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Consumer expectations have become viable and valuable currency in the Experience economy. 3DEXCITE addresses these expectations with sophisticated software, premium content and game-changing Sales & Marketing solutions. As the specialized marketing arm of Dassault Systèmes, we elevate Marketing campaign relevance. Our automated, customizable and scalable tools are empowering global marketing teams from world-class brands across multiple industries. The impact for our clients is immediate and tangible. We close the gap between Design & Engineering and Sales & Marketing while diminishing the time-to-market. Intrepid business relies on being: ALWAYS ON and ALWAYS CONNECTED. We get it. Digital transformation is supported with the 3DEXCITE portfolio – an enabler of fundamental marketplace innovation and disruption. 3DEXCITE completes the holistic approach of the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform by extending the end-to-end value structure with a powerhouse of integrated marketing tools.

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