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I just discovered a site that will aide your job search efforts by enormous proportions!  A common problem in looking for a job position, is finding what is available ahead of the curve before others do and the recruiter is inundated with resumes!  Social media is becoming a primary source for recruiting for many companies.  Yet, how do you as a job seeker best utilize Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for your job search?

Check out JobsMiner.  This unique service allows users to search the vast social media for ‘hidden’ job opportunities.  They bring job seekers job offers people post to their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, or in professional Blogs and Forums. These opportunities are hidden from users that are not connected with the person posting the job.


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Washington: Two young Indian-American entrepreneurs are attempting to make the traditional paper resume a thing of the past by connecting the job seeker and the employer through video resumes.

The Palo Alto Mayor, Yiaway Yeh, and several other top corporate leaders of the city which is known as the heart of the Silicon Valley – lined up last Thursday in its downtown to inaugurate the new office of GetHired.Com, which currently has just 14 employees.

Less than three weeks ago, on January 30, the duo Suki Shah and Naresh Patel announced having raised USD1.75 million in an oversubscribed round of seed funding for their GetHired. Com; which is said to be the most comprehensive video-based social recruiting platform and job board.

Shah argues that is the first job board to embed video capabilities directly into its social recruiting platform so that job seekers can record and submit personal, dynamic responses to an employer’s most pressing pre-screening questions at the start of the hiring process.


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Following our UK moves, here’s the most senior, surprising and influential job moves in the US.

This week we’ve seen two major loses to Microsoft, Google’s first employee joining a startup and staff moves from Apple to Google that were unheard of in Steve Jobs’ time.

Google poached Simon Prakash, Apple’s senior director of product integrity, for a “secret project.” This 8 year Apple veteran was most recently in charge of product quality control.

Amazon hired Brandon Watson, Microsoft’s head of Windows Phone developer experience, to join their development team. Watson will be leading work on Kindle applications when he starts his new position at Amazon.

After 17 years at Microsoft, Stephen Toulouse will be leaving his job as Xbox Live’s Director of Policy & Enforcement.

Khan Academy hires Craig Silverstein, Google’s first employee, to help them promote education around the world. Silverstein was instrumental in the development of search and helped create the Google search engine.

Mercedes-Benz USA appoints Gareth Joyce as vice president, customer services, as a replacement for Alan McLaren who left the company in December 2011.  Gareth joins them from Mercedes-Benz Netherlands where he was director of after-sales.


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Many of our clients are staffing and recruiting firms, and because of this we have a unique perspective on the industry. So when it comes to our own hiring processes, we try to glean best practices from industry leaders, but we also try things our own way. As we iterate and refine our methods, we thought it might be interesting to share what we’ve learned.

A little background to start. InsightSquared is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but for all intents and purposes we are a Boston-based startup, and that means we are in a competitive city for hiring. Yes, the overall Massachusetts economy has slowed as of late, but the technology startup sector is red-hot. In fact, all across the country, some small/medium tech businesses have increased payroll by almost fivefold, and are having a tough time hiring quick enough. Not only are startups competing against each other, but large companies like Apple and Google have increased their workforce size by 50% in the last two years, snatching up a lot of talent. Either way, tech recruiting is an area of growth and we can tell that recruiters are acutely aware of it.

What Recruiters Should Know

On vacancies…

If you ask a tech startup whether it’s hiring, you usually get this response: “For the right candidate,” meaning that they are never done hiring. In a field where speed and talent wins, if a stellar developer even comes within the vicinity of the office, he/she will be snatched up faster than an intern can be stuffed in the server room to make space.

On interviews…

We’re over the gimmicky interview logic puzzles as many startups seem to be. Real-world coding questions are given to developers during interviews, most from actual problems we have faced in the company. Thinking on one’s feet quickly is giving way to being able to think through coding problems carefully and thoroughly.


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Facebook is snubbing the so-called sillicon roundabout – home of start-ups around the Shoreditch area – to move into Covent Garden instead.

It will put Facebook in tube-taking distance to the East London Tech City, proposed by the government to be a bustling hub of start-ups and established tech powerhouses. Facebook has committed to a developer garage for the project.

Meanwhile, Google is interested, and so is Intel – along with Barclaycard and plenty of others.

But anyone who has taken the tube from the crowded Covent Garden in the evening would probably know it’s worth giving a miss.

Covent Garden’s 42 Earlham Street  office building was packed full of 600 Expedia employees who will now set up shop in Angel, Islington. It’s a fair bit closer to Old Street.



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