stephanie Hubner & Tilly Hemperger, Area Manager Australia and New Zealand + Account Manager, Australia: Get ready to:

  • Embrace the ‘no’: rejection doesn’t mean the conversation is over!
  • Prepare for hard work (and tons of fun!) along the way
  • Befriend an amazing team filled with people from all around the world
  • Immerse yourself in an environment that is fast changing, varied, and exciting
  • Constantly learn, grow, and challenge yourself

Be sure to channel an attitude that is proactive, optimistic, fun, open, curious, entrepreneurial, and problem solving. Situations to prepare for? Well, you might be so lucky to find yourself courting suppliers at trade shows, mingling with industry professionals at networking events (including maybe a cheeky champagne or two!) and mediating your negotiations in one minute. And in the next minute, you could be tactfully reframing rejections, earning oodles of frequent flier miles as you travel to your destinations, and enjoying the perks of product testing as you swim with dolphins or kick back with a glass of wine.

Eulalie Cocquerelle - Account Manager, Paris

Eulalie Cocquerelle – Account Manager, Paris

Eulalie Cocquerelle – Account Manager, Paris: Personality is an important criteria during recruitment, so I think that the most important thing for a candidate to remember is to be as natural as possible, not trying to be someone you are not. Then, positivity and passion are really appreciated at GetYourGuide. Don’t stress, just enjoy and see interviews as a great way to learn and meet new people.

Sandra Goncalves – Account Manager, Spain: I’d advise to be hard-working, positive and persistent, with good analytical and organizational skills. And, if possible, good e-commerce understanding. Also, simply – to be friendly ?



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What does an average day in your team/role look like?

Stephanie Hubner & Tilly Hemperger, Area Manager Australia and New Zealand + Account Manager, Australia: Our 2 woman team kicks off the day in spectacular fashion! Steph braves the wild seas from Manly to the CBD while Tilly single-handedly tackles the subway system (and a stinky armpit or three). Once at the office it’s go time! We spend most of our time speaking to our suppliers. Be they from the sunny beaches of the Gold Coast, the scorching rocks of the Northern Territory, or the glow-worm caves of Waitomo in New Zealand (it’s a tough gig). Every day we focus on our acquisition lists to ensure that all 23,859 kilometers of Australia’s coastline is covered (just FYI, close to 10 Germanys fit inside Australia’s borders). We also don our stylish, if imaginary, detective hats to investigate innovative ways to optimise our destinations. On occasion we sneak in a little mystery tour or four to be doubly sure our customers are having a grand ol’ time. A little taste of what we’ve been involved with lately? We’ve soared above Sydney in a bumblebee helicopter, rubbed shoulders with the leading women in our industry at an International Women’s Day event, and mingled with the best representatives from Tourism Australia.

Eulalie Cocquerelle – Account Manager, Paris: Usually, I start with looking at the daily reports of my main destinations: bookings, did we have bad reviews or not, has a new supplier had their 1st booking,etc. Then, I start to read my emails and fix any potential suppliers issues. It’s super important for me to be as reactive as possible with suppliers because that’s what they like about GYG: being in contact with someone who is dedicated to them and who can fix all the issues quickly. Then, I start to hunt new top products (80% of my time) via the internet and by calling suppliers. Once a month, I try to travel in order to meet my suppliers on the spot and try activities when I have the time. I also have to do optimization (20% of my time). This is all about optimizing existing accounts by increasing commissions, improving the content of my best products with the teams in Berlin, etc.

Sandra Goncalves, Account Manager Spain.

Sandra Goncalves, Account Manager Spain.

Sandra Goncalves – Account Manager, Spain: I start the day by analyzing the performance reports of my destinations in order to make sure everything is working smoothly for customers as well as for suppliers. Then, I usually schedule my priorities for the day, the most important objectives to achieve, and I start working on them. This includes a lot of phone calls, meetings, business travel requests, and emails with both suppliers and GetYourGuide team members from different departments. Most of the time I spend the last minutes/hours of my day going through the emails I wasn’t able to check during the day.




Zuzana Kaniokova, Account Manager, Berlin.

Zuzana Kaniokova, Account Manager, Berlin.

What is your team currently working on?

Zuzana Kaniokova- Account Manager Berlin: We know there are “must-do’s” in each city. You cannot go Iceland and skip the Blue Lagoon, the same way your visit to Prague is incomplete if you don’t see the Prague Castle. We are looking at how we can get the must-do activities online and guarantee the customer the very best experience they can have while traveling.

Stephanie Hubner & Tilly Hemperger, Area Manager Australia and New Zealand + Account Manager, Australia: We’re not ones to shy away from a challenge! We’re the underdogs here in Australia and New Zealand, since they are the more emerging destinations for GYG. We need to work smarter and harder in acquiring suppliers, show them the data, charm them with local knowledge, and be extra persuasive in convincing them that GYG is their future! Some other challenges we’ve faced are how to scan straight to email (a curse upon all printers) and sussing out the best place for a good chai latte. All suggestions are welcomed!

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What, if any, are the principles that your team lives by?

Eulalie Cocquerelle – Account Manager Paris: Positivity is the most important and then clarity.

Zuzana Kaniokova- Account Manager Berlin: Move fast, be consistent, take risks which are calculated and based on data rather than reckless leaps. Learn by doing, listen rather than talk, ask questions rather than give answers. If you see something wrong, start the change yourself.




Stephanie Hubner & Tilly Hemperger, Area Manager Australia and New Zealand + Account Manager, Australia:

  • Be authentic
  • Work smart
  • Embrace the uncomfortable
  • Have fun

What is your favorite thing about working with GYG sales team? What, in your opinion, makes your team special?

Sandra Goncalves – Account Manager, Spain: My favorite thing about working with GYG sales team is the people. I love the multiculturality of our team, the intercultural knowledge sharing, and the competitive spirit we have. Work hard, play hard!

Zuzana Kaniokova- Account Manager Berlin: People think that salespeople need to be loud, outgoing, and bubbly. It’s true that some are, but it’s not necessary. The best salespeople listen and solve problems. For this, you just need to be yourself and there is space for everyone.

Eulalie Cocquerelle – Account Manager, Paris: The diversity of our team is amazing, you can learn a lot with each member of the team and everyone is willing to share his or her knowledge with you.

Stephanie Hubner & Tilly Hemperger, Area Manager Australia and New Zealand + Account Manager, Australia: Most impressive is everyone’s optimism and resilience. The sales team is a great example of how embracing the no and positively reframing it, can turn a conversation around (and equal a happy supplier). Equally entertaining is the sales team’s level of dedication and #commitment to GYG parties. Take a look around the dance floor at the end of the night and you’ll see for yourself!

Tilly Hemperger & Stephanie Hubner

Tilly Hemperger & Stephanie Hubner

Thanks again to Eulalie Cocquerelle, Francesca De Falco, Sandra Goncalves, Stephanie Hubner, Tilly Hemperger and Zuzana Kaniokova for answering our questions and for giving us such great insight into life in the GetYourGuide Sales team. If you are interested in joining our Sales team, please see all current vacancies here.





This post originally appeared on www.getyourguide.com

Original post by CHRIS RICKBORN via TC

Tech companies in Silicon Valley and in tech hubs across the United States are at war against each other, to find and hire quality talent that is in short supply. The competition is particularly fierce among startups, which means that it’s ever so important to make the right decisions when hiring your next rock star.

Here are six tips to set you on the right course:

1. Make sure it’s time to hire

Deciding when to hire is as important as knowing that you need to hire at all. The problem is that too many entrepreneurs with funding start hiring because it was part of the business plan. The first sign of trouble is when there is too much emphasis on filling out the org chart and making sure all of the key titles are in place. Most entrepreneurs get put through the ringer trying to raise money and they’ve lived and died by their models and forecasts. But when it comes to hiring, sometimes you just need to throw the model in the trash and let the reality of what’s happening in your business determine your true need to hire. As they say in the military, “every plan is good until the first shot is fired.”

My advice is to not think about titles, org charts and empty seats. I’m not suggesting that anyone should throw discipline and planning out the window, but don’t repeat the mistakes of failed startups and waste your resources filling positions that you don’t need today. Make sure its time to hire.

2. Make a commitment to invest your time

Once you’ve made the decision that the time is right, make a commitment to invest your time.

Like it or not, hiring is a time-consuming process and cutting corners on time will lead to bad hires. In a startup, the pace is fast and everyone is stretched to the limit. Adding to your team will require a significant amount of time to screen candidates and conduct interviews. Even if you use recruiters, you won’t save that much time, as you still have to read resumes and make phone calls.

In a recent conversation with a CEO, he told me that he was trying to hire a new VP of Marketing for his software company. He advertised on LinkedIn and got 216 applicants. The good news is he had a lot of potential candidates, but the bad news is he hadn’t even started looking at his applicants. I wonder how many good candidates will go overlooked because he just wants to get it done.

I recommend setting aside an hour each morning and another hour late in the afternoon devoted completely to your search. Invest your time and you will find the candidates that will “move the needle” in your business. Shortcut on time and you will find a candidate to “fill the spot.”

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Original post by SHANE SNOW via FAST COMPANY 

Running a tech company and looking for Ruby developers? Got a “great idea” for a startup, and all you need is a programmer? Congratulations! You’ve just joined the 10,000 other geeks in the same coder-starved boat, especially if you live in a technology hub like Silicon Valley or New York City.

Many founders mistakenly believe money or perks are the answer to hiring programmers. Fortunately for the cash-strapped startup, that’s not the case.

Hunch founder Chris Dixon (one of the investors in my company, Contentlywrites that the most important thing about recruiting programmers is understanding what motivates them: interesting challenges, talented coworkers, and working on software that gets used by a lot of people. Money and free Cheetos are great, but they come last.

But even if you can motivate, the fact is, good programmers are in high demand. Competing with the Googles of the world doesn’t make it any easier.

With a fresh $50 million, Foursquare’s 80+ person team just moved to New York’s Soho neighborhood, into an office seven times the size of its old one–and no doubt, they intend to fill it up. There go the rest of the city’s programmers.

But maybe that doesn’t matter.

Despite the developer gold rush in New York, my own, cash-conscious company, Contently, has managed to hire the tech talent we’ve wanted, when we wanted it. Every time.

Here are the three secrets we hire by:

Target Out-Of-Staters Willing To Relocate

Of Contently’s core team, only one of us actually lived in New York to begin with. One came from Vegas, two from Philadelphia, and we’re continually pulling in developers from Chicago, the Carolinas, and Washington, D.C.

The bottom line is this: Not every talented programmer in the world is from a city with “Silicon” in its nickname. But many of those programmers would love to live in one.


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How To Develop An Effective Market Penetration Strategy

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Original post by Maria Bike via Task 

It is very common that we talk about market penetration in a company. We even have targets in our annual business and marketing plans to achieve higher penetration. Consider the following advice before making your decision on how to implement an effective market penetration strategy.

Think and calculate before you make your decision. There are a few issues to consider before you decide if you really need to apply a market penetration strategy at your company’s current stage. Furthermore, you must think about where you are and if “penetration strategy” is the appropriate strategy amongst other possibilities.

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Why do I need higher market penetration?
  • Do I need it in order to increase total profitability?
  • Do I need it in order to increase profitability per product line?
  • Do I need it to secure profitability?
  • Do I need it to survive in the market situation?
  • Is it necessary for my immediate or future development?

If you decide a market penetration strategy is called for after answering these questions, start drawing up business scenarios and calculations. Before moving to action, you have to think about and calculate whether or not you can gain the additional market share with the same products and structures. Decide what sort of investment you need to make.

Since a new marketing strategy implies expensive investments that will not be translated into profits for a reasonable time span, you should reconsider the approach of your market penetration strategy. For example, if you have to design new processes or train a lot of people or advertise heavily, you need to estimate in advance what your return on investment is expected to be. Of course, you also need to designate a specific budget and time plan that will be monitored.


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TechMeetups New websites launched

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We have stopped this Blog and moved to our new websites … Please visit us there for your news, meetups & events…

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