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20 Of The Web’s Best Advice for Startup Founders

Posted by | 7 July, 2011 | Startups

Original post by Thomas Oppong via Alltopstarups

1. SpinBrush inventor John Osher cites 17 mistakes that hurt startups

2. Serial entrepreneur and startup guru Steve Blank discusses the implications of different types of business models and market attributes for startup management

3. Startup 101, a book available online from ReadWriteWeb COO Bernard Lunn, addresses many topics listed below related to team dynamics, fundraising, etc.

4. Sequoia on elements of a great business plan

5. Highland Capital on writing a business plan

6. Jason Cohen offers six questions that startup CEOs should ask themselves regularly

7. “I wish I’d known…” advice from entrepreneurs from

8. Eric Reis on handling fear as an entrepreneur

9. Jordan Cooper: 35 attributes that entrepreneurs require

10. Eric Ries on when to release your first producthow to manage a business model transition; and what startup CEOs can learn from Steve Jobs


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