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Winter is almost done while Spring season is approaching in London. The time where people are more active in their businesses or careers. What plans do you have in mind? We can help you start your career before the spring season totally starts. Come and join us in our London Tech Job Fair this last week of February.

There are a lot of opportunities we can offer you because the best companies are with us looking for tech talent. Work in Denmark is excited to meet you. Start building your plans! You're a step closer to starting your career.

Work In Denmark

Work In Denmark provides international job seekers and Danish employers with the information, guidance and tools to find each other. The company is a public employment service for highly qualified international candidates looking for a job in Denmark, and Danish companies searching for talented candidates. They are part of the Danish Ministry of Employment and member of European Employment Service (EURES). So if you have plans to work in Denmark, then this is a great opportunity for you. This is the time to prepare for the big adventure and get ready to invest a lot of time and hard work.

The Danish job market is dynamic and new job openings may arise frequently. You may encounter competition among candidates (the average number of applications per vacancy is 52!) and you will have to do your best to stand out from the crowd. Show the employer what you can accomplish by researching the company thoroughly and pointing out the match between you and the job!

Work In Denmark

Work In Denmark is on a mission of assisting Danish companies in recruiting highly qualified candidates in the sectors, where Danish companies face skills shortages. The company wants highly qualified international candidates and graduates to stay in Denmark.

These are their process to achieve their mission:

  • Attracting highly qualified foreign candidates to Denmark
  • Assisting Danish companies in recruiting highly qualified candidates
  • Supporting international students in finding jobs in sectors with skills shortages
  • Cooperating with the Danish job centres to support job opportunities for spouses/partners
  • Helping highly qualified international job seekers staying in Denmark find a job

You've been into different job seeking situation trying to fit in but with Work In Denmark company, the team will give you the opportunity to cater to your tech talent. Improve your job opportunities in Denmark. The company has a lot of job seminars to participate in .

Are you ready to explore your career in Denmark? Then meet the team because they will participate in most of the Tech Job Fairs we are hosting. Get that chance to know them personally in London, Dublin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.
Get to know more about them on their Website, LinkedIn and Facebook. See you in London!

Coming Back to London

The big day of the London Tech Job Fair is almost here and we are so excited about it. All this time we have told you about the companies that join us to find tech talent in London. Now, let’s remember them before we all meet on the 27th of February.

DWP Digital

DWP Digital- At DWP Digital, they design and develop digital services that almost everyone in the UK relies on at some point in their lives. Using creativity and leading-edge technologies, they’re reimagining the users’ experiences to make a real difference to our 22million customers.

Brilliant civil servants work with our dedicated service provider, BPDTS Ltd - in inclusive, co-located, multi-disciplinary teams, united by this extraordinary social purpose.


Prodyna- The name PRODYNA stands for professional and dynamic. Spread over nine countries, sixteen office locations and even more project locations, the company’s employees work in numerous customer projects. Despite different cultures and languages, they have a common vision: Bringing the customer’s projects to success and developing user-friendly software.


Crossvale- Crossvale was founded in 2001. Since then the company’s mission has been to build a professional service organisation that offers more than just technical excellence. After many years working on integration projects on a variety of platforms, in 2015, the company decided to shift its focus towards open source projects. The team has been working to provide the necessary infrastructure to create a new competency across the company. At the moment, Crossvale is working on converting the company’s assets into open source projects as well as creating new assets that speed up the company’s access to the market.

Work in Flanders

Work in Flanders- Work in Flanders is the international labour mobility service from the Flemish Employment Service (VDAB) looking out for potential employees abroad to help the innovative economy flourish and work out the shortages that this exciting Northern region of Belgium is undergoing. The company provides tailor-made international services for Flemish employers in need of professional staff.


Derivco- Meet Derivco, the leading software development house in the online gaming world. The company takes the gameplay seriously and they understand that to get the best results they need to give their most to it.

However, working with this team is as much fun as it’s serious. Derivco reached so much due to its amazing team. At Derivco, teamwork makes the dream work. There’s enough brain power here to fire a nuclear substation, and by putting their minds together there is nothing they can’t achieve.

Work In Denmark

Work In Denmark- Work In Denmark provides international job seekers and Danish employers with the information, guidance and tools to find each other. The company is a public employment service for highly qualified international candidates looking for a job in Denmark, and Danish companies searching for talented candidates. They are part of the Danish Ministry of Employment and member of European Employment Service (EURES). So if you have plans to work in Denmark, then this is a great opportunity for you. This is the time to prepare for the big adventure and get ready to invest a lot of time and hard work.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma- Credit Karma was built upon a singular mission — to make financial progress possible for everyone. So far, they’ve done this with free access to credit scores, reports, tools and education.

Everyone deserves to feel confident about their finances. The company’s job is to give people the tools, the education and the opportunities they need to make real, meaningful progress. Thinking about finances can be frustrating, but they’re working to make the process simpler and easier to understand for over 75 million Credit Karma members.


PwC- PwC helps organizations and individuals create the value they're looking for. They're a network of firms in 157 countries with more than 223,000 people.

Of the 50,000 people they hire each year across our network, half will be students beginning their career with the company and the other half will be experienced professionals looking to further develop their skills and experience. Each will join them for their own reasons, but often they will be attracted to the quality of their client base, the variety of work the team does, the investment they make in their people and their development and opportunities to work internationally.


Salt- Salt connects people and businesses globally within Creative, Marketing, Sales and Technology. The company value and respect differences. They believe that as an organisation they make it their mission to ensure that their employees feel absolutely comfortable in bringing their whole self to work, not only does this ensure their colleagues can work in a respectful and open-minded environment but, it makes business sense.

Key Talent Personnel

Key Talent Personnel- They are in the market to act as a specialist, not generalist provider of recruitment services. They have adopted this approach because their MD Lauren Halket, believes that in the highly competitive candidate market in which they all operate, the specialist providers will deliver and add the greatest value to companies seeking to recruit in these sectors that the company operates in.


Polystream- Polystream is a truly scale-on-demand interactive streaming platform, enabling businesses to deliver unmodified 3D applications to instantly engage with customers worldwide. No dedicated cloud infrastructure, no capacity constraints and no downloads – just pixel perfect content made accessible direct to their devices.


CausaLens- The company was founded in London in 2016 and since then has gained a lot of success in the industry.

They are building the next generation of predictive technology for complex and dynamic systems. It is very hard and super fun. That’s why they are looking for the best talent to join them and their mission. They accept applications from the brightest scientists and engineers all year round.

Movable Ink

Movable Ink- Visual is the language that moves people.

Built for the visual era, the Movable Ink platform enables brands to create compelling visual experiences that are based on relevant data and that are unique for each consumer at every moment.

X4 Group

X4 Group- Officially one of the fastest growing businesses in Europe, X4 Group are a global leader in specialist recruitment, providing expert contract and permanent recruitment solutions to businesses across the globe. They’re an ambitious bunch with a proven track record for delivering exceptional results and continuously strive to be the go-to recruitment partner across the specialist brands.


Reach your full potential by finding a role that suits you – and your skills. PitchMe measures your skills and capabilities to match you with a job that’s suited to you. Let’s get started.

All these amazing companies will wait for you along with us. Come and join London Tech Job Fair. This is your chance to meet the teams of the city’s leading companies. Don’t forget to bring your CV’s and read some of our articles for job seekers. See you soon!

Key Talent Personnel: Unlocking Your Future

Spring is almost here so is our London Tech Job Fair. This is your chance to start the spring with a new job to level up your career. A lot of companies will be there hoping to find the best tech talent in London and you may be the right fit for them. One of those great companies is Key Talent Personnel a bespoke, technical recruitment agency, working on a global basis (UK/US, Europe) adding value with a consultative, personal approach.

They are in the market to act as a specialist, not generalist provider of recruitment services. They have adopted this approach because their MD Lauren Halket, believes that in the highly competitive candidate market in which they all operate, the specialist providers will deliver and add the greatest value to companies seeking to recruit in these sectors that the company operates in.

The company’s philosophy is simple but KEY. They connect the most talented personnel with the World’s best and most innovative companies. They know that matching the right people with the right companies can produce pretty amazing results, although the reality is not always that simple, so that’s where they come in.

Their services include:

  • Permanent & Contract Recruitment
  • Head Hunting, Search & Selection
  • Skills Testing (i.e. Technical Tests etc)
  • Reference Checking
  • UK/US & Europe-wide Search & Head Hunting
  • CV and Interview Advice & Coaching
  • Career Development Advice

Key Talent Personnel is expanding and they need more people to join their team and their mission. As a recruitment company, they surely know how to make a team where you would love working. You can expect a lot of benefits and perks working with this team.

Do you want to meet them in person? Then London Tech Job Fair is what you need. Get your tickets now and make sure to take a look at our blog where you can find a lot of useful articles for job seekers.

You can also learn more about this company by visiting their website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.

Crossvale: Your Road To Modernization

We make your job seeking situation easy. Imagine companies gathering in one place offering job positions rather than you travelling to different places looking for a job. The shortcut way to get yourself on board is through attending Tech Job Fairs near your city. Every company with us have a lot of tech job positions to offer you.

We are excited because our London Tech Job fair is finally happening this February. Get ready to showcase your tech talent and start creating your career. Sign up here for free!

Our London Tech Job fair is a great opportunity for every job seekers near and within the city and Crossvale might be the company destined for you. The company was founded in August 2001 with a mission to build a professional services firm that offered more than just technical excellence. They wanted to deliver business value in a world where technology is essential but intimidatingly misunderstood, and where making development a commodity doesn’t deliver the goods.

The objective and focus of the Crossvale team is their customers' success. Since day one, they remained steadfast to this objective, because they recognized that their success depends on the success of their clients. They expanded into a business where they help customers modernize using cutting-edge platforms. Crossvale knows the benefits of modernization but they also know the challenges involved to move, that's why they mentor every company on the journey of modernization.

The company has over decades of experiences working on the monolith in various sectors. Crossvale can help business owners overcome the hurdles involved in any modernization strategy. They have high levels of customization for each client. Their certified Red Hat consultants are highly qualified professionals that provide technical and leadership skills to enable them to reach customer's goal.

The company is looking for more tech talent people to join their team and help them make the modernization process easier. In return for your great services, Crossvale will give you benefits that you deserve such as:

  • Great health and dental plans
  • 40IK matching
  • Regular reviews and goal setting
  • Training/ Education Reimbursement
  • Challenging work
  • Social Outings
  • Competitive Salary

See that benefits? Exciting isn’t it?

With Crossvale, you can really improve and master your tech expertise. You can grow with the team and enjoy the company's companion. You can easily build a relationship with the team and create a happy work environment.

The long wait is over now, show them your tech talent and prepare yourself because now is the chance to meet their team. Come and join us in London! This Tech Job Fair can be your stepping stone to start your future. The Crossvale team is ready to meet you. Ignite your career and join their team.
Be updated! More information about the company is available on their Website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. See you in London!

Productsup: Leading Software for Feed Management & Product Content Syndication

Do you want to level up in your career? Then it’s time to think about getting a new job you have dreamed about. Berlin Tech Job Fair is an amazing chance to meet leading companies that are looking for tech talent to join their teams. As in the past years, Productsup joins us again and may be looking for just you. Get to know them before you meet the team in person.

In 2010, two entrepreneurs founded Productsup with the simple objective to manage retailer feeds, agency-style. Along the way, a light bulb moment happened that would instantly set Productsup on to a new path to pioneership of an untapped space within the digital economy: Productsup became a cloud-based, SaaS platform that would empower commerce enterprises to seamlessly transfer their product content to the global matrix of ever-changing shopping and marketing channels - putting these companies in the driving seat of their own digital transformation journey. Now headquartered in a modern office in the heart of Berlin, Productsup has over 800 customers, including Fortune 500 companies, and a team of more than 115 FeedFighting talents located all over the world.

Productsup: Leading Software for Feed Management & Product Content Syndication

The team unites 26 nationalities. While being spread across 10 offices worldwide, they’re one big happy family. They believe that performance should be measured by the work created, rather than the hours put into the office.

The company is always looking for exceptionally talented, ambitious individuals who aren’t afraid to take initiative and make an impact in a fast-paced market environment. They care about diversity, inclusion and individuality at Productsup. The team has clear cut roles for optimal productivity which are open for new talent, but they do not have a clear cut idea of who should fill them. So long as they are true to themselves, enjoy puns about data, free pizza during onboarding week and Mario Kart tournaments.

The real benefit of working at Productsup is the people, the atmosphere and the decision making philosophies that empower them to take action fast and be fearless of failure. Other benefits, as they say, include:

  • “We have a Chief Heart Officer, Benno the Golden Retriever, who monitors workplace stress levels. He has hired a puppy intern named Theo to help patrol the two-storey workspace in Berlin. Let’s not forget the Boston Terriers, Holley and Baloo who always lift office morale.
  • Our Berlin office kitchen is always fully stocked with free fruit, snacks, beer and wine. And more often than not, boxes of doughnuts “just because”, cinnamon buns when it's cold, home-baked goodness or delicious travel souvenirs from our fellow coworkers.
  • Our meeting rooms are named after women and men known for their revolutionary contributions in tech and society, such as Alan Turing, Grace Hopper and Rosa Parker.
  • Mindfulness and fitness are important to many FeedFighters, so Productsup likes to contribute to Urban Sports memberships to make life that little bit easier.
  • Bi-annual, company-wide team events where FeedFighters from all corners of the world come together to celebrate past successes and strengthen that unique bond we share.”

Do you feel like you should be a part of this big family? Then Berlin Tech Job Fair is what you need right now. Get your tickets and make sure to take a look at our helpful articles for job seekers to increase your chances to get hired!

You can also learn more about Productsup by visiting their website or their accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

causaLens: A Machine that Predicts the Global Economy in Real-Time

The big day of the London Tech Job Fair is not far and you still have a chance to read about the companies that join us to find the best tech talent of the city. This time we want to introduce causaLens a machine that predicts the global economy in real-time.

They develop the next generation of autonomous predictive technology for complex and dynamic systems. At causeaLens, they call it the CLPU (causaLens Predictive Unit). This technology helps large organisations optimise business outcomes at scale.

The company was founded in London in 2016 and since then has gained a lot of success in the industry.

They are building the next generation of predictive technology for complex and dynamic systems. It is very hard and super fun. That’s why they are looking for the best talent to join them and their mission. They accept applications from the brightest scientists and engineers all year round.

Here are a few positions they want to fill:

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Senior Python Developer
  • Junior Python Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Head of Growth
  • Head of Talent
  • Head of Operations & Partnerships
  • Business Development Associate

Instead, they have a lot of benefits to offer. Not only will you be able to work in a dynamic team that is heading on the way of big success, but also you will get a lot of knowledge and experience.

Join the London Tech Job Fair and get a chance to meet the team of this startup with a bright future in person. Make sure to read some of our articles for job seekers to increase your chance to get that dream job.

You can also learn more about causaLens and its amazing team by visiting their website, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Credit Karma: Free Credit Scores and Records

We are so excited to see such wonderfull companies joining us for our Tech Job Fairs and want to share with you! All of these companies come in the hope to find the tech talent they need who will become a part of their mission and vision. Credit Karma joins us for London Tech Job Fair and here is their story.

Credit Karma was built upon a singular mission — to make financial progress possible for everyone. So far, they’ve done this with free access to credit scores, reports, tools and education.

Everyone deserves to feel confident about their finances. The company’s job is to give people the tools, the education and the opportunities they need to make real, meaningful progress. Thinking about finances can be frustrating, but they're working to make the process simpler and easier to understand for over 75 million Credit Karma members.

But thye’re onto something much bigger. Credit Karma is redefining the entire marketplace. Far too many credit card and loan applications are being denied. Far too many people are losing out on thousands of dollars due to needlessly high interest rates. Credit Karma is here to change that, and they have the platform to do it.

The team is already exploring a few far-reaching opportunities — like the reinvention of the markets for credit cards, personal loans, insurance, mortgage and auto lending. Oh, and they’re reshaping the tax filing industry to be free, easy and accessible for everyone.

But most of the opportunities that lay ahead are still unknown. So are you up for the challenge? Then buckle up — there’s a long, rewarding journey ahead of the company, Karmanaut!

Credit Karma: Free Credit Scores and Records

Credit Karma has a lot to offer to the employers, or would be better to say the members of the family:

  • Happiness
    • The little things that keep you going.
    • On-site café with baristas
    • Stocked kitchen
    • Peer recognition program
    • Time off to volunteer and for your birthday
    • Fun social events (like trivia nights and Giants games)
  • Health
    • Work-life balance starts with personal well-being.
    • Yoga classes
    • Guided meditation
    • Gym subsidies
    • Healthy snacks
    • Group outings (like paddleboarding on the Bay)
  • Wealth
    • Because you can't live off work snacks.
    • Competitive compensation
    • 401(k) matching (up to 6%)
    • Equity incentives
    • PTO and unlimited sick leave
    • Paid baby bonding for both Mom and Dad
  • Growth
    • They make room for you to grow.
    • Emphasis on internal promotions
    • Classes through Credit Karma University
    • Mentorship program
    • Professional development funds
    • Regular performance reviews

So? What about joing this amazing team? Make sure to get your tickets for London Tech Job Fair and get ready to meet them in person? BTW check out our help articles for job seekers.

You can learn more about this company by visitng their website or Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Work in Flanders: The International Labour Mobility Service

More and more companies join our Tech Job Fairs to find the talent they need and we are excited to share their stories with you. Meet Work in Flanders who joins us in London Tech Job Fair.

Work in Flanders is the international labour mobility service from the Flemish Employment Service (VDAB) looking out for potential employees abroad to help the innovative economy flourish and work out the shortages that this exciting Northern region of Belgium is undergoing. The company provides tailor-made international services for Flemish employers in need of professional staff.

The companies vision is:

  • Concentric labour market model and approach
  • Creative matchmaking solutions
  • Win-win situations with a strong moral vision
  • Branding an attractive and innovative Flanders
  • From startup and small scale businesses up to large companies and multinationals with opportunities based in Flanders
  • “One’s need could be another one’s dream career”

This exciting company joins us in London and has a lot of opportunities for you. Make sure to get your tickets and meet the team of Work in Flanders in person. This may be your chance to level up your career.

You can also learn more about the company and what they do by visiting their website, Twitter and Facebook. Great People for Great Jobs

Looking for great opportunities to reach the next level in your career? Then we have some good news for you. A lot of great companies join our Tech Job Fairs looking for tech talent to join their teams. Created by the StepStone brand, is one of the companies that join us in Munich and Berlin. You may be the one they are looking for!

More than 60,000 companies use the StepStone job boards successfully for the recruitment of qualified specialists and executive staff. Founded in 1996, StepStone is one of the most successful online job board businesses today. They operate over 10 top brands with 60 million visits and more than 600,000 jobs per month.

The creators of are the innovative minds of StepStone. They are passionate about the topic of job search and finding the perfect job for every developer, which includes finding a new challenge for them to master their skills.

One important factor apart from others is that they want to get to know each of their customers personally in order to be able to offer them jobs that really suit them and match what they are looking for. They want to turn the tables in the job search of IT specialists. With companies apply to job seekers!

The young team with innovative and new ideas and never want to get stuck in old habits.

The team always works hand in hand. Of course, there are assigned tasks for everyone but usually, everyone looks for what must be done or what could be done to make their candidates more satisfied and make better matches and then goes for it.

So if you want to be a part of a company you can be proud of and really make a contribution to, then is the right place for you and they have a lot to offer:

  • A wealth of career opportunities, offering International exposure
  • Challenging project work visible at the highest level within global clients
  • The freedom to continually create and innovate
  • An environment where Talent is rewarded
  • An environment where Business is important but the enjoyment of life is encouraged and recognised.

In return, they are looking for professionalism, drive, dedication and the ability to overcome challenging situations and deliver impeccable end results.

Want to meet the team of Then join our Tech Job Fairs in Munich and Berlin. Get your tickets and get ready! Make sure to check our articles that can be very helpful to make a great first impression on the team.

You can also learn more about the team if you visit their website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn! You Deserve a Better Job

According to Business Insider Berlin was included in the tenth of the best cities in Europe to live and work in 2018. Most probably it will get only better in 2019. While you think about moving there, we want to make it easier for you to find a job organising Berlin Tech Job Fair. And here is a potential employer of yours. is the simplest way for software engineers to find great jobs in innovative companies. Create your profile in a few minutes by importing your LinkedIn profile.

No CV or cover letter needed: companies apply to you, and you decide who you want to talk to. It's that simple to find your next job.

In 4 years, raised € 10M and grew from 3 people in Paris to a team of 130 across 4 countries. They aspire to become Europe's #1 career platform for all professions in high demand.
The company operates in Paris, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, London, Berlin and Hamburg. Over 150,000 developers and 3000 companies (including Deezer, Blablacar, Parrot, N26, and many of the best startups in Europe) have already signed up on the platform and hundreds of offers are made every week to software engineers looking for their next dream job.

In the journey of helping companies and tech talent meet, is looking for awesome talent to join their own team. You Deserve a Better Job

You'll be able to work with the founders and country managers, take ownership of projects you care about, brainstorm with anyone on the team design-thinking style, and make an impact by disrupting an entire industry!

Don’t hesitate to join us on Berlin Tech Job Fair and get a chance to meet the team in person. Get your tickets now! You can also read our articles on how to interact with a potential employee on Tech Startup Jobs blog.

You can also learn more about the team if you visit their website, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter!


Every year, more people receive the privilege to start their career. In every Tech Job Fair, we make sure you'll able to find a position suitable to your expertise. And now, our Berlin Tech Job Fair is coming this March 2019 with a lot of opportunities. You're one step closer in building your career as many companies are with us waiting for passionate individuals to join their team. And maybe, Finleap is for you?

In the span of four years, Finleap was able to build the largest fintech ecosystem in Europe and successfully launched 16 fintech companies. And these companies are championing in their respective industries. Yes, you read it right!  Finleap is a fintech company. The company's mission is to reshape the way consumers and enterprises manage their finances.

Finleap is now becoming the solution to many financial problems of different institutions. The company has developed deep expertise to address the customer's needs, the company also builds technology companies that will sustain all of the financial concerns of businesses related. The company's ecosystem offers a variety of financial solutions; they create superior value propositions that made their consumers and SMEs manage their finances easily. The ecosystem of the company is made to transform finance.

Finleap is Europe's largest fintech company builder. The company group employs around 700 people from 60 countries. They are on the vision of reshaping future finance together. The company's passion is to build fintechs that will truly solve the pain points of customers regarding finance.

The company has 12 departments and each of that department is waiting for someone to be part of their team. Finleap success lies in respect, trust and the diversity of their people. They strive for the highest performing teams where collaboration, individual contributions, and excellent results are rewarded. You will learn every day through your colleague's permanent curiosity and valuable feedbacks. They build trust and communicate professionally to maintain the long-term relationships inside the company's team.

In addition to these, Finleap also offers a variety of benefits to their employees and some are:

  • German language classes
  • Beautiful rooftop with panoramic view of Berlin
  • Onsite Yoga and fitness classes
  • Weekly massages
  • Discount on BVG membership
  • Discount on gym memberships and local restaurants
  • Pension scheme
  • Regular company events
  • Monthly breakfast and daily fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals

What else do you need? These are some of the company's benefits exclusive of intangible things that the company's team can give you to grow and build your expertise.

We are sure enough that Finleap is for you! So if you’re motivated to grow with the team; has the passion to learn; open-minded and willing to share knowledge for excellence; trustworthy; responsible then you’re in! Here in Finleap, excellent results are rewarded!

Make a schedule now and see Finleap in our Berlin Tech Job Fair this March. Need more information about this company? Feel free to visit their Website, Facebook and Twitter
See you in Berlin! Don't forget to Sign up.

Lennon Wright: We love Challenges And Rewards

Are you very passionate about technologies? Are you trying hard to fit in this industry? Worried if you're suitable or not?  Worry no more!

It's our passion to serve you the best companies you need for your career. Due to the increasing demand for job seekers, we are happy to announce that in this upcoming Munich Tech Job Fair a lot of opportunities await you.

But for now, we are glad to introduce you Lennon Wright whose team is destined for your job seeking needs. They dig deep to your expertise just to find the perfect vacancy position available for you. Here! We share you the interview we've made - every detail is worth to read.

Don’t forget to SIGN UP - it’s free!

Who are the creators of your brand? What do they do in life, what are they passionate about?

Lennon Wright was founded by Tech enthusiasts John Lennon & Robert Wright. John & Rob’s goal is to give control back to the candidate when searching for a job. They want Lennon Wright to support Tech Talent from the dev room to the interview room! John has lived in both Munich and Vienna and is a passionate fan of Chelsea FC. Robert now lives in the USA and is expanding Lennon Wright’s American business.

What's the story behind the creation of your company? What inspired you to start your business?

Rob & John both worked for the “typical recruitment company” where they learnt how NOT to work with candidates. Their vision was to create an honest, ethical, transparent and above all, candidate-focused company that gave power back to the candidate. By focusing on delivering an excellent service to candidates and working with them to develop their career, Lennon Wright have established an outstanding reputation across Europe and the USA.

What's your current view on the market you work in? What makes you feel like your brand stands out?

The Technology sector is booming! With exciting developments in AI, Data and Development, there has never been a better time to work in Technology! There are more jobs available than EVER and it has never been easier to find your dream job. Lennon Wright’s brand stands for honesty, excellent service and a candidate-centred approach – this helps us to stand out as a partner of choice to candidates looking to improve their career.

What's the thing that you appreciate/value/cherish more about what you do as a brand?

We love that we grow people. We work in a people business and we love the challenges and rewards that come with that. There is no better feeling than helping somebody to find their dream job! We make a difference and we are proud to say that over 750 people have found their dream job via Lennon Wright since 2015!

Do you have a special story of something unique you did for a client? Something unusual you did as a team, something memorable you'd like to share?

When Lennon Wright first started in 2015 we were working with a candidate who had not worked in 9 months. He was a great developer but had had some bad luck. We found him a job outside London which was perfect for him but the transport links were not great. So we bought him a car! So he could get to work. He is still working for the client and has never looked back 😊.

What's your company culture like? What is that you want to represent?

We are proud of our company culture. Our Values of Fun, Success, Respect and Transparency guide EVERYTHING we do. Our team genuinely enjoys what they do and they are successful whilst doing it – win-win! We want to represent the best quality service and the best jobs for candidates looking for work in Technology.

 What is your team like? How do you work?

Our international team is more like a family. Our team work collaboratively to achieve common professional and personal goals. We work hard to ensure that our team is happy, motivated and rewarded – this means that they provide excellent service to any candidates they work with.

What kind of people are you looking for? Who's the best match for your team?

We are looking for Tech Talent who are looking for work anywhere in the EU and the USA. Germany is a particular focus of ours. The best match for us are people who are motivated and committed to improving their careers. If this is your goal, we can help you!

What benefits and perks do you offer your employees? What's the biggest plus of working for you?

The biggest plus of working for us is that we offer our team freedom and the genuine chance to achieve whatever goals they have. We work with them to help them achieve professional and personal excellence.

What are your goals and plans for the future? What's your biggest ambition?

Our 2020 vision is to be the #1 Tech Talent brand in the EU and USA. We want to grow our offices in Munich, London and Richmond,VA and open further offices throughout the EU and USA.

Lennon Wright is looking for more individuals who are passionate enough to grow with them. So if you're in don't miss this out - sign up now MUNICH TECH JOB FAIR to see all the opportunities waiting for you.

Interested to learn more about their company? Feel free to visit their Website, Facebook,and Twitter.

aginext conference - techstartupjobs

Are you already immersed in an agile transformation and most of the ‘Agile 101’ conferences don’t bring anything new to you?

Maybe you’re looking for something more? Like a place to meet with other like-minded and experienced agilists? A place where you’ll actually learn something new?

We’ve got good news for you. The Aginext Conference returns to London this spring! Don’t make plans for the 21st and 22nd of March 2019 because that’s your time to get really deep into all things agile.

What’s On Schedule?

“A mix of actionable talks and hands-on workshops, Aginext is known for its experienced, entertaining and sometimes controversial speakers, and, even more so, for our awesome attendees that make networking between sessions invaluable!”

The Aginext Conference schedule is full of everything you’d like there to find: hands-on workshops, horizon-broadening talks, precious networking, and constant learning. Let us give you a quick peek at what’s awaiting all Aginext attendees this year:

  • How to Navigate Out of Hell
  • Rise of the Machines: AI in the Agile World
  • Are Tech Ethics Unprofessional?
  • Playful Leadership: How to enable transformational change and have fun doing it
  • Stop having static teams, start moving people to the work!
  • Retrospecting Your Retrospectives
  • 80/20 and ‘Not everybody likes to dance’ rules in Agile transformation
  • The Four Horsemen of Toxic Behaviour

Interested? Check out the full schedule of the conference.

Network & Connect

In between the talks, the Aginext attendees are presented with one of the best networking opportunities ever. These two conference days provide a unique chance of finding people who — just like you — are all about agile transformation.

While listening to the speakers will definitely prove fascinating, it’s the experience-sharing which makes Aginext conference so special. The mix of expertise, personalities, approaches and ideas won’t repeat anywhere else — so make sure you’re in London on the 21st and 22nd March 2019!

Find Out More

Ready to join? Make sure you stay up to date: visit Aginext Conference site to register and follow them on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram!

The tech/IT industry is one of the fastest growing in the U.S., with the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasting “faster than average” growth for many computer science occupations for the next several years.

Couple that with the fact many positions in tech have starting salaries of$60,000/year or greater and you have one of the most competitive, in-demand job markets around.

To give yourself an edge over your competition, where you look for a job is just as important as what you owe. Start your search on one of these sites and you’ll be well on your way.

With 74,953 tech jobs as of October 2018, is a job board dedicated solely to careers in programming, information technology and similar pursuits.

Some of the companies posting jobs on the site include big names like Amazon, eBay, Cisco, Deloitte and Apple, so you’re sure to find some of the best positions in the industry here.

The site also has an extensive news section where you’ll find helpful and informative articles explaining the latest trends and job-hunting career tips in the industry.

In addition,’s tech career tool kit is an invaluable resource for IT job-hunters, featuring in-depth advice on how to format your resume/cover letter, interview effectively and network with your peers.


Starting in 2003, icrunchdata caters to job-hunters seeking careers in big data and analytics jobs for some of the biggest brands around the world.

The site has more than more than 300,000 job listings, covering roles such as IT systems engineer, data analyst, director of modeling, application developer and plenty more.

Job-hunters can either post their resumes and hope to be discovered or actively apply to jobs listed by the thousands of businesses that work with the site. Companies hiring through icrunchdata include Intuit, Dell, Sprint, AMD, E*Trade and plenty more.

When you want to take a break from your job search, be sure to check out icrunchdata’s news section for insight from leading industry experts and information on the latest hot trends in tech.


A branch of the career network, TechCareers is one of the go-to sites for people looking for careers in tech.

When you’re browsing through its catalog of more than 176,000 tech jobs, you’ll see familiar companies such as Coca-Cola, AT&T, Fresh Market, Dish Network, UPS and plenty more.

Whether you’re looking to become a mobile software architect, technical writer, CAD designer or data analyst, you’re sure to find plenty of great career options on TechCareers.

Don’t forget to check out the site’s vibrant online community where you can upload your resume and portfolio and start networking with people who can give you valuable advice on breaking into the industry.

Non-Industry Sites

In addition to sites that cater specifically to the tech industry, you’d be smart to look at general purpose job sites for opportunities as well.

LinkedIn, for example, is the largest career-oriented social networking site in the U.S. You’ll find near limitless resources and opportunities here, even getting the chance to communicate directly with recruiters or individuals who do the kind of work you’re looking to break into or move up in.

Indeed is another popular employment search site. It may not have the bells and whistles of LinkedIn, but its job listings are incredibly diverse. You can find hundreds of thousands of ads for the tech/IT industry in hundreds of cities around the world here.

If you’re still in school, your campus career development office will likely have a helpful website featuring job listings specifically for people looking to land their first gig in the industry. Even if you're out a few years and looking for higher level jobs, it could be worth checking back just in case.

And while they’re generally not considered “job search” sites, check out tech blogs such as TechCrunchWiredHostingAdviceY Combinator and even Reddit’s subreddit for IT  for the latest news and information about the computer science industry.

The Bottom Line

Don’t limit your search to just one website. You have the best chances of finding a job if you search in multiple places.

The tech industry is booming right now and will continue to grow so long as bright minds continue to develop new ways for technology to streamline our lives. Finding a job on one of these sites could be your first step to becoming the next innovator that changes the world. For general advice to make sure your resume is up to speed, read How Long Should My Resume Be? and Top Skills You Need On Your Resume.

Tech job seekers need the right skills to land a lucrative job. A Thursday report from Indeed examined the fastest-growing skills that these professionals are searching for on their site, including the programming languages and tools they want to use in a new position.

Indeed analyzed the fastest-growing search terms used by job seekers looking for tech jobs on the site, and compared them to the year before.

Here are the 10 hottest skills that tech job seekers are searching for in a new role.

1. Kubernetes

Year-over-year growth: 173%

Software developers familiar with Kubernetes—the fastest-growing skill tech job seekers searched, by far—can help organizations scale their cloud computing systems alongside other containerization tools like Docker, according to Indeed.

2. Magento

Year-over-year growth: 116%

Coming in at no. 2 is Magento, the open source ecommerce platform written in PHP. This software helps ecommerce businesses run smoothly, and jobs in this area are growing rapidly, Indeed found.

3. Verilog

Year-over-year growth: 89%

Verilog is a hardware description language used to model electronic systems. Its popularity on this list demonstrates how valuable hardware engineering still is, even if software skills are often more widely discussed, Indeed found.

4. Golang

Year-over-year growth: 81%

Golang—Google's Go programming language, often called Go—is one of the most in-demand programming languages. Go powers some of Google's biggest properties, and is optimized for running on the multicore processors, networked systems, and massive computation clusters that underlie web services.

5. Ansible

Year-over-year growth: 72%

Open source software Ansible automates software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment. Open source tools showed strong growth overall on this list.

6. Autocad

Year-over-year growth: 71%

Computer-aided design and drafting software application Autocad has been a mainstay in fields like architecture, graphic design, and engineering for years.

7. Laravel

Year-over-year growth: 66%

Another open source PHP software tool, Laravel is used in web application development.

8. React

Year-over-year growth: 61%

Facebook's React framework was the fastest-growing tech skill last year, but fell to no. 8 this year.

9. Node.js

Year-over-year growth: 57%

Node.js stems from JavaScript, which remains one of the most in-demand programming languages in the enterprise.

10. C

Year-over-year growth: 54%

The programming language C remains popular in open source software, and for a variety of other uses.

Some tech skills experienced a drop in tech job searches this year, Indeed found, including Spark (down 47%), Hadoop (down 64%), Ruby (down 23%), Tableau (down 15%), and R (down 8%). However, this doesn't mean that these skills are no longer needed. In many cases, a drop signals that the skill has matured, and may have a large overall share of searches. For example, while searches for "IT" are growing slowly, it is still one of the most common search terms for job seekers on Indeed, the report noted.

"Hadoop, AWS, R, Spark, and Tableau are all widely used tools and will likely continue to be so for some time," Andrew Flowers, economist at Indeed, wrote in the report. "But in 2018 they are no longer among the 'hot' skills for tech job seekers."

How are ready are you for the Munich Tech Job Fair on the 25th of October? You better get ready, because it’s happening soon and today we’re coming to you with a list of all these companies that are joining us in search of new employees. Have a look below and see if your future employer is among them!.


ProSiebenSat.1 is one of Germany’s leading media companies. They need little introduction but we assure you - nothing but an awesome career with numerous job perks await you there. Join their team this autumn!


Another company joining us for Munich Tech Job Fair is Wirecard which specialises in digitalisation of payment. They’re after innovation and chasing ambitious goals, so if you think you’re like them - make sure to stop by their stand during the event.


Mimecast prides themselves on their solution to make all emails safer and your mailbox - a better place. Help them develop their product further - they’re in need of people who don’t fear challenge and always stay on their toes.


Fineway mixes data with travel and that’s one really amazing connection. If you both love data and travelling, joining their fast-paced and challenge-seeking team might be just the thing you should do this autumn.


American Express joins us for Munich as their event that they’re keeping us company at. Join their global brand for a global career at the industry leader. It’s where all the opportunities start for you.


3DExcite artfully leverages the product, technology & the end-consumer for the maximum success. They’re in need of people who, just like them, want to grow and develop on numerous levels. Munich Tech Job Fair is where you can meet them!


When it comes to delivering IT and digital consulting services, Stryber walks an additional mile to make their customers happy. See how they do it - you can chat them up at the event and ask about who they’re looking for.


Reply specializes in the development and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. They join us in Munich because they know it’s where the right talent is waiting to join their team. Talk to them, you and them might just get along!


Data Insights is an IT consulting company that focusses on providing a tangible value for its clients through data by implementing a holistic consulting approach. If you think what they do is something you would excel at - make sure to locate their stand at the event and ask about their job openings.


Proglove designs their industrial wearable products to ensure their clients' success. If the strict tech is your thing, you should definitely approach their team at the Munich event and ask what kind of employees they’re searching for.


Userlane delivers software that helps people get a better understanding of the software their using. If you think guidance is important in every aspect of our lives, you can help them develop their product further. Ask them all you want to know at Munich Tech Job Fair!


It’s not the first time Honeypot joins us for our Tech Job Fairs - and we’re always happy to have them with us. Join their team in Munich as well and see what awesome career opportunities they open up for you


NDGIT - Next Digital Banking - provide their clients with the first API platform for banking and insurance. If you’re all about fintech and innovation, working for their quickly growing company may be just your dream come true. See for yourself!


SAST is designing a global ecosystem for security camera applications. They’re looking for innovatively-thinking and ambitious people who aren’t afraid of the challenge. If you think you can offer them something they’re lacking, talk to them at the fair.


The three companies of the PIXEL Group have specialized in specialist fields and are among the best in their field. You can now become a part of this powerful trio and start a career that will be more engaging than anything you’ve ever done before.


Burda media group joins us for Munich Tech Job Fair as they seek new employees that will add further value to their existing team. The journalistic content is their foundation - what else can you offer?


Talentese helps people find the right workplace. If you too believe it’s important whether you’re happy with your work, this is the right team for you. Show them what you’ve got and you may end up as one of their teammates!

Your perfect dream job is out there, you only need to reach out to the right people. Find them at Munich Tech Job Fair to connect with all those employers! Your free event ticket can still be booked.

Only about a week left until Zurich Tech Job Fair 2018 - and it’s high time you meet all the companies who will join us for the event. If you’re still unfamiliar with them, don’t worry - this post will tell you who exactly is coming to the fair and who they are. Hold on tight - here it goes.


Avaloq is the leader of digital transformation in the finance sector. This quickly growing company looks for new and ambitious employees who understand the challenges of the industry.  If you think you’ve got what it takes to join their team, go right ahead chat them up at the fair.


American Express, the world’s leader of financial services in several different aspects of our lives joins us for the fair in search of new employees. They hardly need to be introduced - and you too can now join their team after you talk to them at our event.


Leica Geosystems is one of the oldest companies we’ve ever had coming to our events. Now, they’re going to be with us in Zurich and searching for more talented people to help them upkeep their mission.


Advertima is a company behind changing the way we perceive and use adds. They create software that helps their customers achieve better results from advertising. If you think you’ve got the skills to make their solution even better, they’ll be waiting for you at the fair.


Avrios delivers outstanding solutions to help their customers navigate their whole fleets. They’re quickly growing and ambitious, and so they need talented people to join their team. Are you in?


Beekeeper changes the way employees communicate in the companies. If connecting people better and more effectively is something you’d like to be a part of, Beekeeper has a position just for you.


Elblox delivers solutions for block-chained based P2P market and they are planning to expand their business in the nearest future. You can help them do so if you lend them your skills - ask them who they’re after during the job fair.


Sunflower Labs connect what’s the best about startups - Swiss precision, Silicon Valley startup approach and innovation. Be a part of their awesome company culture. Have a chat with them at Zurich Tech Job Fair!


TieTalent helps other employees find the perfect talent for their business and companies. You too can help connect professionals with the right working place. Ask them who do they need on their team - it may be you!


Fotokite is the local leader of aerial photography. If that’s something you’d like to be a part of and help them create their advanced technological solutions, you should definitely talk to them during the fair.


Auterion is the one of the largest contributors to the drone market. They’re delivering their solutions as best as they can, but to grow and expand, they need more people like you. See if you could match in their team - have a chat during the event.


PriceHubble delivers one of the best solutions for pricing in the real estate industry. They’re that company you will fit in if you love real estate and data - and you know how to connect them for the best possible outcome.


Coffee and technology? Why not! Algrano connects both to make it possible for the best coffee specialists sell their products directly to their clients - all over the world. Of you coffee is your love, then Algrano is your dream job.


Vlot created a platform for open and agile risk analysing and life planning. If what they do appeals to you, then you can’t miss your chance of talking to them during our Zurich event. Find their stand and see who they’re after!


Frontify is the company behind creation of software that makes the work flow between design and development more fluid. What do you think? They’re looking for new ambicious employees and they have a lot to offer in return.


RetinaAi supports the Swiss eye care professionals with their AI solutions. Their technologies hold real potential of being life changing to many people. Join their team and become a part of what they do!


KingFluencers specialise in influencer marketing and guide their customers through this often advanced marketing process. Help them deliver even better services - they’re going to be waiting for you during the event, ready to discuss the perks of working for them.


On over 1 million advertisements from all over Switzerland are waiting for you. Whether furniture, apartments, electronics, jobs or cars - on you will find everything your heart desires. And so that you can browse safely and carefree, each listing is checked individually
Our Zurich event is closer and closer, so make sure you don’t miss the chance. Book your free event ticket and meet all these companies in person!

CORE accompanies the management of complex IT transformations in industries with a disproportionally high contribution of IT to business success. In joint approaches with our partners and based on our market knowledge, technology expertise and methodical know how we develop solutions that reflect the whole value chain and ensure future-proof change.


We act in alignment with our values 'Trust, Performance & Expertise' as a reliable partner in the collaborative efforts with our clients, rooted in the principle of performance and execution, and founded on the basis of competence and know-how.

Providing a comprehensive range of services, we address a large share of the IT value chain, starting from the analysis of innovative market developments over the design of the (IT) strategy and the planning of implementation projects up to the implementation itself as well as an operation of the system.


With our research on the dynamics and systematics of complex IT transformations as part of the COREinstitute, we support leading companies and institutions worldwide in finding the appropriate measures to manage the fundamental structural change driven by digitization.

COREtransform is responsible for advisory services to our clients in the IT management in regards to all IT-transformative undertakings, utilizing our profound business and technical expertise through an efficient collaboration of generalists and experts.

At COREengineering, we develop sustainable solution designs, accompany their implementation in conjunction with selected implementation partners while steering the projects to ensure success.

COREoperating assists clients in transforming solutions into productive operations with the help of our integration and migration services.



CORE offers you various opportunities to develop both professionally and personally in a challenging and dynamic environment with clear objectives. We invite you to develop the potential of our clients, together with talented and successful colleagues, on the basis of agile methods using the innovative software in challenging development tasks. Whether as a business analyst or a software engineer, at CORE you will work with others at the highest level to develop state-of-the-art software.


You are studying natural sciences, economics or humanities and are curious about deeper practical insights.


You have successfully completed your studies and want to apply your knowledge and skills in practice.


You have a wide range of experience and want to apply your experience to new contexts beneficially


Come and network with CORE team this November at Berlin Tech Job Fair!! Free tickets

Are you up for a unique challenge, with a chance to use your skills in a fast paced environment, where you work hard, wear many hats, and commit all your energy to an idea that has only a one out of four chance of success?

If so, then working at a startup company may be for you!


Not a job, but a mission – greater feeling of creating something of value
Lack of structure – less hierarchy, fewer rules, more casual work hours
More room for creativity and entrepreneurial spiritStartup Fair
Perks can include working from home, free food, open leave policy
Potential stock options – ownership in the company
Promotion opportunities to leadership roles easier and faster
Results of your work are immediate, and rewarding
Multiple roles, so gain valuable and diverse skills
You help define company culture
Generally fewer politics, more camaraderie


Uncertainty, risk – there is no guarantee the company will be successful
Pay and benefits may not be as good, at least initially
Pay structure may be different; you may receive a stipend, or profit sharing options, instead of a set hourly pay rate or annual salary
Less work life balance – heavy work load and long hours
More pressure to perform – smaller workforce so every person factors into company success

What Startups Look For In A Candidate

Businessman and woman discussing together while looking at laptop in office

Passion & enthusiasm
Intellectual curiosity
Tech smarts
Ability to communicate
Outside projects
Committed to personal growth and learning
Extras – what else have you done

Tips For A Successful Search

Do side projects; develop an app, contribute to an open source project
Learn new technologies (classes and outside; Khan Academy, Coursera,, Open Courseware)
Demonstrate your passion
Be persistent & patient
Get involved with a campus startup
Participate in a hackathon or makeathon
Showcase your skills; GitHub, personal website, online portfolio, blog
Research startups, focus on those that fit your interests & skills
Personalized contact with CEO, demonstrate passion & interest, detail how you can make an impact

What makes an awesome startup employee?


You hear people talking about what makes a great startup founder all the time: A great sense of vision, clarity of purpose, relentless drive, a strange balance of over-confidence and insecurity.

There are whole books written about it.

But what makes a great startup team-member? The people who join and thrive in early start startup teams are an equally special breed. In fact, the best startup employees aren’t necessarily the best fit for working in more established businesses – some of the most brilliant startup people I’ve worked with find the traditional business work impossibly frustrating.

“It’s so SLOOOW!”

“I’m just doing the same thing every day – I want to be more in touch with the other stuff going on in the business!”

There are a whole range of attributes that are uniquely suited to these small, high-growth, high pressure companies, but it can be hard for founders who are hiring teams (and people hunting for jobs) to know what those are. So we’ve smooshed together our recruiting AND startup running experience and made a list of the top 8 attributes we’ve found to be the most valuable:

Passion, enthusiasm, motivation for what you’re doing – Must buy into your vision and your big “Why” – what it is you’re trying to do or create in the world. They’ve gotta care about the problem you’re trying to solve, otherwise it’ll be hard to stay motivated.

 Curiosity – They’ve got to love the process of finding better ways to do things – especially when it comes to challenging assumptions about the only way to build products. Being curious about why you’re doing this, who it’s for and how they’re going to use it is vital across all roles in a startup too.

 Pace – They’ve got to be great at making decisions and acting on them quickly. The old adage of succeed quickly or fail fast is the day to day life of a start up. You need people who thrive and are excited by this.

 Fearless/Audacity – try the impossible, challenge more than just the status quo, be prepared to push the boundaries, limits of what we believe

 Grit – /resilience – your resilience will be consistently tested and challenged in a startup. That thing you just spent a month working on? It’s not working, we need to abandon it and try something else. The reality is that it will not be a smooth ride. People who have made it through a few tough life experiences, who have demonstrated Grit, are more likely to survive.

 Hunger and willingness to sacrifice – Founding a startup requires sacrifice. So does working in one. You’re going to get chucked in the deep end often. You’re going to be asked to work longer hours, more often. It’s a high pressure job so you’ve got to be hungry and prepared to make sacrifices.

 Sense Of Humour – You’ve got to be able to laugh and realise that tomorrow is another day. The sun will set, the sun will rise. Late nights, too much pizza and endless bug squashing is only bearable if it’s also fun. You want to be able to laugh with the people you sit next to.

Flexibility – The only constant is change. Get ready to develop skills you don’t have. Although you may be employed for a specific role, the nature of start up means that everyone leans in the direction that the business needs to be focused on at that time. If its sales this month – then get ready to help out in that area. Anyone who defaults to “that’s not in my job description” isn’t suited to a startup life.


How can help you ?

Delivering Startup Happines | We help Startups through Events like Meetups, Workshops, Hackathons, Job Fairs, Events Promo and also have a job posting site to help you recruit your team.

Techmeetups hiring events in Berlin, Paris, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, New York, Vienna, Lisbon, Madrid


Applying for a job in a startup and applying for a job in a corporate, are qualitatively different things. Demands of both are different and the mindset you’d require to perform well at both of them is different.

If you have already decided to work for a startup despite all the hurdles that may await you on your way, here are a few tips about things to avoid saying and doing during your startup job interview process.

Using generic phrases

Phrases like fast learner, strategist, initiator of new initiatives will not work for a startup, at least not for a good one – A good startup will expect people who can communicate clearly what they have done and what past result and achievement makes them eligible in less than 140 characters. If you are still left with space to explain your personality, be my guest.

Jump straight to why can you deliver on that particular job they are advertising? Because you’ve done it before? Because you got the network? Because got the figures? Show them the figures.


“Managing” a team

No startup ever has use of managers people who hope to get things done delegating to others. In a startup everyone ships and there is no hierarchy but a flat hierarchy. Everyone is in the field and everyone delivers something at the end of the day – whether code, content, or customer support calls.

Saying how cool and necessary their startup is for the society

Even if that’s true no good startup will ever hire you for flattering.
The better way is to decide what specifically they are call about and address that particular need. For example – I saw your downloads getting to 10,000 in just 10 days, I can help it jump to a 1,000,000 in 30 days. Or your interface is so cool, I’d love to work on some extra things that will boost your conversion in another 3%.

See? Flatter + actionable in the same pitch

Being a “people” person

I don’t know why people use this so much, what exactly do they try to convey and what will it take to remove it from their dictionary. You say you are a people person who knows how to make it win-win for everyone? Well perfect, in other words you are a great salesman. In that case sell my product to someone in a way he is so happy and delighted with the value he gets for his money that he refers 10 more people to buy. That’s a real people person if you ask me.

Being remorseful about 9-5 jobs

This won’t get you selected, not only because it is cliché nowadays, but because no one works 9-5 anyways. Our smartphones and 3G have permanently taken that privilege from us. Therefore both, the average and the great performers work beyond 9-5 but the difference is what they deliver.

If you can’t showcase what you have achieved even within those hours, your rebellious mind will not sell you to the opportunity. It is not about the 9-5 job and it is not because you are forced to do the same thing every single day. It is rather because you are lazy and unwilling to challenge yourself. Contrary to what the folklore says, no company ever forces people to do the same thing or forbids them to innovate within their own context.

You are looking for more challenging role

No you don’t. Get to the point. Be honest, you will be appreciated for that and save many people’s valuable time. What you need is more money.

If you were looking more challenges you would have found some already. The world is not short of challenges. The very fact that you haven’t shipped or built anything in the past few years is a living proof that challenges is not what you are after. Cut the nonsense.

You have already failed in your own startup

Thank the startup folklore again for making it sound cool for people to brag that they have failed a startup, hence being more powerful and experienced as a result of it. That blog you were running? That doesn’t count as a startup unless you found way to monetize it.

What matters more to those who’d hire you is not the mere fact that you failed in your own startup but that you understand the nature of that failure and why exactly it failed. Demonstrating clarity around this will earn you extra points on your startup job’s application.

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How can help you ?

Delivering Startup Happines

We help Startups through Events like Meetups, Workshops, Hackathons, Job Fairs, Events Promo and also have to help you recruit your tech team.

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Monitoring your brand online is getting simpler and simpler by the day. It's becoming clear that hiring a reputation management firm not only is a wasted expense but something your in-house marketing team can do itself if trained in the right tools and methodologies.

After all, why spend money on defending a brand when you can spend money promoting a brand? Unfortunately for the unsuspecting client, there are some reputation management companies that are nothing more than snake oil salesmen who over promise and under deliver and in return drain your business of critical capital.

Let me introduce you to some of my favorite new online reputation management killer apps that are of an immeasurable value.

The first tool that is a pretty new application or startup is ifttt - if this then that. Simply, ifttt is a robust and powerful social media scripting suite.

When a user joins the site they can select from pre-made recipes or create their own tasks to monitor their brand online.

If you’re just starting to monitor your brand online, the following simple tasks will help you monitor your name and also allow you to broadcast updates to multiple social media platforms, keeping everything up to date and in sync.